30 Examples of Amiable and Magnificent Feather Painting

30 Examples of Amiable and Magnificent Feather Painting

Many people have seen different kinds of feathers used as decorative pieces in many different occasions. Being colorful and beautiful on its own, it can indeed be an effective decorations depending on how it is used. But today we will be seeing a different exploit of these gentle feathers, in the hands of some creative artists, these simple feathers can turn into literal painting canvas that will soon be a lovely piece of art. Also known as feather art, feather painting is drawing images and illustrations with the use of feathers as its canvas. Now with the unstableness of the feather itself, it sure is not as easy as it looks like. But with patience and skill, these artists somehow manage to create wonderful and unusual masterpieces they can sure be proud of.

For this post, we will be showcasing 30 Examples of Amiable and Magnificent Feather Painting. Have fun and observe as you scroll through the list we have collected for today. Come, take a peek, and enjoy.

forest ghost

Owl feather painting
By: AlviaAlcedo

Bull Elk Feather

Elk feather painting
By: dittin03

Eagle on eagle feather

Eagle bird feather painting
By: AlviaAlcedo

Sunset dragon

Dragon feather painting
By: AlviaAlcedo

A letter from Hogwarts

White owl harry potter hogwarts feather painting
By: AlviaAlcedo


Spade black wolf fox feather painting
By: Culpeo-Fox


Gryphon feather painting
By: AlviaAlcedo

Feather Painting

Bird feather painting
By: nairafee

Quarter Horse Feather

Horse feather painting
By: Nambroth

Ravens night

Raven crow night feather painting
By: AlviaAlcedo

Feather painting

Space dragon feather painting
By: Penny-Dragon

Owl trio

Owls feather painting
By: AlviaAlcedo

owl feather painting

black owl feather painting
By: your-friendly-nukes

The king of nothing

Black dragon feather painting
By: AlviaAlcedo

Autumnal fox

Nature fox feather painting
By: AlviaAlcedo

david bowie feather

David bowie feather painting
By: Anarchpeace

Leopard Gecko

Leopard gecko feather painting
By: Novawuff

Leopard Gecko

Peregrine feather painting
By: windfalcon

Golden eagle and Raven feather

Eagle raven birds feather painting
By: Nambroth

Elk Feather

Elk feather paintingElk feather painting
By: dittin03

wolf feather painting

Wolf feather painting
By: rileymai


Tiger feather painting
By: windfalcon


Cat feather painting
By: windfalcon

Pheasant Feather Painting

Pheasant feather painting
By: Novawuff

Bighorn Ram

Bighorn ram feather painting
By: Novawuff

Golden Eagle

Black eagle feather painting
By: Novawuff

Great Horned Owl

Great owl feather painting
By: Novawuff

Stripey Kisses

Tiger cub feather painting
By: Novawuff

White Wolf

White mouth feather painting
By: lenzamoon

Orange Kitty

Orange cat feather painting
By: windfalcon

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  1. This collection is really magnificent,the artists are very talented.

  2. I peek for “the king of nothing” it’s very artistic.Good choice of image very inspiring.

  3. Is it really painted the images in the feather?
    Because when I first saw it,I thought you just manipulated the picture or you just posted it through the help of computer.

  4. Your post is very eye-catching and entertaining…:)