Upon surfing the net, the navigation and the menu plays a vital role in assuring that the viewer or surfer’s experience upon his visit to the site is unforgettable. More likely, the cooler and easier the navigation is, the more viewers that will appreciate. Admittedly, it is one of the important factors to be considered thoroughly.

With the various techniques offered in presenting the navigation feature for your website we have collected 30 Adobe Flash Tutorials for Creating Menus and Navigations with tips on how to make navigating your website enjoyable and hassle-free through flash. Learn the basics and get the most useful techniques for creating this type of navigation through this tutorial. Check out these fun and cool tutorials and make learning enjoyable!!!

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Colorful Menu with XML and Actionscript 3

colorful menu

Learn to create a nice colorful Flash XML menu with ActionScript 3 through this tutorial

Advanced Color Menu in Flash with Sound

advanced color menu

This is a step by step action script lesson, where you will learn to create very advanced and modern flash menu with sound

Advanced XML Menu with Actionscript 3

advanced xml menu

In this tutorial you will learn to create an advanced XML menu by setting up everything ready in Flash, create the XML file and finally add some ActionScript 3 for the functionality.

Build a Versatile Actionscript 30 Menu with Masking

actionscript 30 menu

Here is an illustration of a quick and solid way of using basic ActionScript skills, blended with a bit of your creativity, to construct intuitive & user friendly navigation systems

Infinite Gallery Menu

infinite gallery menu

This new and interesting Flash and ActionScript 3 tutorial illustrates how to create an infinite gallery that will also work perfectly for menus and so on.

Glow Flash Menu

glow flash menu

This tutorial is on creating advanced glow flash menu using the Action Script code.

Vista Menu in Flash

vista menu

Above is a video tutorial on how to make Vista Menu similar to Setup Installation.

Advanced and Powerful Flash Menu with Sound

flash menu

In this tutorial, an illustration on how to make very advanced and very modern flash menu with sound is provided.

Glass Aero Flash Menu with Fade Effect

flash menu

Learn how to make vista aero flash menu with awesome fade effect in Flash CS3 through this tutorial.

Modern Horizontal Flash Menu

horizontal flash menu

The above tutorial will guide you to create a cool animated horizontal menu using ActionScript 3 for the animation.

AS3 Drop Down Menus

drop down menus

Take a look at how to build a Flash Actionscript 3.0 Drop Down Menu through the techniques offered by this video tutorial.

Very Advanced Business Flash Menu

business flash menu

A detailed lesson made for Flash 8 is illustrated in the above tutorial with tips on how to create a really cool, attractive and advanced business flash menu which you can use for any web site.

Black and Orange Flash Menu

black orange flash menu

The above tutorial is on creating modern black and orange flash menu using some special flash tips and tricks.

Cubic Menu

cubic menu
In this tutorial you will learn to create cubic flash menu using the Action Script.

Funky Flash Website Tutorial

funky flash website

Learn to create a funky and flashy website using the techniques provided in this tutorial.

How to Create a Flash Menu in 20 Minutes

flash menu 20 minutes

Here is a 20-minute technique that you can use in creating flash menu.

Modern Photography Menu with Filter Effects

modern photography

Create very modern and advanced photography flash menu with this tutorial.

Advanced Flash Menu with Effects and Sound

advanced flash menu

Another detailed flash lesson on creating advanced and trendy flash menu with sound is illustrated in this tutorial.

Shaky Flash Menu with Actionscript 3

shaky flash menu

Learn to create a cool looking shaky menu with ActionScript 3 through this tutorial.

Professional Menu with Effects in Flash CS3

professional menu

Here is another video tutorial on creating flash menu in flash CS3 is illustrated in this tutorial

Trendy Photography Flash Menu with Sound and URL

trendy photography

Learn to create advanced and trendy photography flash menu with sound and URL which can be used for any web site with this tutorial.

Vertical Menu with Actionscript 3 and XML

vertical menu

The tutorial illustrates how to create a vertical menu with the help of XML and ActionScript 3.

Black Menu Flash Tutorial

blackMenu flash

In this Flash tutorial you will be shown how to create a black navigation menu.

Create a Mac Dock Style Menu with AS3

mac dock menu

The tutorial is on creating a menu like Apple’s Dock using AS3 classes

Rotating Menu Via Actionscript 3

rotating menu

The tutorial is on creating a rotating menu.

Blue Flash Menu with Sound

blue flash

Learn how to make a powerful flash menu with sound through this tutorial.

Advanced DD Menu Flash Tutorial

add menu

The above Flash tutorial is on creatng a drop down menu using Actionscript where you’ll be expected to know some of the basics, such as creating an MC (movieclip symbol), using labels on the timeline etc.

Full Flash Menu with Sound and URL

full flash menu

Learn to create full flash menu with sound and url with this tutorial.

How to Make Animated Menu in Flash CS3

animated menu

Here is another video tutorial on making a cool Animated Menu in Flash CS3 using some Action Script coding.

Wooden Flash Menu

wooden flash menu

This tutorial is on creating an advanced wooden flash menu.

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  3. WHY would anyone want to make the navigation with Flash??

    I can’t think of anything worse.

    Ipad / iphone users, what are they going to do?

    besides, you would be surprised the number of pc’s and mac’s that dont have flash.

    Maybe 10 years ago you could get away with it, but this is 2010.

  4. I agree with you Igor and Rich 🙂 But not to be bias with the author, I think this article will still be useful to other people especially those college students in other country which still have basic flash subjects on their curriculum if I’m not mistaken. I think we should give them a consideration ;)though I respect the opinion of each and everyone ;D. cheers-

  5. Don’t get me wrong – some Flash websites are amazing. Its just for something that is so important as the navigation – you dont really wont to be using flash.

    Flash is dead

  6. I dare ya to do a “30 HTML5/CSS3” Tutorials for Creating Menus and Navigations

  7. @richard – yah almost 🙂

    @Jae – noted. thanks for the suggestion =)

  8. @ Ronald
    Yes its true, many design school or institute have flash in there syllabus !!
    they need to know what is flash,
    i agree flash is dead.

  9. i completely disagree that flash is dead. I only agree that navigation can use something else but now a days, FLASH IS SEARCHABLE! Yes people, it is 2010. Google and the other guys are getting there with the SEO for flash and it’s sometimes much faster, slicker, and easier to do this using flash.

  10. (meh some of here could be done in jquery)
    I kinda agree with igor and Richard but there are still people who dig flash animated navigation
    and flash is here to say,

    , thanks for the post , this might come in handy.

  11. Great post, some useful tutorials here. Thanks for sharing, Ted.

  12. Flash is not dead but it is dying.

    Just because people use navigation menus in flash, doesn’t mean that it is a good practice. Remember that when the browser doesn’t have flash, you have a hole in your page and you cannot navigate to the other pages of your site.

    I think this list is very useful for students that have to make a presentation of a project or something like that.

    Thanks for the list!

  13. Flash is cool but I don’t think it should be used for site navigation purposes. If the aim is to deliver an unforgettable user experience, you should do it first with content. “Content is king”. Both the users and the search engines will appreciate it. I don’t hate Flash. I used to develop with it but I’m acknowledging the fact that it’s time to move on. HTML5+CSS3 is coming and we should help it grow by propagating the proper knowledge – to seasoned developers/designers and those who are still in school alike.

    The following is a similar article to this one: http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/resources/36-eye-catching-jquery-navigation-menus/ but they all use jQuery to deliver eye candy navigations while sticking to (almost) semantic html.


  14. hmm..can I ask if the output of these tutorials can be published/deployed for android which will be used on any android phones? I planning to create a game menu that will be played on android phones If so, how? thank you!

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