Earning isn’t always easy. Even though there is a wide market for graphic designers, selling designs is the hard part because your client won’t like everything you do. As a designer, you really will be very much eager to sell the design you have made without making so much alterations on it. How would you do it then? Here are a few tips that will help you sell your designs effectively.

1.Know and understand the nature of your client.

understand the nature of your client

Whenever you make presentations, you have to know your clients first and try to determine their taste. Maybe at the beginning, it would be the secretary or a coordinator that will speak to you; you can ask him/her about this without being obvious that you are actually asking about it. Try to know and understand the person who will make the final decision for the design.

2.Consider some of your client’s design directions.

client’s design directions

You may ask the person who first spoke to you certain designs that they like or they would like to match. Ask the color schemes they want and the type of impact they would like to give to the audience. They may also give you some suggestions. Consider these suggestions but put a designer’s touch into it.

3.Come up with a good idea and concept.

good idea and concept
Image: Rego – d4u.hu

Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste your time designing something that will just be rejected. You will surely give your best. Make sure that the concept of your design suits the preferences of your client.

4.Make a visually appealing design.

visually appealing design

Good designs give a huge impact with one glance at it. The reason why graphic designers are hired is to create designs that are visually appealing and pleasing. So, do not make your designs so complicated that it confuses the eyes and the message it tries to give.

5.Show your best works only.

show best works

Some clients would like to choose from the different works you have done. It is actually wise to make at least two or three designs so that your client will be pleased that you are giving them options and you are willing to adjust according to what they want. But in presenting, make sure to show only your best designs. Do not include those which you aren’t confident of.

6.Have a good justification for your designs.

good justification
Image: richardscalza

After making your designs, show it to your client and have a good rationalization as to why you made it that way. It is impressive if you are able to explain your work well to your clients. There must be a good reason for everything you have placed there.

7.Learn to defend your designs.

defend your designs
Image: Photostock

Sometimes, your client might not be really pleased with the output and would give a suggestion that you think will only worsen the design. They might give a feedback that you will not like. All you have to do is defend your work by explaining to them in a good manner. But DO NOT BE TOO DEFENSIVE. You will risk your name as a designer if you sound and appear like you are insisting that what you have done is right. Remember, even if your client is a design illiterate, he still needs your respect.

8.Be patient with your clients.

Be patient
Image: lady_lestrange

Some clients are appalling and irritating. Some may even want you to do lots of changes and still others really want you to redo your design. They might say a lot of things and give so many feedbacks that you feel like you want to walk away already. But don’t do that. You have to be patient. Some clients actually do that in purpose to determine your attitude as a designer.

9.Ask for specific feedbacks.

Image: natalijashirokova

In the presentation of your designs, ask your client to give you specific feedbacks so that you will know the exact thing to do and the exact thing to say. This will help you improve your work.

10.Do not charge too much.

charge too much
Image: Graur razvan ionut

Since we are doing business here, it would involve your fee or your charge to the work your client is asking you to do. However, make sure that the price is right. Do not overcharge. Some designers even explain to their clients why they are asking for such a fee. Make sure that you talk and agree on a certain charge before you proceed with your work. Also, you have to explain additional charges before the start of the project so that you wouldn’t have problems when paying time comes.

11.Finish designs on time or ahead of time.

ahead of time
Image: Dream designs

Designers have to be time conscious especially that your clients will be using your designs for a specific purpose and a specific time. It is always wise to finish it ahead of time so that necessary corrections can still be done. Clients like designers who are punctual when it comes to the delivery of the output.

12.Suggest a good production plan.

suggest a good production plan
Image: Ambro

After everything is done and the design is approved, you can help your client by suggesting better ways to produce and execute the designs you have made for them. Your client will be impressed that you are concerned with everything pertaining to the design which will benefit both you and your client.

Marketing skills and a good salesman tongue will help you sell your designs without having a hassle. It is actually a self-learned process which will develop more as you interact with your clients. Just bear in mind that your main goal is to give the best design to your client and for you to get the right monetary compensation afterwards. So, always give your best!

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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