44 Wedding Invitation Templates That Will Make You Feel Special

Our specially handpicked wedding invitation templates will help you have gorgeous designs for your invitations and make your printing a lot easier.

Marriage is absolutely one of the most special events for a couple. With an occasion as important as this, everything should be perfectly planned to the last detail.

Just like the other parts of wedding planning, thinking of the best wedding invitation can be a challenge. Luckily, as we did with the wedding themes, we have gathered some of the most gorgeous templates that will help you have the perfect wedding invitations at a very affordable price.

All of these templates are very easy to customize down to every detail such as wedding fonts on the cards. Also, all of them are in print-ready format for a no-hassle printing. This collection covers all the design range from vintage, artsy, sweet, to elegant. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and choose your best pick!

1. Warm Autumn

This first package comes with various files including info card (5x3.5in), invitation (5x7in), menu (3.5x6in), program (4x8in), place card (4x2.5in), RSVP (5x3.5in), save date (6x4in), table number (3x3in), and a thank you card (6x4in).
autumn wedding invitation
See Warm Autumn Preview

2. Abstract

This next set consist of 6 templates (Invitation card, Envelope, Table Number, Program, RSVP, and Thank you card) that are fully layered, very easy to modify, and ready to be printed in 300 dpi CMYK. It also includes AI, EPS, and PDF formats.
abstract wedding invite
See Abstract Preview

3. Vintage

Here you have a lovely design of birds and roses - perfect for wedding events. The file is vectorized so it will be easier for you to edit the design to your preferences.
elegant wedding cards
See Vintage Preview

4. Wedding Invitation

If you’re thinking for a bohemian theme, then this set is perfect to your motif. It has 5 templates, each having bleed area and 300 dpi/CMYK print setting. The PSD file is also well organized for easy navigation when editing.
bohemian wedding theme
See Wedding Invitation Preview

5. Brush

These brush-stroked designs display a lot of creativity and playfulness. The set includes 4 designs and 4 color variations to choose from. They are all customizable and print-ready in CMYK/300dpi setting.
graphic design invitations
See Brush Preview

6. Vintage Foliage

Here we have a classic design with hand-drawn illustrations and font. It has 5 vintage colors to choose from: blue, pink, gold, green, & black. There is also a tutorial guide included to help you during your editing process.
vintage design cards
See Vintage Foliage Preview

7. Classic

This set includes AI and PSD files in 5x7in + bleed are. The elements are very customizable such as the image, text, and colors.
clean wedding card design
See Classic Preview

8. Simple Invitation Set

This is a huge set that comes with 10 various card templates that you can use for wedding events. They are all in PSD format and with CMYK/300 dpi setting for print.
minimal invitation design
See Simple Invitation Set Preview

9. Vintage Wedding Invitation

Here you have another beautiful vintage design with high-resolution printing (CMYK/300dpi). It comes in 4x6in with bleed, well-organized layers, and the fonts that were used are free.
retro invitation wedding
See Vintage Wedding Invitation Preview

10. Wedding Invitation Pack

All files that are in this set are highly organized and well labeled for easy customizing and make use of free fonts. It also contains 12 various items and 14 PSD files.
invitation cards set
See Wedding Invitation Pack Preview

11. Art Deco

This one comes as a ticket rather than the conventional card. It comes with 9.25x4 with bleed dimension and 5 various color themes to choose from. It is fully customizable and is ready for high quality print.
ticket wedding
See Art Deco Preview

12. Autumn Berries

Autumn Berries offers beautiful graphics on invitation cards, thank you cards and envelope decoration. The invitation card comes in 5x7in while the Thank You card is in 3.5x2in. The font is also included.
graphics wedding designs
See Autumn Berries Preview

13. Tying the Knot

The file comes in 4x6in with 0.125in bleed area and safety margin 0.125in inside the trim line. The PSD file is well organized and fully layered for easy navigation during the editing process.
knot wedding theme
See Tying the Knot Preview

14. Watercolor Invitations

This one is in watercolor design. It is in 4x6in with 0.125in bleed and safety margin of 0.125in.
watercolor theme invite
See Watercolor Invitations Preview

15. Floral Wedding Invitation

This set has 7 PSD files that are easy to customize. Each card design has hi-res print-ready settings with 0.25in bleed area.
flower designs invitations
See Floral Wedding Invitation Preview

16. Floral Invitation

This PSD file is fully layered and well organized for easy navigation. It has 4x6 card with 0.25 bleed area and can be printed in 300dpi/CMYK.
floral invites wedding
See Floral Invitation Preview

17. Wedding Invitation

This invitation card also comes in 4x6in with 0.25in bleed area. The file is well layered and is very easy to modify.
elegant wedding invitations
See Wedding Invitation Preview

18. Flower Invitation Set

This set has 3 PSD files that you can customize to your own preferences. It has smart objects that you can use to add your images to the cards. All 3 are print-ready in high quality settings.
floral invitation weddings
See Flower Invitation Set Preview

19. Watercolor Invitation Set

This next set of wedding items utilizes beautiful watercolor design. It has 4 PSD files where you can customize with ease.
pink invitation set
See Watercolor Invitation Set Preview

20. Wedding Invitation V9

Here you have 2 PSD files with a double-sided card that you can customize to fit your needs. Both have high quality settings and are print-ready.
wedding invite designs
See Wedding Invitation V9 Preview

21. Green Floral Invitation

If you have a green motif for a wedding, then this one will fit your essentials. It is fully vectorized so you can scale size without ruining the quality.
green wedding invitation
See Green Floral Invitation Preview

22. Wedding Invitation Package

This set includes 12 PSD files for invitation card, RSVP, Thank You card, Save the Date, Information card, Post Card (front & back), Menu, Escort, Table Card, and Wedding Ceremony (front & back).
low poly design
See Wedding Invitation Package Preview

23. Rose Wedding

Rose Wedding Invitation includes Wedding Invitation, Information card, Wedding Program, Wedding Menu and Thank You card. All fonts that were used are 100% free.
rose theme invitation
See Rose Wedding Preview

24. Vintage Wedding Invitation

This card is in 4x6in area with 0.25in bleed. The file is well organized and has high-resolution printing (300dpi/CMYK).
gold grey design
See Vintage Wedding Invitation Preview

25. Floral

This template is easy to adjust and customize to your wants. It is in 4x6in area with 0.25in bleed.
dark theme wedding card
See Floral Preview

26. Gold glitter

This set has 4 PSD files where you can edit your preferred look through its well-organized layers. It uses free fonts and smart object layers for easy customizations.
gold dark invite
See Gold glitter Preview

27. Wedding Invite Suite

A classical English Wedding Suite, suitable for all weddings. The set contains Save the date, RSVP Cards, Ceremony and Evening Invites, and Additional information cards for guests.
classic design wedding
See Wedding Invite Suite Preview

28. Marriage Invitation Cards

The PSD template is well organized with CMYK color mode, print ready & fully editable layers. It also comes with 2 various styles with customizable elements.
event invitational card
See Marriage Invitation Cards Preview

29. Chalkboard

This template has a front & back design with customizable elements. All the fonts that were used are free and can be printed in high quality settings.
chalk party invite
See Chalkboard Preview

30. Flower Wedding Invitation

This PSD set has 4x6in print dimensions with floral designs that will fit well to wedding events.
floral theme
See Flower Wedding Invitation Preview

31. Wedding Invitation

This flyer includes help and PSD files. All PSD’s are very well organized with proper name groups and name layers, making it very easy to edit the elements.
marriage invite designs
See Wedding Invitation Preview

32. Invitation & RSVP

This set has 4 PSD files and a help file (readme.txt). The sizes come in 5x7in + 0.25in bleed area (invitation) and 5×3.5” + 0.25” bleed area (RSVP).
rsvp template
See Invitation & RSVP Preview

33. Watercolour

This set consists of watercolor theme invitations. There are 4 items on this set for your wedding ceremony purposes. It’s available in PSD format with 300dpi/CMYK color mode.
clean watercolor template
See Watercolour Preview

34. Wedding Invitation

This design has a modern and hipster feel with its line illustrations. The set comes in 2 PSD files, which are well organized and easy to navigate during editing process.
minimal green card
See Wedding Invitation Preview

35. Old Vintage

This template utilizes a Wild West theme. The set comes in 2 PSD files, which are well organized with properly named layers and color-coded groups.
old rustic template
See Old Vintage Preview

36. Wedding Invitations

This PSD file is setup at 1275px x 1875px (4×6” with .25” bleeds) CMYK 300DPI.
hi-res templates
See Wedding Invitations Preview

37. Invitation Template

This set includes 1 PSD file and a help file that will guide you through your editing process. The layers are organized for you to have an easy time navigating and customizing.
premium wedding invitations
See Invitation Template Preview

38. Wedding Invitation Ticket

This invitation template is perfect for your wedding event if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. You also can use this template for birthday parties or music events.
ticket invitation template
See Wedding Invitation Ticket Preview

39. Flower Marriage Invitation

Make your invitation cards as sweet and perfect as your wedding with this flower invitation template. It is customizable and you can easily type the name, address, date & time of your event.
sweet template premium
See Flower Marriage Invitation Preview

40. Floral Invitation

This set has 7 PSD files for Invitation card, RSVP, Thank You card, Save the Date card, Information card, and Post Card (front & back). Each file is fully customizable and is print-ready.
dark template invites
See Floral Invitation Preview

41. Flower Wedding Invitation

This next set has 2 PSD files and a help file that will assist you in editing the design. It has a high quality print-ready setting that would be perfect to your needs.
autumn theme template
See Flower Wedding Invitation Preview

42. Floral

Here you have a beautiful vectorized vintage wedding invitation with roses and birds. It comes in JPG and EPS format.
beautiful wedding template
See Floral Preview

43. Golden Stars

This set uses free fonts and smart objects for an easier editing process. It contains a help file and 4 PSD files with well-organized layers.
star designs templates
See Golden Stars Preview

44. Royal Wedding Invitation

Here is a Royal Wedding Invitation that showcases elegance and style, just like your beautiful wedding or birthday party!
elegant theme templates
See Royal Wedding Invitation Preview

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