Web Design Inspiration: A Showcase of Astounding Brown Websites


Most designers prefer bright colors for web designs because of its tendency to attract attention among its viewers. There are some, however, that makes use of duller colors who then turn them into cool and elegant artworks… Our post for today, makes use of one of the colors that most people overlook. This same color is so common that almost anywhere you glance, it is seen and is evident…

Here we bring you a showcase of astounding Brown Websites that will surely turn your opinion about the color brown upside down… Take a glimpse as we unravel beautiful ways of manipulating several resources and mixing them with the same color and turning them into something unique and breathtaking… Enjoy!!!

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Brown Websites in Web Design

Things That are Brown


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New Adventures Conf

new adventures

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James Lai Creative


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Nine Lion Design

nine lion

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Hello Monday


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Giannis Steakhouse


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Barleysg Ville


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Agami Creative

agami creative

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Happily Create

happily create

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wcc net

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Cook Mate App

cook mate app

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Cellar App

cellar app

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Ad Flavor

ad flavor

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Wawa Coffee Topia

wawa coffee

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97 Bottles

97 bottles

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New Concept

new concept

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Wake Up To What’s New

wake up

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Vermont Coffee Works

vermont coffee

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Spoon Graphics

spoon graphics

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Barista App

barista app

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Seed Planted

seed planted

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Dino Latoga

dino latoga

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Blog Solid

blog solid

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The Seen

the seen

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The Hippo House

the hippo house

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Lounge Lizard

lounge lizard

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Hand Crafted CSS

hand crafted

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Ndesign Studio

ndesign studio

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Animation Saints

animation saints

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Story Pixel

story pixel

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Idea Foundry

idea foundry

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  • Louis Gubitosi

    nice collection… actually redoing my site in a brown theme so this is very helpful!

  • Guilherme Moreira

    Great showcase, Marvi.

    The Varnion website is amazing!

  • Barbara Laird

    I recently redid my site in brown, orange, and green. I’m currently in love with the natural tones.

  • Mary

    Really nice sites. Brown is a hard color to work with sometimes, so it’s nice to see it done well.

  • Theo

    Great collection of brown sites, one of the backgrounds i use for my website is also brown.

  • James Pasion

    Great collection! Definitely had an inkling thingsthatarebrown would be a part of this.

  • Web Design Champion

    Really inspiring designs, proves that brown is not as dull as people think.

  • The Freelance Geek

    Love the AdFlavor Design.

    I’ve never had a request for a Brown Site yet. Would be interesting.

  • imran khan

    very Great collection

  • Developers in DC

    Marvelous Collection Of Web=design Inspiration..

    My favorite inspiration website is:
    1- RZMOTA
    2- baristaapp
    3- cellar-app

  • Ronald Bien

    Beautiful collection Marvi :)These just prove that a good and elegant web design doesn’t always to be bright :)

  • Grün Weiss

    nice works, thx good designed sites

  • mimwow

    beautiful collection, brown is one of my favorite color, but i found it a bit hard to work with it. your showcase here really inspired me. thanks

  • tumi

    incredible, i min wow..

  • Web design Warwickshire

    Amazing collection of designs……..I really like your designs….they are interesting and innovative!!!!!!!!!!!

  • valbruna

    Another cool brown based color web site.
    Ciao from Italy

  • Web Design Leeds

    Great Collection. Some really inspiring uses of muted colours. Thanks for the post :-)

  • marcs

    Amazing collection!! Now you made it so difficult for me to choose. Hehe

  • Keith

    Great list. Another that’s brown and beautiful is

  • E-Commerce Expert

    Great collection! It is Very Usefull for Web Desginer and Developer

  • GraphicsFuel

    Brown is one of my favorite colors, Marvi. And you have collected some very inspiring brown websites and they are really inspiring to the depth. Thanks for this great list, and worth a bookmark.


  • alpaproductions

    I can’t get enough just by looking at these. I had to visit each site. Excellent round up!

  • santa barbara web design

    They’re so amazing. Very good in the eyes and I think this will help other web designers too.

  • Bejamin

    I like your collection,that’s nice.

  • AssuranceWeb

    Excellent! they are very unique and would really then bring up the site when having this kind of design.

  • vedat

    Great collection of brown sites. It is Very Usefull for Web Desginer and Developer

  • travesti

    Thanks for this great list, and worth a bookmark.

  • Milos

    brown site I did few weeks ago

  • Web Design Gallery

    Good collection. Brown is one of my favorite colors for web design.