30 Uniquely Designed Business Cards


Business cards could be everywhere with all its different sizes and colors that aims to reach one goal – to invite clients to patronize the products and services that you or your company offers. There are so many great ideas as to how a card should be designed in order to catch the attention of people and we are glad that we have already given you some of them. There are business cards that designers would make it to a point where clients will really spend time looking at them because of their uniqueness or peculiarity. That’s one way of making a brand name successful.

In one of today’s post, we hope to inspire you with these Unique Business Card Designs that varies in sizes, colors and eventually, materials used. Take a look at this collection and who knows, you might want to create your own and even share it with the others.

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Business Card

Peculiar Business Card
A 3D business card aiming to stand out from the others.
Image: Megan Harrigan

Lava Stationery

Cool Unique Business Card
A business card with a custom seal of the company’s logo that when opened will reveal a supposed hidden message.
Image: Ninet6


Styled Unique Business Card
An elevator replica for a business card.
Image: dailypoetics

Matthew Adamson

Amazing Unique Business Card
A personal business card where the design shows the literal way of selling yourself.
Image: Matthew Adamson

Marianne Lock

Cute and Unique Business Card
The literal way of describing the nature of the owner’s business as an illustrator.
Image: Marianne Lock

Craig Anczelowitz

Creatively Unique Business Card
2 Japanese papers laminated made this business card design possible plus an extra thin wood veneer with 350 gsm Bamboo paper.
Image: Craig Anczelowitz

Per Micael Nyberg Game Design

Rubber Unique Business Card
These cards have been made for the designer’s convention in Japan.
Image: b-type design

USB Drive Business Card

Techy Yet Unique Business Card
The business card goes out with a flip out USB drive which contains information about the company’s product.
Image: USB Memory Direct

Generation Green Business Card

Smoothly Designed Unique Business Card
Generation Green spcializes in vermiculture which is why this card is uniquely designed like a leaf.
Image: Lemongraphics

Cardboard Business Card

Peculiarly Designed Unique Business Card
Another of uniquely presenting a business card using a cardboard hand-pressed materials.
Image: Robert Teague

Fingerprint Alphabet Business Cards

Nicely Printed Unique Business Card
The company provides its potential client an assigned letter where no two cards will be the same.
Image: b-type design

New Zealand All Blacks

Pretty Unique Business Card
A card that pays homage to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.
Image: b-type design

Clover Leaf Business Card

Attractively Unique Business Card
The business card is made for a Slovakian entertainer.
Image: Mediago

Tie Shaped Business Card

Professionally Unique Business Card
A business card for a Design Firm which aims to leave a powerful impression.
Image: Luke Anspach

Ayako Okada

Colorfully Unique Business Card
Business card designs for a hair stylist.
Image: Silky Szeto

Origami Business Card

Colorfully Unique Business Card
A hand-crafted business card for branding.
Image: Pastelz

Personal Business Card

Inventively Unique Business Card
An engaging type of a business card.

TAM Cargo Design

Small Yet Unique Business Card
An unusual way of presenting a business card in a way to build your brand name.
Image: Eduardo Quadra and Eduardo Araujo

Chaput Real Estate

Futuristic Unique Business Card
The Real Estate Business card is owned by a mom, daughter and son.
Image: Laura K. Design

Outside the Box Design

Elegantly Unique Business Card
The designer used Black Soft Touch which weighs 80lbs.
Image: Virgilio Guardado and Bo Pentecost

Hexagonal Business Card

Eye catching and Unique Business Card
The unique business card is printed digitally but die-cut by hand using a rotary cutter.
Image: Dustin Friesen

Business Card for Christoph Nemet

Inspiring Unique Business Card
The business card is for a sound designer and a composer that goes perfectly along with the studio monitor speaker that this card is inspired with.
Image: Johannes Klotz

Web Design Harlow

Technically Amazing Business Card
The card is made for a web design firm which specializes in producing logos, making websites and provides e-commerce solutions.
Image: we are sweet

3D Business Card

3D Unique Business Card
An expression of the company’s home and some unique addition to the design.
Image: Guillaume

Dog Treat Business Card

Fun and Unique Business Card
This is for a dog coach and dog trainer master where the card can actually be given as a doggie treat to puppies or dogs.
Image: Sergio Freitas

Greenpac Identity Card

Nicely Designed Business Card
This is for Australia’s most loved greenbag wholesaler.
Image: GreenPac Design Team

Mais Pilates

Neatly Designed Business Card
The business card aims to stress out the benefits of the product offered which is developing good posture and becoming flexible.
Image: MarketData Direct & Digital

Silk Screen Printed Card

Pretty Unique Business Card
The 3D-Cube screenprinted card which are printed on silkscreen paper is popular in Russia which becomens interesting to clients.
Image: Print Site

Scratch Design

Really Unique Business Card
A messy but unique way for clients to remember what you specialize in.
Image: Michael Carrick

Audio Tape Business Card

Awesome Business Card
This business card design features:
- 4 Vector EPS files (Adobe CS5 required)
- Measures 3.5″x2
CMYK Print ready 300dpi
Image: graphicriver

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Since Business Cards are still very essential in your aim to succeed in your field or even in a designer’s career life, let us know what you think about the essentials of a unique business card design… Does it really matter? Which among the designs in this collection was able to catch your attention?

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