A Collection of Inspiring Tree Logo Designs

A logo is designed to symbolize the nature of the business in a captivating way. The images such as graphics and text element utilized in creating a logo must honestly show the identity of the business. Applying graphics is not to imply that your are free to use a clipart or whatever image. An individual may make a graphic which particularly mirrors the qualities of the business. For example, if you are supporting a sustainable environment through the expert services or programs of your business, you may utilize a tree as a logo design. In today's logo design inspiration post, we are going to showcase several beautiful examples of tree logo which typically symbolizes life, knowledge, toughness, stability as well as prosperity. Most companies hope to convey these qualities of trees that is why a number of businesses in an array of market sectors throughout the world make use of tree in their logo design.

Here is A Collection of Inspiring Tree Logo Designs by businesses which have effectively used the common image of a tree to stand for their companies. Check out this list and we hope that you will get some inspiration for your project.

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Clifford Woodworks

Clifford Woodworks logo
By: BlueLabelDesign
A logo designed for a custom woodworking company.

Portland Tree Huggers

Portland Tree Huggers logo
By: the3rdhuman
A great branding logo designed for an alternative t-shirt business.


Cecipro logo
By: shaitandiseño
A tree logo design created for avocado producers asociation in Michoacan, Mexico.

TP Kelson

TP Kelson logo
By: duluthmuffler
A branding logo created for a landscape company specializing in retaining walls.

Frisco Family Dentistry

Frisco Family Dentistry logo
By: shaneg
A logo design concept for a dentist in Frisco, TX.

Cranesville Bible Church

Cranesville Bible Church logo
By: LumaVine
A logo design created for a church.

Talent Tree

Talent Tree logo
By: Bloei media
A mark designed for a talent management program.

La Finca Restaurante

la finca restaurante logo
By: Javier Figueroa Gonzalez
A logo design created for a restaurant.


RainForest logo
By: mightycreation
A logo design of umbrella tress which can be used for eco, entertainment and media industry.

Evergreen Day Nursery 2

Evergreen Day Nursery 2 logo
By: Gafyn
A logo mark designed for a nursery opening at Celtic Manor Resort.


Baumhaus logo
By: Rafael Victor
A logo designed for a communication design agency.

Three Olives

Three Olives
By: Shnickerdoodle Studios
A logo design which is ideal for food/wine packaging and labeling as well as restaurant.

Dounia, Mediterranean food

Dounia, Mediterranean food logo
By: BreezyCreative
A logo designed for a Mediterranean canned food company.

Tree Clipper

Tree Clipper logo
By: KJ
A logo design which can be used for landscaping, yard care, eco-friendly and even entertainment and media related businesses.

Home Tree

Home Tree logo
By: Navraj
A logo design which is perfect for a construction company.

Tree House

Tree House logo
By: CreativeCollusions
A logo design which is suitable for a nursery or children's centre.


Viverde logo
By: ilmostro
A branding logo which was created for a reforestation campaign and program.


Matteo logo
By: Sigrun
A logo design which is ideal for real estate services and/or consulting services.

One World Adventure Company

One World Adventure Company logo
By: V3 Media Group
A logo design created for One World Adventure Company.

Oak Tree

Oak Tree logo
By: Oak Tree
A logo design which is ideal for financial bodies to construction firms.

Zlote Ogrody

Zlote Ogrody logo
By: sgnwsk
A logo designed for a house developer.

Oakview Terrace

Oakview Terrace
By: kurious
A great logo design for an apartment complex in Des Moines.

Brain Tree

Brain Tree
By: warrengrove123
A logo design of a brain which resembles a tree.

Sound Tree Music Studios

Sound Tree Music Studios
By: dreikelvin
A branding logo designed for an upcoming sound tree website.

Humans Tree

Humans Tree logo
By: oraticthemes
A simple logo design for Environmental Foundations, Services, Business, Social Services.


Chemistree logo
By: Gavster
A logo design which can be used for various business in this sector.

Cedars Cigar Bar

Cedars Cigar Bar logo
By: 1shotslinger
A logo design concept for a local cigar bar.


treehaus logo
By: jetpacksandrollerskates
A logo design which will work for a company with a very cool work enviroment.

Bright Path

Bright Path logo
By: jrapert
A logo designed for a foundation serving blind employees.


oak&poplar logo
By: modzi
A logo design which was proposed for a landscape architecture company.

Which among these logos are your favorites? Let us know by leaving your comments below. Thank you very much for browsing this post.

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