30 Powerful Designs of Horse Logo

Logo designs are an interesting option to speak about the feelings and concepts linked to any company. Among the very popular symbols is the horse. These warm-blooded animals are not just blessed with cleverness yet they also possess a strong image signifying energy, speed, strength and manhood. It is ideal to hold such impressive qualities stimulated by a business logo to attract potential clients. In today’s post, we are featuring some really nice horse logo designs. While browsing on this list, you will notice that a horse image is not just being used on horse related businesses. They are also being popularly used in the car, sports, toy, insurance and various other businesses which are aiming to show strength to their brands.

Here are the 30 Powerful Designs of Horse Logo for your inspiration. Horses are an excellent illustration for just about any industry as they as very appealing to us humans. Take a look at these examples and utilize this creature as an element of your logos. Have fun browsing!

2014 Update:

For this update, we have expanded this awesome list by adding more logo designs that might just give you the ideas and inspirations that you need. Scroll down and check them all out!

Lammtara logo
A horse logo designed by Ameermagdy.

Historisches Spielzeug
Historisches Spielzeug logo
A logo designed for a historical toy company.

A mark designed for a footbal team.

Lyrahorse logo
A logo which is ideal for a music club.

Releigh logo
A beautiful horse image in a logo designed by akinom11.

flexihorse logo
A jumping horse logo which is suitable for most businesses, from mortgage companies to manufacturers.

Destrier Cigars
Destrier Cigars logo
A logo designed by Sam Stephen.

GypsyHorse logo
An elegant logo design which is perfect for many kinds of businesses from a stable to mens wear and even a restaurant.

OPE Award Horse Logo
OPE Award horse logo
A logo designed for OPE award.

White Horse Pub
White Horse pub logo
A logo designed for a little pub in serbia.

Pegasus Group
Pegasus Group logo
A perfect logo for any company looking to convey trust and strength.

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