Creative Logo Design: 33 Great Wine Logos


Wine logos and brands should aim to be timeless – sometimes a bottle of wine will sit in a cellar for decades. In the last 100 years, wine and champagne labels have evolved dramatically as logo design, graphic design and marketing techniques and strategies have evolved.

Below are examples of wine-related logo designs. This list is composed of 33 various logo designs for your perusal. See how modern principles of design are changing and how wine industry brand themselves. Get some ideas and be inspired at the same time.

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Wine Logo Designs

Hiroko Chardonnay Logo

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Wine Kingdom Logo

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Hanuet Wine Logo

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Bistro 1689 Logo

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VinoBraino Logo

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Swiss Wine Logo

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Stir Logo

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Symposio Café Logo

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Petersen Wine and Delicates Logo

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TheThirsty Peacock Logo

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Tastevin Wine Group

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Niazi Logo

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Teski Wines Logo

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1973 Logo

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Envero Wine Philosophy Logo

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Bar Code Logo

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Wine Searcher Logo

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Saturdays Uncorked Logo

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Corkscrew of Hungary Logo

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Wine Place Logo

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Rolland Wines Logo

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WineMosaic Logo

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The Wine Room Logo

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Inkwell Vineywards Logo

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Bosa Wine & Food Logo

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Fork and Cork Wine Logo

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Livermore Valley Logo

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Liza the Wine Chick Logo

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Spoil Yourself Logo

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Bodegas de Espana Logo

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Tempus Wines Logo

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Newcastle Food & Festival Logo

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Modern wine logos, brands and labels are becoming bolder, brighter and “cleaner”. The question is, will they stand the test of time like Penfolds, Moët et Chandon and Dom Perignon?

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    great logos thank u for sharing those thanks thanks xD

  • Jae Xavier

    Say goodbye to serif dominated logos.

    The new generation of wine drinkers are being taught by a sans serif design environment.

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    Great list.
    Those logos are really awesome and creative. Thanks for sharing ! :)

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    a really nice collection of logos, love the wine kingdom one!

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    Not too shabby. I like WineKingdom, Hiroko, and Wine Searcher. Now, feature one of ours too!

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    All logos are very creative and skillfully done. Wine Searcher and The Wine Room impressed me much.

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    Nice roundup :) I really liked the one for Swiss Wine and Rolland Wines but the others are pretty creative too. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great logos.

    The “Hanuet Wine” logo is awesome, very creative use of negative space in the logo.

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    It is a nice collection. I love it.

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    BOSA is my favorite…but they are stylish…

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    talking about the newcastle “food & wine”.

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    Great collection of wine logos. The Newastle W & F Festival, The Thirsty Peacock and Tastevin Wine Group is three lovely logos!

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    Some nice, but some doesn’t look like logo.

  • Cari

    I like these simple logo design. I really liked the last one.

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    Very inspired logo designs, I love Hiroko, Barcode, Wine Searcher, Win Place, and Tempus….Very creative and simple design.

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