30 Pleasant Examples of Airplane Logos

Modernization is continually growing and has presently no signs of stopping. Among the tremendous amount of innovations created from the past to present, it would be empirical to say that airplanes have been considered as one of the most useful and convenient invention made for mankind. Thanks to this aircrafts, traveling has never been easier. Travel time has been greatly minimized, nice aerial views, and less stress compared to any other means of transportation.

Due to the convenience it offers, it is not surprising to observe the incredible impact it brings to the population. As a result, more and more people set off to travel to the places they want to visit or even go around the world. And with it, more and more travel agencies and airlines have emerged. With the growing competition in this industry, branding would be critical to stand out among the rest. One of the best ways to boost your branding is having a great logo with a great design. As we all know, a logo vitally represents the company it stands for and is usually the image being remembered by the people. So, it would be a big advantage to give it a catchy and effective design to enhance its function to the company or agency it correspond to. Needless to say, a logo is essentially important for every company or business establishments.

To help you have some insights, we have collected 30 Pleasant Examples of Airplane Logos. In this article, we have included some of the creatively designed logos solely intended to give you a spark of inspiration and help you have some ideas that you could use in making your own design projects.

Barrel Roll Creative

Vintage airplane logos
A nice vintage-like design with a plane as its subject for a company that is dedicated to creativity

Grandpa's workshop

Double wing airplane logo design
A maroon themed logo design with a double winged airplane model

From Grandpa's Workshop

Toy manufacture airplane logos design
Another logo of Grandpa's workshop with a more modern design

Airport Square

Simple airplane logos design
A simple yet effective white airplane-shaped logo design

Best way

Travel airplane logos design
A logo design suitable for travel agencies and the like.


Sensor wifi signal airplane logos design
A logo design with a wifi symbol and an aircraft figure combined


Vintage airplane logos design
A logo design good for aviation companies and services


Server airplane logos design
This logo design used simple geometric figures formed together to form a shape of an airplane

Flywell Logo

Creative airplane logos design
A logo design portraying a flying double winged plane

First Class Travel

Elegant airplane logos design
A logo design depicting elegance with an airplane combined with the features of a crowned bird


Fly ticket airplane logos design
This logo used a nice color blend to differentiate the two words

Cheap Flight Travel Agency

Clean airplane logos design
A clean and effective logo design where the airplane tracks was used to make a nice typography


Cloud dutch airplane logos design
A logo design with an airplane passing a cloud


Aviation ace airplane logos design
A plane passing through a letter A

Crown Airlines

Crown airplane logos design
A crown figure formed by a couple of airplanes

Morgan V2

Airline airplane logos design
A logo design of an airline servicing company

Travel Log

Vector airplane logos design
A logo design utilizing solid colors showing a wood being orbited by planes

Aero Servicios Premium

Premium airplane logos design
A logo for Air services and business

FastClick Solutions

Mouse click airplane logos design
This design used a clever combination of a plane (fast) and a mouse (click)

Ohio Commercial Airports #3

Blue airplane logos design
This design depicts a view of a plane from a window of an aircraft

Pilots 'N' Paws version 3

Animal airplane logos design
A logo good for a animal friendly company


Balloon blue airplane logos design
A fun design using a balloon effect for the airplane

Villas at Hamilton

Vintage airplane logos design
A logo design with a vintage feel


Cross airplane logos design
A logo design where the plane is unveiling what is underneath the cross


Geek airplane logos design
A logo design with its propeller designed with a RSS feed symbol

discovery jones logomark

Purple airplane logos design
A logo design with a nice element solid colors

CRAA Cares #2

Charity hand airplane logos design
A logo design of a plane figure between two hands showing charity and hospitality

Zoom travel

Red cute airplane logos design
A logo with a cute and fun design of a plane

Air Music

Guitar music airplane logos design
A clever design of guitar with its strings as contrails of an plane which represents the air

Sky Razor

Razor blade airplane logos design
A razor blade with its hole shaped like an airplane

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