A Collection of Insect Logo Design Concept

Logos in various color-themes have been showcased here at Naldz Graphics. The logos have presently served its purpose in inspiring designers everywhere... Today, we bring you another variant of logos themed around insect designs...

The collection is composed of several Insect Based Logo Designs that still aims to give ideas and inspire logo designers throughout the web... Feel free to check out our shot list of truly cool and unique logos and keep those creative juices going... Stay inspired!!!

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Butterfly Spa


Resume Buzz

Buzzword Studios


Country Fly

Shutter Bug


TLBC Unused Version



Leaf Cutter Studios

Bee Well

Bee Organized

Flash Bug

Bee B

Maths Bug

Cleaning Bees.



Bug Cog

3 Bee

Spy Sting

Fly on the Wall

Art Moth

Mi Shutterbug

Pousada Anduara

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