30 Effective Use of Chili Pepper in Logo Design

Chili pepper comes from several species of a vinous plants. Chili pepper is used mainly to add spice and flavor to a dish. Looking at the texture and shape of a chili pepper closely, it has been noted that many designers have found the chili pepper’s physical appearance intriguing and have found ways to make it more creative.

Below is a compilation of great logos inspired by the chili pepper. Take time to browse through this amazing collection on how designer’s turned a simple pepper into a remarkable logo… This 30 Effective Use of Chili in Logo Design will surely freshen your creative juices!!! Get started!!!

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Gatto Picante

pepper design

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Chilli Kiwi

chilli logo design

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Hot Energy

new pepper logo design

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Mexican Grill Restaurant

pepper logo

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Twili Pepper

pepper logo image

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Shirt Pepper

pepper logo picture

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Video Pepper

cool logo design

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details logo design

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La Cazuelita

pepper gallery design

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Forest Fire

pepper two design

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Chiles Con Queso

pepper pond design

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Seoul Food

pepper logo com

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Chilli Africa

pepper logo africa

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Cajun Heat

gallery logo design

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Chili 69

pepper logo brand

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Hot Bolt

pepper logo style

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X Chili

pepper logo theme

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pepper theme design

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Homespun Chili

pepper style design

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Chameleon Chili Sauce

pepper nice design

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Smokin’ Hot

pepper ten design

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Chilli Solution

pepper three design

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Chili Pep

pepper logo five

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Chil Up

pepper logostack

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Chilli Fish

pepper logo zero

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Salsa Starter

pepper four design

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Pepper Horn

pepper nine design

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Pepper Creek

one one logo design

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pepper logo sign

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pepper logo mark

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