Ultimate Collection of Free Apple Inspired Icons


Among the leading provider of the newest gadgets and state-of-the-art technology, the Apple has never failed to amaze millions of gadget-fanatic all over the world. With its yearly launching of fantastic and innovative products, Apple always astonish us all.. Most gadget-lovers out there are longing to own an item with the apple logo on it as a sign of belonging to the most up-to-date brand in the world.

Now, it’s not only the techies that are also into the Apple brand. Most designers, web developers and owners have also-once or twice-came across the need to have a couple of apple icons in store for them to use in their designs and creations. If you are one of these people, you will surely be glad of this next post that we have prepared for you! A cool collection of Free Apple Inspired Icons that you wouldn’t want to miss!! Check out these apple logo icons, apple product icons and so much more to accessorize and to add a unique twist to your projects. Take a look at these free items and start downloading!!!

Free Apple Inspired Icons

Apple Icon

apple icon

This inspired icon is compatible for windows vista.
Download Source

Apple Icons

apple icons

Most of this icons are in a naturalistic style which are modeled after the Mac logo.
Download Source

Apple Logo Icons

apple logo icons

The icon is delivered as PNGs and ICNSs with the size of 512×512.
Download Source

Weathered Apple Icon

weathered apple

The package includes icons both ICNS and ICo version.
Download Source

Apple Safari Icons

apple safari

This icons are in .ICO windows xp/vista, .ICNS and .iCONTAINER.
Download Source

Candied Apples

candied apples

Different apple icons that can be use in your projects.
Download Source

Apple Fruit Logo

apple fruit logo

An apple icon with different sizes and is on .ICNS and .ICD.
Download Source

Apple Colors

apple colors

Icon that is in PNG files.
Download Source

Fruity Apples

fruity apples

Nine icons in PNG and ICNS with different sizes: 512×512 px.
Download Source

Apple Gadgets

apple gadgets

Sleek icons of Mac.
Download Source

iPhone 4 Mini Icons

iphone 4 mini icons

This icons are in 3D styles and it also includes 40 standard iPhone icons with different sizes and in both white and black colour schemes.
Download Source

The Apple Armada Icons

apple armada

In this set of icons includes iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air,iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPad and iPhone 4.
Download Source

iMac Icons

imac icons

These icons are for personal use only, that includes sizes up to 512p, in ICNS, ICO, PNG and icon formats.
Download Source

Apple Office Icons

apple office icons

These 8 icons are in .ICO, .ICNS, .IContainer and .PNG.
Download Source

iMac Icons

imac icons

Here is a free social media icon set which comes with 10 icons.
Download Source

Apple Mac Mini Icons

apple mac mini icons

This 9 icons are in PNG format.
Download Source

Apple Wireless Mouse Icon

apple wireless mouse

Two icons of Apple Wireless Mouse which are in PNG file.
Download Source

Apple TV

apple tv

An Apple TV icon in ICNS and PNG format.
Download Source

MacBook Pro

apple tv

A simple but elegant MacBook Pro icons in 512, 64 and 32 px.
Download Source

Apple Products

apple products

Icons in ICO, ICNS and PNG with a size of 256px.
Download Source

iPhone 4G Icons

iPhone 4g icon

Four iPhone icons can be found in the pack with up to 512x512px.
Download Source

Apple Icons

apple icons

Apple, IMac, iPod, MacBook, iPhone icons in PNG format with great resolution.
Download Source

iPhone 4 Icons

iPhone 4 Icons

Icons in PNG, ICNS, HQX and ICo formats.
Download Source

Archigraphs Macs Dock Icons

archigraphs macs dock

This icons are for MacOs X and Windows Vista with PNG files included.
Download Source

Apple Remote

apple remote

Apple remote icons with a resolution of 512x512px in PNG.
Download Source

Apple Products Walls and Icons

apple products walls

Wallpapers and icons with the sizes of 1920×1080 and 512×512 respectively.
Download Source

Aluminium iMac Icons

aluminium imac icons

Aluminum iMac icons in ICo and PNG formats.
Download Source

Apple Hardware Pack

apple hardware pack

Eight icons of Apple Hardware Pack in PNG, ICS and ICO 128×128 – 16×16 + 1 extra icons.
Download Source

Apple TV Black Edition

apple tv back edition

An Apple TV Black edition icon with two high resolution PNG image.
Download Source

Archigraphs iPhone Dock Icons

archigraphs iphone

Dock icons for Windows Vista and MacOs X with PNG files.
Download Source

Apple Cinema Display Icon

apple cinema display

An amazing icon inspired by Apple.
Download Source

48px Icons

48px icons

A 48px icons with PNG image.
Download Source

Apple iPhone 4 PSD

apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4G in PNG and ICO.
Download Source

Apple iMac Icons

apple imac icons

256×256 PNG and ICO Apple iMac icons.
Download Source

Apple Icons

apple icons

A 256×256 Apple Icons.
Download Source

Apple Devices

apple devices

A pack of 48×48 icons of Apple Hardware, iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod.
Download Source

Macbook Breathe Flat Icons

macbook breathe flat

This Breathe, Magic and Flat icons: Leopard ready.
Download Source

iPod Nano 2010 Icons

ipod nano 2010 icons

This icons are in ICO, PNG and ICNS with 512x512px.
Download Source

iPhone 3G Icons

iphone 3G icons

Using Photoshop this icons were made.
Download Source

IPod Chromatic icons

ipod-chromatic icons

An iCONTAINER and ICNS format icons.
Download Source

Apple iMac Icons for Mac OSX

apple imac icons

This icons are for Mac OSX.
Download Source

Mac Icons

mac icons

An icon that is designed in a pale white (grey scale) and very little blue contrast with different sizes.
Download Source

Archigraphs Apples Dock Icons

archigraphs apples

This Candy Shop Dock Icons are for Windows Vista and MacOs X with PNG files included.
Download Source

Apple Icon Superpack

apple icon superpack

Icons with original sizes of 256×256, 128×128, 64×64, and 48×48.
Download Source

Archigraphs Nanos Icons

archigraphs nanos icons

Icons with PNG files and for MacOs X annd Windows Vista.
Download Source

iMac Dock Icons

imac dock icons

Icons based on the newest iMac products in PNG file.
Download Source

Tron for iPhone

tron for iphone

Icon based on TRON for iPhoes.
Download Source

New iPhone Icons

new iphone icons

Icons for your cellphone features.
Download Source

Riddeam for iPhone 4

riddeam for iphone

Ten riddeam icons for iPhone.
Download Source

Deep iPhone Theme

deep iphone theme

An iPhone theme icons.
Download Source



Theme Svelte for iPhone icons.
Download Source

Mac 3d Icons

mac 3d

Another icon package 3D Mac Applications.
Download Source

ChocoMilk iPhone Theme

choco milk iphone

Icons based on CandyMilk theme.
Download Source

CMT iPhone Icons

cmt iphone icons

New icons for your iPhone.
Download Source

Radiance Theme for iPhone


82 icons with jailbroken applications and some AppStore applications.
Download Source

Redux SummerBoard Theme

redux summer board

SummerBoard theme icons for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.
Download Source

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