750+ Ultimate High Quality Free Grunge Brushes and Resources


I got a really nice feedback from my readers when I did the post about 300+ Best of the Best High Quality Abstract Brushes in Photoshop and I’m really thankful for those who like it. A day ago,  someone contacted me and suggest creating another list of brushes and which about grunge brushes. Thank you Jake for your suggestion. Now this is a list of 750+ high quality Grunge brushes for Photoshop waiting for you to download them. It took me 2 days to finish this post just looking for some nice grunge brushes on the web. I hope you’ll find this post worth it.

Check this out and feel free to download them all if you’re really disparate.


(74 Brushes)

Grunge Pack

(68 Brushes)

Old Ephemera

(45 brushes)

50 Grunge

(50 Brushes)

Double Grunge Circle

(52 Brushes)

Zen Grunge Brushes

(30 Brushes)

Grunge-Rust Brushes

(7 Brushes)

Typographic Grunge

(25 Brushes)


(12 Brushes)

Function Brushes

(23 Brushes)


(36 Brushes)


(10 Brushes)

Scratchy Grunge

(29 Brushes)

Grunge 22

(10 Brushes)


(14 Brushes)

Devestate Grunge Splatter

(10 Brushes)

Grungey Lines

(10 Brushes)

Krankhaus decay grunge brushes

(14 Brushes)

Obscur Grunge Brushes

(4 Brushes)

Grunge Abstract Brushes

(9 Brushes)

Cracked Grunge

(7 Brushes)

Grunge X

(15 Brushes)

Dispirited Grunge

(6 Brushes)

Dry Bones II

(14 Brushes)

I Luv Design

(25 Brushes)


(9 Brushes)

Grunge_ish Brush

(15 Brushes)


(7 Brushes)

Striped Grunge Brush

(22 Brushes)

Swirl and Grungey

(13 Brushes)

Grunge Corner Brush

(6 Brushes)

I Luv Design

(27 Brushes)

xdarkshinesx Grunge

(12 Brushes)

–ak Grunge Set

(27 Brushes)


Still not enough?? Check out this Great Brush Resources for Photoshop.





I hope this help:)

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  • PureDezigner

    Some are way better than others, but over all pretty good list, thanks for the post!

  • Thomas

    Great Selection, Thanks for the mention.

  • Jake

    thanks for this large collection. I just Subscribe to your site. Im am just a newbie. keep up this good work.

  • hakim

    May I use it for commercial purposes?

  • Seraphim Collective

    You killed em with this one. Nice post!

  • Christina

    Nice list. Check out this another resource for free photoshop brushes @

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  • Jennifer R

    very great collection, I’ve download them, thanks