30 Useful and Free Chinese-Styled Fonts


Fonts are highly useful resources that allows the designer to create a theme and adds meaning to a design. A font can usually compliment an artwork and adds definition to it… Various font types have been showcased before in accordance to the user’s preference. Today, a new compilation is brought to you as an added bonus to font-lovers out there. This fonts are styled from one of the most amazing culture in the world.

If you are a designer clamoring for uniqueness, this 30 Free Chinese Styled Fonts will surely help you establish such aim… Come and check out this chinese-styled fonts and create designs with the same themes. Move forward to greater and bigger design possbilities… Enjoy!!!

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Free Chinese-Styled Fonts

Chow Fun

chow fun
Download Source

Shanghai Font

shanghai font
Download Source

Karate Font

karate font
Download Source

Technojap Gont

technojap font
Download Source

Cute Line

cute line
Download Source

Hirosh Font

hirosh font
Download Source

Gang of Three

gang of three
Download Source

Takeout Font

takeout font
Download Source

Wonton Font

wonton font
Download Source

Yorstat Font

yorstat font
Download Source

Sheru Pro Font

sheru pro font
Download Source

Manglo Font

manglo font
Download Source

Electro Font

electro font
Download Source

Osaka Sans Font

osaka sans font
Download Source

Manga Font

manga font
Download Source

Made in China

made in china
Download Source

Love Chinese

love chinese
Download Source

Yama Moto

yama moto
Download Source

Nuku Nuku

nuku nuku
Download Source

Chinyen Font

chinyen font
Download Source

Shai Font

shai font
Download Source

Chang Chang

chang chang
Download Source

Tsa Font

tsa font
Download Source

Light Morning Font

light morning font
Download Source

Ninja Line Font

ninja line font
Download Source

Ginko Font

ginko font
Download Source

Deng Thick Font

deng thick font
Download Source

Rufcut Font

rufcut font
Download Source

Seven Monkey Font

seven monkey font
Download Source

Far East Font

far east font
Download Source

  • Boost Inspiration

    nice styled fonts!

  • Rashid Rupani

    Thanks for Sharing Great Fonts…. Very useful stuff…

  • Rick Wolff

    The overall fear is to get overly ching-chong stereotypical, and make the intended reader uncomfortable. The fonts that look like eastern characters trying to look western (Osaka Sans Serif) not only dodge this, but are way more legible than, say, Far East (the sample of which I first read, “Tak East”). As any highly stylized wording, make your use of it REALLY short. Like one or two words. The average length of the name of a Chinese take-out restaurant.

  • WooParadog

    Strictly speaking, many of them are not Chinese style, more like Japanese style.
    like: Technojap Gont,Cute Line,Yorstat Font

  • Est Esign

    Thanks for bringing us these excellent fonts.. thanks for sharing…

  • George Gomez

    Thanks for the post. If I had to pick,Seven Monkey Font is the best ! :P

  • MIke

    These are some really great looking fonts. Definitely can’t complain for free! thanks !

  • Matthew Anderson

    Many Thanks for this post! Can’t wait to start testing them out!!!

  • oliver

    nice free fonts, thanks for sharing :)

  • kevin

    Very nice fonts. Will try these on the next project. Thanks.

  • Paromita

    Very innovative.Enjoyed a lot.

  • KHDR

    they are indeed more japanese not chinese

  • Bebe

    Good font for baner design

  • Clipping Path

    Awesome collection of chinese style font. Thanks for these free resources. :)

  • 2experts

    Great post!! Will be using them in our next designs!

  • Question

    How are these useful?

  • Colddesign

    Great fonts… Thanks!

  • bruce

    these fonts are a joke. if you are using these to appeal to or give off an asian vibe, believe me. you are not only going to offend many asians, but your brand will lose any credibility immediately. this kind of stereotypical ching chong chop suey font just begs to be called racist. use with caution.


    i appreciate this blog post. i have told my buddy dan about this because he loves this sort of info as well!

  • Sumit

    Thanks alot for sharing these amazing fonts, I was searching the whole web for these kinda fonts. Thanks once again. Keep Sharing