Logos is one important thing that every business establishment must not take for granted. These logos bring the company’s identity and its reputation. One look of the logos and the people recognizes the company or any business it represents. With that, it is important to have a logo design that will bring the right message to the people about your company.

Today, we will be showing to you a collection of creative law firm logo designs that you can browse for inspiration and maybe get fresh ideas that you can use for your next design. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

Integrity Tax Relief
tax law firm logo design
This logo is great for companies that offer services about taxes.

Camacho & Pinto Asociados
Camacho law firm logo design
This is one good example of a law firm logo that uses letters as a design.

Odden & Radich Intellectual Property
attorney law firm logo
This is a design that demonstrates professionalism and can be great for a law firm company.

Luxury Lawyer
luxury lawyer logo
A nice logo design with a scale the signifies law and justice; suits well for a law firm.

Equal Partners
A simple yet sophisticated design for a law firm company.

Despacho Jurídico Integral
owl law firm logo
This logo design utilizes an owl and gavel which signifies wisdom and fairness.

lion law firm logo design
A design that shows professionalism and strength.

California Advocates
California advocates law firm logo
A logo design with a column for a law firm.

Império Advocacia
beautiful logo design law firm
This logo design uses a scale in a wood texture which is a good symbol to law firms.

Daniel Brandão Advocacia e Consultoria
consulting law firm logo design
A nice logo design for law firms.

Caldeira Abreu Advogados
letter law firm logo
A nice typography letter design does the trick in this logo.

Bruno Cabral Advogado
brazil law firm logo
A logo design made for a Brazilian law firm.

legal services logo design
A colorful and professional design for companies that offer legal services.

Almadaar Legal Group
legal group logo design
This logo design uses letter A and adds a scale to make it more relatable.

inheritance law firm logo design
A logo design for inheritance law firms.

Gabriel logo law firm
This logo has figure that looks like a scale with the added pen design.

Canadian Legal
Canada legal law firm logo
A mash-up design that utilized the Canadian flag and law columns.

Morgan Vanhagen Lawyers
law consulting firm logo design
This logo was cleverly designed to show both Letters M and V.

The Woods Law Firm
professional law firm logo design
This is a slick design that is great for law firms as it gives a strong professional feel.

Maritime Law
maritime law firm logo design
A maritime-themed logo design with a scale for law and the boats as the scales.

City of law
city law firm logo design
This logo uses a column and adds skyscrapers at the top to illustrate the title itself.

propery lawyers
property law firms logo design
This is a logo design that is good for law firms that offers consulting and other services about properties.

Lawyer Office
minimalist lawyer firm logo
A nice minimalistic logo that is good for lawyers and legal firms.

Yellowstone Law
gavel law firm logo
A yellow-themed logo with a gavel in the middle of the yellow stone.

Hughes & Ferguson Law
elegant law firm logo design
An elegant logo design for attorneys and legal firms.

Creative law firm
lion law firm logo design
This logo design uses a lion as the primary subject and was done in intricate lines.

Legal Property
legal property logo design
Another great logo design for attorneys and law firms that offer services on property consulting.

Doeson and Company
company law firm logo design
This logo shows elegance and a professional-feel with its suit and necktie design.

column law firm logo design
This logo has a luxurious style that is very fit for premium law firms and companies.

Law Stone Column
column legal firm logo design
A beautiful logo design of a stone column that is mostly related to law firms and companies.

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