1. Some beautiful logo designs here. I’m loving the “Paint The City” one and the “Old Drunk” one. Very creative!

  2. Thanks Alec,

    Definitely one to bookmark for inspiration.


  3. very nice collection..i agree paint the city is the cool one.

  4. Some cool and creative logo designs here. thank you for inspiring me.

  5. These are sooo nice. Kinda proves how you don’t need fancy gradients or effects to make your logo look good you just have to think it out. thanks for sharing 😀

  6. Awesome list! It’s very inspiring.

  7. Wow these are really great. I am really loving the “helping hands for pets” one. Its really great.

  8. immer wieder cool was ihr so im netz findet, saubere logos echt gut

  9. Diseños sencillos como deben ser los buenos logos, de verdad muy inspiradores, gracias por ese aporte

  10. This is awesome list logos really inspiring – by looking at logos we can predict the product or respective nature of description about the product.


  11. These logo round ups really frustrate me. They are really nice looking logos and seem inspired but they lack one main thing. Most, if not all of these logos are for make believe companies. (E.g. There are a couple of 925 furniture sites, neither us that logo or indeed anything close a professionally made logo)

    Part of the art of a logo is that it has purpose and purveys that well, it’s a lot easier to think of a cool idea and put a name to it then it is to take a name and meaning and put it into logo form.

    Any chance of a round up that features real world logos?

  12. Great collection, it really gives you an idea of how simple yet complex a logo can be.

  13. Cool list of logo’s.

    Some times we have negative space logo’s for holding purposes (if a site is being reviewed and revamped).

  14. nice collection. it inspires me. nice site you got here 😀

  15. Usually I find these list re-use the same old logos that I’ve seen on other lists but this one actually had some original ones. I really liked “Paint the City” and “fit”.

    I’m hoping one day I’ll find my logo on one of these “negative space logos” lists. 😉

  16. Really nice collection…very inspiring..thanks for sharing

  17. I love negative space logos. Takes a lot of creativity to execute those types of ideas.

  18. i really like the logos here, it shows really good use of negative space. I definitely will use these for inspiration. vectornpixel.com also have a nice collection of logos

  19. Great examples, love the animals one and the yoga australia one, very clever use of negative space.

  20. Really great work.. very creative! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Nice stuff dude!
    Blue Dog logo inspired me much than rest.
    Thanks for publishing.

  22. Wow, thanks for including two of my logos (helping hands for pets & Synergy Equities), but they kind of pale in comparison to some of these I think. I love logos that take advantage of negative space, there is always a cleverness about them in the way they incorporate multiple levels of meaning.

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