Everyone love tutorial videos because it’s more easy to understand than a step by step tutorials. I myself better watch video tutorials than reading a bunch of procedure. I get lazy specially if it’s a long tutorial that almost going to eat lots of my time. Here is a great list of 20 Awesome Photoshop Tutorial Videos You Must Watch. I also include all the tutorials of Donnie because its one of my favorite and its very useful as well as entertaining. So I hope you like it. Oh by the way, You are welcome to leave comment after you watch the videos. Enjoy watching!!!

Distort,Warp and Layer Effect

Covering Your Mistakes

Clone Stamp and Manual Cloning

Paths and Masks

Select Color Range

Filter: Liquify

Patch Tools and Levels

3D Layers


Vanishing Point

Smart Objects

Measurement Log


Removing People

Changing Hair and Eye Color

Photo Retouch

Enhancing Brightness and Contrast

Animating Layers

Using Pen Tool

Vista Style Buttons

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Ronald Bien

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  1. Great tutorials you’ve got here, thanks a lot for sharing them. I liked all of them and would be looking to explore your site more.


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