An artist, whatever genre you are passionate of, would always experience a “Creative Block”. This means that you couldn’t patch up what you are trying to work on or you really couldn’t work ‘coz something inside you doesn’t have the eagerness to work! But the moment requires you to come up with a good project because a client needs it or maybe you just want to make a work of art. So what should you do to stay creative?

Actually, there are many ways to spark creativity. In this article, we will give you a few tips to enlighten your mind and break free from being a thwarted artist.!

1. Find your passion

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Of course, first and foremost, you have to know where you are good at or on what genre you would like to be good at. It may be through writing, photography, drawing, sculpting, lay-outing, and many other ways in which you can show your talents. But the number one thing that you need to consider is this: You need to love it.

2. Read

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If you feel like you have this Creative Block, try reading so you might get some new ideas. It would also be better if you search for background information about what you are interested in working. You can read books or read blogs from the internet which could exercise your brain, motivate you, inspire you and fill you with vital information that may revive your creativity.

3. Practice

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“Practice makes perfect”. To keep that creativity juice flowing, write, design or shoot every day. The more you do it, the more you will love it especially if you are experimenting on things and you can see that you are getting better and better. Practice is the most effective way to sharpen one’s skills.

4. Get opinions from others

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Open your Twitter or Facebook and have a smart exchange of ideas with friends. But of course talking with others personally would be a lot better and enjoyable. Talking and debating are great ways to exercise your mind. You can also brainstorm with these smart people for they could bring out the best thinking out of you!

5. Listen to music

Listen to music
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Why don’t you try playing your favourite song that may inspire you to work on new projects? For sure listening to music will boost up your energy and give you a different aura, thus motivating you to work. Some artists always work while listening to music. Some even sing along with it! Music is not just an energy booster but it is a very effective inspiration lifter!

6. Get out and get some fresh air

Fresh Air
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Instead of staying in your four cornered room, spend time alone in nature to relax and clear your mind. Going for a walk with nature’s breeze might help you think. A new atmosphere and a change of ambience are good for you. You might also want to try a little and gentle exercise that helps to stimulate your brain cells. Let nature inspire you!

7. Do not be afraid to try something new

Try something new
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Every time you make a piece of art, in whatever form it is, do something new. Experiment with new materials, processes and ideas. Try using new tools. For instance, you love painting, instead of using a brush, use your hand or your feet instead! Remember that in creativity there is no limit. If we keep that in mind, we could always work on something original!

8. Spend some time thinking nothing

Think nothing
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This is what we call brain emptying which is another way to relax your mind. It won’t hurt if you spend minutes staring at a blank wall or you go out and sit on a soft grass, just breathe the fresh air and never think of anything that might worry or stress you. Try brain emptying but don’t spend so much time in doing that. You might look like a zombie if you brain empty too much!

9. Allow yourself to make mistakes while working

If u don’t like your output, do not be upset. Who knows, someone else might like it and this will make you like it, too. Remember that each of us view things differently. So do not be afraid to make a mistake. Do not be afraid to fail. Keep your work where you have committed a mistake and consider it as a motivator for you to work better. And always be persistent despite the mistakes you make.

10. Play and have fun

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If you think you are not happy with your outputs, take a break. Play board games or soccer or whatever games you enjoy. Also, try doing something that you would like to do but never had the chance to. Like baking, writing a poem or just anything that you would like to try. This will refresh your mind and helps you regain energy.

11. Keep an open mind

Open Mind
When you are working, be open to suggestions and criticisms. You’ll never know, this might help you improve your work a lot. Do not be upset when others tell you that they do not like your work, that is alright. Do not be offended when they recommend something for your designs. Instead, you should be happy! It means that they care for you and for your work. It is actually another form of encouragement for artists. So, always be open-minded.

12. Enjoy what you are doing

The only secret to a successful work is to have your heart into it and to totally enjoy it. Be cool. Even if you commit mistakes, do not be stubborn, just have fun! You will notice that if you have fun while working, your output is much better! Smile and your work will reflect the happiness from within you.

13. Stay focused

Stay focused
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If you already got the enthusiasm to work with the right ideas you have been looking for, stay focused. You will lose your ideas if you will heed the call of distractions. Some have mastered working despite distractions. They have trained themselves to concentrate on their projects even if the world around them will go wild!

14. Have lots of free time to think

Time to think
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Working too much will cause stress and it is brain draining. So, find time to unwind. If you allot time for thinking, you will find it enjoyable for a lot of new ideas come out. And of course, you should always think beyond what the mind can decipher and what the eyes can see. Think wildly outside the box and you’ll get a much much greater result.

15. Look things at different perspective

When we say you should be flexible, we mean you should be able to work on designs considering various perspectives. Put yourself on the shoes of others. Consider how a teacher, a kid, a businessman or whoever will look at your design. In that way, your project will please- if not everyone, well at least most of them. Another thing, you should be flexible as to the type of tools, materials or processes that your client might want for their designs.

The key to keep yourself within the cosmos of creativity is to make it part of your routine. You might be able to come up with great ideas even while driving your car or brushing your teeth. This way, even if you experience the creative block, it will be easy for you to renew your focus and rejuvenate your creative side. Stay creative!

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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