How to Create a Tasty Web 2.0 Text Logo

The best part of using Adobe Illustrator especially when creating logo design is that all your works are saved in vector files. Which means you can adjust the size of your logo without sacrificing the quality of your design. Today, you will learn how to create a logo design with adobe illustrator.

This tutorial may help you to create a logotype for various kind of food products and concepts: candies, juice, cereals and so on. The sort of type treatment used in this tutorial is ideal to bring to the consumer an incredible need to eat and drink!

Final Preview

Logo Design Tutorial Step

Below are the steps to create a crunchy and nice logo, clean and legible (like the logo above).

Step 1

Start with choosing the right font. For this example, we will use Tartine Script. Have a look on the Pillowy Soft Scripts very useful for this.

Logo Design Tutorial Step

Once your word written, vectorize the text.

Logo Design Tutorial Step

It"s important to have a single form to proceed, so we"ll have to clean the uneeded anchor points.

Step 2

Once selected, press Cmd + Shift + G to ungroup, select the Make Compund Shape in the drop down list. In the Pathfinder, click the button on the left, and then, decompose.

Step 3

It"s time to create the stroke path of the word. We need to duplicate the word and paste it right under the other : Cmd+C , Cmd+B (Paste Under). Then, choose a stroke color, (blue in the image below) and nothing for the fill color.

At this point, we have a first word with a black as the fill color, and right under, a second word with blue as the stroke color.

Logo Design Tutorial Step

Step 4

Increase the size of the stroke until you think it looks awesome. Then click the rounded end and the rounded angle button. Then to the Object menu > Path > Outline Stroke

Step 5

Now choose your colors. Here, let"s imagine a cereal bar with chocolate, okay ?

Logo Design Tutorial Step

Step 6

Details are important, let"s make a first shadow just under the yellow word. Cmd+C > Cmd+B to copy and paste it right under, then with the arrow keys, move the word until you think it"s appropriate for a shadow. We"ll choose a darker color than the chosen brown.

Logo Design Tutorial Step

Step 7

Add a slight grey shadow under the whole word. Copy and paste the brown element under the whole thing, select a light gray and move it in order to make it look like a shadow.

Logo Design Tutorial Step

Step 8

Lastly, add a few crunchy effects! It"s easy, just cut a few pieces of the yellow word, and apply the 3D Extrude and Bevel effects. Careful to select a small extrude depth. Then, it"s done, you have done your first web 2.0 / cereal bar logo!

Logo Design Tutorial Step


Don"t hesitate to try the same with other fonts, and other colors. Add a slice of orange, a few water drops and you"ll get a perfect Orange juice logo, there is an infinite number of choice to get to a cool result, so enjoy!

Download the file HERE.

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