Tips in Designing Effective and Catchy Posters

Printed materials are still used these days despite the wide use of digital materials. This is because not everyone could access technology easily and immediately in a local community. Hence, when there is a need to reach a wider range of audience locally, posters and billboards are used. Up to this day, these are very useful especially in promoting and advertising. That is why, graphic designers will never run out of jobs because businesses would need their service and talent in designing posters and other graphic materials.

But if you are just new in the field and you need some guide in designing a poster, we will try to help you through the tips below. Also, this will help those who aren’t graphic designers but would need to design a poster for whatever purpose they need it. We are certain that with the simplified tips we have for you, you will be able to come up with an effective and catchy poster design. But before we talk about designing, we will first give you the different types of posters and in the end, you will see some samples of well-designed posters for your inspiration.

Types of Posters

Posters are printed papers which are designed to be attached on a wall or in any vertical surface. It contains graphic and textual elements to convey a message and serve a particular purpose. Posters are always eye-catching and informative. They also come in different types.

You can see posters anywhere and everywhere. Taking a walk around your community will introduce you to different types of posters. These posters are being categorized depending on the information it gives.

1. Advertising Posters. From the name itself, these are used for advertising. Products and services are printed on them in order to attract clients and customers. For sure, you are familiar of this type because these are seen in most public places where there are many by passers.

2. Corporate Communications Posters. Posters like this usually come from the government or a company who wants to create a good impression and reputation. It bears the company’s logo and uses images that would portray their polici