Truly Creative Paper Child Art to Inspire your Day


There has always been a phase in our childhood when we enjoy drawing pictures of our favorite characters either in comics or in television… From our doodles to our rough sketches, our drawings have become a great part of our treasured childhood memories. Today, designers have found ways of turning sketches to realistic-like creations through the art of paper child.

Here, in this next post is a compilation of cool paper child design by artists around the web. The collection illustrates the unique ways a mere drawing can be turned into realistic artwork through photography. These anime designs can will surely inspire you to create one… Get a load of this Truly Creative Paper Child Art and be motivated!

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Paper Child Art

Paper Section

paper section

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Latvia Paper Child

latvia paper child

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Nabari Paper

nabari paper

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Paper Crickete

paper cricket

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Italy Paper Child

italy paper child

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UK Paper men

uk paper men

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Paper Manga Art

paper manga art

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Austria Paper

austria paper

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Sweden Paper Child

sweden paper child

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USA Paper Man

usa paper man

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Ukraine Paper Men

ukraine paper men

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Paper Child Infected

paper child infected

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Greece Paper Child

greece paper child

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Paper Kiki

paper kiki

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Paper Axis Chaine

paper axis chain

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Paper and the Keyboard

paper and the keyboard

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Paper More Frames

paper more frames

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Paper Professor

paper professor

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Manga Paper Art

manga paper art

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Paper Belle

paper belle

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Paper Children Ginlzu

paper children ginlzu

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NF Paper Child

nf paper child

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Paper Maroo

paper maroo

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Paper Bernadette

paper bernadette

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Paper Five

paper five

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Children England

Children England

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Child Wander

child wander

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Epicia Paper Child

epicia paper child

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Paper Child Hedgehog

paper child hedgehog

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  • Dainis Graveris

    I really had fun with this fine collection. Nendoroid paper version!

  • osuss

    this was a great collection very artistic and inspired me to do what had left out for years,…… some drawing……

  • Decent Banners

    Very nice collection. I love the face expressions of these cartoons :D

  • AQUAx7


  • Manga

    Most of those are characters from Axis Powers Hetalia!

  • Angad Sodhi

    Really enjoyed this post! These cartoons are so expressive!

  • Advanced

    Awesome stuff, I’d try to create these myself, but I can’t draw to save my life.

  • Mohd Saqib

    very nice paper arts.. like them… thanks for taking sharing the amazing collection.. keep up good work :)

  • gry dla dzieci

    That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

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    Amazing! They are very lovely!!

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    Love it :P

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    Amazing! Awesome! Loving it.

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    Wow. This is super sweet!

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    thats very cute paper art and very creative as well

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    Hey! Thanks for featuring some of my work! <3

  • Cgbaran

    They are greatt:) I should make one for myself

  • prinCess yuRiko

    wow its so wonDerful i like it………:D