25+ Most Creative and Stunning Photo Manipulations


Photoshop is really a best application when it comes on editing images. Specially on manipulating images. All you need is to be creative. For the continuation of photo manipulation madness which started with the last post 30+ Weirdest Animal Photo Manipulations , Here is 25+ Most Creative Photo Manipulations created by some of the best artist in the industry mastered in manipulating images.



























What image do you like the most? Make sure to post your comment below. All comments are appreciated.

  • Danjoe


  • Bariski

    Aww. These look so kewl man. I wish in your next post you come up with tutorials covering how to make such. Superb effort :)

  • Pranav

    Those are some amazing ones! Well done! Nice list!

  • Thomas | Brush King

    Great inspiration, I love the last one.

  • Bites85

    This is just stunning collecton. Love it, thanks for sharing it.

  • michael cerdeiros

    very cool stuff. thanks for sharing!

  • Navdeep

    Very nice ones…

  • http://URL(Optional) nimmi


  • http://http// Martin Schiele

    Thank you. Amazing inspirations

  • harish

    excellent job ,very nice ones

  • Black Zero

    Really hard work…Beautifully done….

  • Ronald Bien

    Glad you like the post guys :) there will still be more cool photo manipulations to come to give you some inspiration:) take care everyone!!!

  • Lucinda – eightyone design

    Fantastic collection! The last one is definitely my fav!

  • stuartflatt

    great list and cool pics :)

  • Rejis

    Nice collections

  • http://URL(Optional) Joel Del Cid

    the last one RULZ my friend… i hope u post some more…

  • Jahangir agha

    Awesome collection :)

  • http://URL(Optional) designewb

    nice collection .

    but some of them are not manipulations , and some of them are 3d , not photoshop .

  • Rishi Luchun

    Impressive pieces of work

  • tintocktap

    Wonderful! I love the lines in the third last one.

  • http://URL(Optional) satish.borkar

    excellent, amazing ….
    what a idea
    Satish Borkar

  • Jonathan Patterson


  • Albert Pak

    These are awesome :)

  • http://URL(Optional) Tinnie

    so impressive and inspirative..

  • hashim

    The 4th starting from the last is simply impressive!

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  • http://URL(Optional) Name gurmit

    Fantastic work

  • http://URL(Optional) Airile, say danke.

    Absolutely superb! I wish I could do things as beautiful as some of these. I have to say, though, that the one with the pregnant woman and the baby was my favorite.

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  • http://URL(Optional) Gareth Evans

    I agree, the pregnant woman and baby is my favourite although they’re all really cool :D

  • Niranjan Ranade

    I most like creative

  • Facedental

    Fantastic. I like tonguebody

  • Ben

    hah love the guys with big too-heavy heads

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  • Jan


    is there any tutorial for this fantastic works?

    thanks !

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  • Martijn

    Those three images of the bald guy with the pasture on his head aren’t manipulations. They’re self portraits by Levi van Veluw who covers himself in various stuff. Check out

  • jeandesignstudio

    great…….. very entertaining…
    amazing works…


    Muy buen artículo

  • sha

    love these.. great collection. thanks

  • siggy

    Great works

  • toni

    excelente imágenes. Felicitaciones

  • Sam

    THE pictures are great.

  • Mas Agus

    Woalah,hebat banget to iki

  • hamdi syahirul

    cool… i like this art in photo editing of human.
    u can be try of me…^_^

  • manoj

    i like each of them!!!!

  • ashish soni

    cool, hot, amazing no words to define



  • Val Dobson

    Wow! Just… wow. I think nos 7 and 20 are my favourites – can’t decide between them.

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  • Hermitbiker

    …. wow, another list of photo-manips but I have seen quite a few of these a lot…. but then there are a lot I don’t remember seeing at all…. so I figure that’s a good thing so I thumbed these up too !! :-)

  • ponaz

    All the pictures are really amazing, amazing!

  • tagan

    I can do this kind of stuff, did people get paid for these pictures?.

    P.S. some were cool, but some were very gross :(

  • amit bharwani

    awosome pictures mindblowing

  • Sanat Kumar

    The person swimming on the road is awsome. It clearly gives a message for taking care of the enviornment.

  • Grant Brookes

    The pictures show some of the real creativity! loved them, they all look so fantastic!

  • designfollow

    These pics are very interesting and funny.very nice pics.