30+ Useful Photoshop Custom Shapes Set

Most of the time I usually showcase more on photoshop brushes here in Naldz Graphics like the last post 22 Free High Quality Doodle Photoshop Brushes Set. Although most designers and photoshop users commonly use brushes, using custom Photoshop shapes can save a lot of time too.

This post is a showcase of 30+ Useful Custom Photoshop Shape Set. These custom shapes are free to use.

2014 Update:

We have added more customs shapes resources for your Photoshop for you to have more choices for your next design projects. Scroll down and check them all out. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick!

50 Photoshop Sun Shapes
sun custom shapes photoshop

Useful Shape

People Silhouettes

Free 45 Custom Shapes

Shapeset 05 Miscellanious

Sea Creatures

Photoshop Custom Shapes Bugs

Live Trees

Custom Shapes Pack v. 1.1

Urban Designs Custom Shapes

Photoshop Shapes: World Map

Photoshop Shapes - Hot babes

Assorted Logos

Code Geass Symbol Set

Surfing Themed Shapes

Kiddy Stuffs

Backflip540 sunburst shapes

Shapeset 07

Photoshop Custom Shapes No-1

50s Custom Shapes Pack

Splat Shapes

Free 45 Custom Shapes

PS-CSH Stars V2.0

Business Girls

Splats N Drips_Custom Shapes

Horse Photoshop Shapes

Custom shapes ornaments
free photoshop custom shapes ornaments

yoga custom shapes photoshop
yoga custom shape photoshop

Nautical Photoshop Custom Shapes
nautical photoshop custom shapes

Free Frame Photoshop Custom Shapes Set
free frame photoshop custom shapes

Photoshop Shapes Pack
free photoshop shapes pack

Fancy Labels Custom Shapes
free labels photoshop custom shapes

Zebra Photoshop custom shapes
free photoshop zebra custom shapes

Vector Shapes
circle photoshop custom shapes

Yazooy Paisley Shapes
free photoshop paisley custom shapes

Free 45 Heart Custom Shapes
free heart photoshop custom shapes

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