A Collection of Free Photoshop Stain Brush Sets


Isn’t it amazing how ordinary things become useful in so many ways? How things we sometimes neglect can become resources for art work?… Take for example a single stone. We may find it ordinary by just glancing at it. However, by looking at it closely, you will notice the amazing texture it has. The fine grains that it contains. Simple yet amazing. Ordinary yet useful for designers out there.

This next post, is actually a compilation of a cool resource that we often encounter and sometimes annoys us most especially if we do the washing. This post on Free Photoshop Stain Brush Sets showcases an ordinary stain that has been turned into photoshop brushes for enhancing a simple design or artwork. Check out the brushes that we have collected and start downloading the resources of your choice… One can never have too many brushes! Enjoy!!!

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Free Stain Photoshop Brushes

Morning Coffee-PS Brush

morning cofee
Download Source

Coffee Stain Brush Set

stain brush
Download Source

Coffee Happens Reloaded

coffee happens
Download Source

17 Coffee Stain Brushes

coffee stains
Download Source

8 Highres Coffee Stain Brushes

coffee stain high
Download Source

Coffee Stains Brush Set

coffee stain set
Download Source

Coffee Stains

coffee stain splash
Download Source

28 Brushes Stain Brushes

tea stain
Download Source

Coffee Stains

coffee stains net
Download Source

Coffee Stains Brush

coffee stains brush art
Download Source

Splatter Stains

splatters stains brush
Download Source

Cup Stain Brushes

cup stain brushes
Download Source

Coffee Stain Brush for PS CS2

stain brush ps cs2
Download Source

Coffee Stains Set

coffee stains brush ps
Download Source

Cup Stains

stains photoshop brushes
Download Source

Coffee Stains

 global stain brush
Download Source


stains art
Download Source

Stains and Scotch Tape

stains and scotch
Download Source

Coffee Stains Brushes

coffee stains brushes ps
Download Source

  • Bommie

    Cool brushes! Keep posting this often!! Thank you !

  • Ebrin Park

    coffee stain brushes look really cool, could be very useful for some designs… thanks!

  • Jovet Baldin

    Well, I love it. I am sure everyone can find something for themselves in the resources provided by naldzgraphics !! :)

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  • Bill Scott

    Ooh, thanks for all the stain Brushes!

  • topcool

    thank you for the resources..

  • Grün Weiss

    cool brushes i will design with this

  • Colddesign

    Very good brush, thanks for sharing..

  • Shafiq Najam

    This post is very helpful for me, thank you so much for sharing quality information.

  • goes

    wow wow wow ilike coffe