Win a 1-year Subscription from BannerSnack

Win a 1-year Subscription from BannerSnack

We have a new treat for you guys. In this giveaway, 3 winners will have a chance to win a 1-year Subscription from BannerSnack. BannerSnack is an online application that allows non-Flash developers to create animated interactive Flash content such as banners, website headers and intros, and even micro sites.

Below is an example of comic strip flash banner. It was animated with
BannerSnack and output as a SWF file. Click to play it.

What do you think about it?

The recent conflict between Apple and Adobe brought into discussion the role (and ultimately the necessity) of Flash. What do you think about Flash content? Will Flash disappear or it will continue to strive along with other technologies such as JavaScript or HTML5?
Leave a comment and tell us what you think about Flash in the comments section and you may win one of the three 1-year BannerSnack licenses. Accepting comments will run until July 7, 2010 and the winners will be chosen randomly on July 8, 2010.

24 Replies to “Win a 1-year Subscription from BannerSnack”

  1. I think it’s very hard when a major company like Apple, which deals with a large percent of the population, refuses to use a technology such as flash.

    No matter what, when a huge drop in websites and programs that accept flash suddenly occurs, the company/program either needs to adapt, or change completely.

    So, I think it’s hard to say at the moment, because while apple still has competition, we may still see flash. What we really need to see is if apple’s competitors follow down the same path and turn away from flash as well.

  2. Right now, flash is in high demand so I don’t think we will see it go away any time soon even with apple speaking out against it. The reality is that as much as many of us love apple products and even with iPhones and iPads, the majority of consumers out there are still using pc’s.

    It’s hard to guess what the future holds, but if apple technology continues to gain popularity or if other companies follow suit we could see flash being forced to phase out, however I do not believe we will see a large shift in the near future.

  3. what!? a competition in two different places.. I see this contest on Hongkiat blog, then may I just copy paste what I said in hongkiat?

    “hey, i love flash based website, even sometime I shout out loud to my firefox because it crash and couldn’t load flash. hell yeah I like flash, because sometime to reach second page I need to wait and see the loading page, its sure are fancy but time is gold.

    well flash certainly make one website look incredibly nice, they also could make reader go away, normal web html/css is kinda lighter and much more user friendly.

    but when my internet as fast as speed racer, flash I LOVE YOU”

    If i win, I win both, haha

  4. With the new coming of Html5 and by combining with Jquery, website has more functions and working better for SEO ranking, faster for the visitors but flash will continue developing because the special effect and interaction of itself which wasn’t archived by javascript.

  5. Flash should be developed more and Apple should accept it, because many great websites use it, but I think the future is not flash, it could be something else with the same functions but more SEO friendly…

  6. I think the Flash vs HTML5 debate is a non-issue. It however is good for web standards. More functionality can be done natively with HTML5, while Flash will be used in specific situations where it will shine.

    Like in Japan where mobile useage is huge, soon North America will follow suit and the decision by apple to have no flash support is a big influence on if it will
    be used or not.

    Flash though will always be king of creating unique interactive interfaces, and immersive websites. And web games too. HTML5 will never touch that! One last thing, Flash can be moved forward quickly if Adobe gets up off their asses. HTML evolves at a snails pace.

  7. I think Flash will always have a place in websites!

  8. I think flash is ok in certain circumstances. Say no to the splash page. Rotating banners are fine. I prefer css/html for most of the site.

  9. I haven’t worked with Flash too much and this would be a great and easy start.

  10. I don’t like flash very much. But the comic above was made in Flash, right? It is super cool!!

  11. childish. But I wahanna flash on teh iPhohone…!! :°(

  12. agreed and impressed. flash banners are great way to say a lot in such a small time and space 😉 .. i do agree that designers cannot do flash banners it takes a lot to design it…

    you people have been of great help to my colloquies. thanks

  13. Flash always cool and awesome even you use it in bad way.

    Thanks for giveaway.

  14. flash? ooo i like that superheroe XD

    that’s my opinion


  15. I think people fail to realize that annoying ads can also be done on HTML5/Jquery. I personally think flash has a place in the web. HTML5 is a good start but is not ready yet to replace flash 100%.

  16. I agree that the future is in HTML5 and javascript, but that will be the future. According the, 7.1% of all internet users are still using IE 6. I think flash will continue to have a strong designer base, but as HTML5 compatibility increases it will definitely grow stronger.

    Unless Adobe can make some real leaps and bounds in speed and optimization of flash players, I think HTML5 might overtake it in the long run just because of the ability to optimize browsers and minimize bandwidth usage with HTML5.

  17. Flash has its place, however when it comes to making money online it takes a backseat

  18. I think HTML 5 is the way to go, but I also love a giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. adobe’s wrong bet in 1996 and the consequences now
    but I think FLASH WILL SURVIVE!

  20. Flash is always developing which is a healthy thing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. flash wont last much longer, nor do you see it around much right now due to the ability that html5 and js have to offer!