Naldz Graphics Fresh New Look with the help of SnobbySlice

Naldz Graphics Fresh New Look with the help of SnobbySlice

New Naldz Graphics fresh look is out at last. There is still some stitches on the new design but much better than before.  I just love stitches. LOL. Redesigning the site  was already on the plan since before. My plan was if Naldz Graphics  reach to 2,000 readers im gonna upgrade the site. Now that I reached that amount of readers I’m happy that I made it in just a short period of time and so yeah here it is.

Although new design is running just in case you found some errors on the site please report it by contacting me HERE . We’re still making final adjustments and adding more features on the coming days. I hope you like the new design.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

First of all I just wanna say thanks to all my readers for the overwhelming support. Thanks to SnobbySlice for helping me do the coding and Thanks to WPWebHost for keeping Naldz Graphics alive 24/7. . You Guys always made my day. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you.

Guest Writer’s are Welcomed

Naldz Graphics is now open for a Guest Writers. Articles will be related on design or anything that could inspire and help the design community. So if you think you have a good ideas to share to the readers, feel free to Contact Me.

My Great Sponsors

I also would like to say thanks to my sponsors for the trust and support.

Web Designer Depot
Snobby Slice
Pixel Crayons

Thanks a lot. Check them out.

Naldz Graphics Plans

I’m planning to have at least 2 Giveaways in every Month on the 1st and 15th day. I’m also planning to have a huge Contest in the future. Hopefully we can find more Sponsors for the giveaways. And as always, More and more Tutorials, Freebies, Inspirations and Interesting Articles will be serve in the coming days. To get the latest updates, make sure to Subscribe Now!


9 Replies to “Naldz Graphics Fresh New Look with the help of SnobbySlice”

  1. How about a turning this into a networking hub. Add a free message boards to allow each of us to speak to one another and ask questions about things. I know me being a student would really find that helpful to speak to others to bounce ideas off of. I plan on doing this on my site as well, but I need 1988 more people before a upgrade is warranted:)

  2. I just wanted to thank you real quick for all of the awesome cool things you put up. The freebies.. The tutorials.. How well you keep up with your site.. Just everything.

  3. Hey Ronald. Great work on the new theme. It is looking good on my browser! Finally the alignment issues are solved =D


  4. Dude, i like this design. And i am newbie to this field. I have my own site. And i use a free template. I want my site looks different,cant buy/pay this much. If iam using wordpress,what language should i know to design my site. Help me in this

  5. Congrats Ronald!

    Glad you already changed the theme. and thanks for making me see it before first.

    Will help you find bugs! 🙂