Naldz Graphics 1st Anniversary Giveaways: Winner Announced

Naldz Graphics 1st Anniversary Giveaways: Winner Announced

Hello readers. We would like to extend our gratitude for your overwhelming response to our anniversary contest. As promised, 17 prizes will be given away to our very lucky winners. 5 Winners of Free Business Cards (1000 pieces each) from Uprinting, 3 winners of Free 1-Year Membership on ElegantThemesPremium themes, 2 winners of a standalone version of Flash CMS which includes a sample website from FlashMoto, 3 winners of Premium Theme of their choice from VivaThemes, 1 winner of an 8 hours psd-html conversion service from RapidxHTML, and 3 winners to win a VIP accounts for 1 month each from Grafpedia. As we go to an end to this contest, I would like to thank the 171 participants who took part in our celebration. In these 171 participants, we chose the lucky 17 readers who will get the said prizes. Always be on the lookout for more great contests and awesome design posts only here at Naldz Graphics.

Congratulations and enjoy your prizes.



• Brian Glanz

• Dora Crow

• Rivka Dieho

• Shurandy Thode

• Laura

Elegant Themes


• Aysseline

• Rommel Miraflores

• marzsman



• Josh Hemsley

• Jason B



• Voras

• shiyon

• Tom Walters



• Nikki Jeske



• Sara R

• Kim Plasters

• Ursula

All winners will receive an email shortly…

Once again, I would like to thank everyone from my readers to sponsors for the support. I’m sure we still have more exciting years to come and expect more and more quality articles and giveaways as we go along. Also we’re encouraging everyone to Subscribe our Feeds or Follow Me on twitter to get the latest updates. That’s it for now. Happy Valentines Everyone!!!

8 Replies to “Naldz Graphics 1st Anniversary Giveaways: Winner Announced”

  1. really cool prizes. too bad didnt got one. oh well better luck next time. congratulations to the winners. cheers!

  2. I am so glad you had a great response. You’ve come along way this past year. Congratulations!

    And, CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!


  3. Winners, take our congratulations! We hope you are happy with the prizes!

  4. Thank you so much Naldz Graphics AND Grafpedia! I’m super excited to use my new VIP membership!

    So glad you’ve had such wonderful success this past year, and I wish you much, much more!

  5. Yaay!!!

    Thx a lot Naldz Graphics and Elegant Themes.
    I wish you another great year.

  6. Hey there – thanks a lot for a great giveaway! Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my name up there in the list :).

  7. Wow thank you! Happy Anniversary and thanks for putting on such an awesome giveaway. 😀

  8. Thank you Ronald, I just discovered today that I’m a winner and yes I’m very happy!
    Thanks to all congratulations here and happy next year:)