5 Replies to “Cullogo: A place for Logo Design Competition”

  1. Many website for graphic/logo competition. But, this is new on me . I mut try!


  2. Thank you for your support. We hope to see more designers and advertiser on Cullogo.com . Our community is growing very fast!

  3. Wow, this cool. Thanks for sharing. I would encourage anyone who sees this to check out the small business competition my nonprofit is doing, where the prize for winners is being featured in Inc. Magazine this summer. Click on my name for info. I mention this because I think there’s synergy between the audience for your design competition and Inc.’s content (they profile quite a few, small boutique design houses) and the graphic arts companies that are already applying for our competition.

    I’ll try to spread the word about this. Thanks again.

  4. We are running a special offer! Start a contest at $50 and we will credit you back $25 to your paypal account. So you only pay $25!

    This special offer is only for the first 2 client. Contact us for more information.