Announcement: Winners of 1 Month Subscription from TextureVault

Announcement: Winners of 1 Month Subscription from TextureVault

It is now time to announce the winners of 1 month subscription from TextureVault. As promise, we will choose 4 winners via random generator and will have a chance to download 25 high resolution textures of their choice. But before we end up this giveaway, I would like to thank TextureVault for making this contest possible. Try to visit them sometimes guys, maybe you’ll find what you need in there. And also I would like to thank those 80 participants who have joined. You guys rock!!!. And now, the moment everyone’s waiting for, the WINNERS!!!…

texture vault


1. Mário Santos
2. Martin Schmidler
3. Harry Ford
4. Jeprie

Congratulations!!! Winners will receive an email shortly.. Watch out for the next wednesday giveaway later on=) ..

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10 Replies to “Announcement: Winners of 1 Month Subscription from TextureVault”

  1. Congratulations guys. To claim your prize, sign up for a free account at and send me a mail.

  2. Np prob Jeprie. You should thank TextureVault team too. :)Congrats again…

  3. Wow!! I’ve won 😉
    Thanks Ronald, and for the prize!

    Some of those textures have already some targets in my personal and professional projects! 😉

    Thnaks again!

  4. Thanks a lot guys I was having a right rubbish day/week and this has cheered me right up! Look forward to getting in and exploring.

    Thanks to Ronald and Bjorgvin

  5. Congrats to all the winners, INCLUDING the OTHER Mario, lol. TextureVault, we really appreciate not only this, but also the other freebies you have given away in the past. Thank you. Cheers!