6,000 Business Cards Giveaway from uPrinting: Winners Announced

6,000 Business Cards Giveaway from uPrinting: Winners Announced

The decision has once again been made and so at this moment accepting entries is officially over. Of the 151 contestants, 12 participants was chosen to win a free business cards in courtesy of uPrinting. Before we announce our winners, we would like to extend our gratitude to uPrinting for this awesome giveaway and of course to our loyal readers who’s been with us most of the time. All winners were randomly chosen by a random generator and here they are:

Free Business Card Winners

1. Ryan O. Hicks
2. Rich Smith
3. Craig Huffstetler
4. Brad Strickland
5. Andrew Josuweit
6. Ian Patrick Buss
7. Tyson Junkers
8. Darlene Motley
9. Tom Walters
10. Dan P.
11. Dave Matthews
12. George


All winners will receive an email shortly…

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26 Replies to “6,000 Business Cards Giveaway from uPrinting: Winners Announced”

  1. Congrats to the winners! Post an image of your cards. 🙂



  3. Awesome! Thanks so much to NALDZ GRAPHICS & UPRINTING!! I already happened to have a few cards made (but was very very low on stock) so here’s an image of how they look: http://bit.ly/bk08oD

    Thanks again!!

  4. Thanks very much Naldz Graphics! I never win anything, and now I’ll be able to get some high quality business cards and hopefully increase business!

    Thanks so much again!

  5. WOW I am thrilled. I was so shocked and happy when I woke up this morning and opened my email to find I had won. This is just the best. I need business cards for my business so bad it isn’t funny. This is wonderful and I must thank all involved for making this possible. Thank you NALDZ GRAPHICS & UPRINTING I very much appreciate this honor of being a winner. Maybe this is my 15 minutes of fame??? LOL

  6. Thank you so much!!! This so started my week out perfect. Now of course I feel inspired to do a new design!!

    Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Is anyone still waiting on processing from uPrinting? I received a “Congratulations” tweet mention from them on Twitter, but still no email concerning the 6,000 business cards. Any idea as to how I can claim those? Thanks.

  8. Hello and I’m still awaiting word from Uprinting as well. Haven’t heard from them. I did email Ronald here of NALDZ GRAPHICS and he assured me they would get in contact with the winners. I think we just need to be a little patient I’m sure Uprinting is very busy. They seem like a popular place to get business printing done. I’m sure they will contact us soon … I HOPE!

  9. @ Rich Smith – Iv contacted them earlier. They will email all the winners later today 🙂 thanks for the patience.

    Congrats Again!!!! =)

  10. They sent me an email, but it says that I only won 500 business cards. I haven’t claimed it yet. Do you think that maybe there’s some kind of mix up?


  11. Hi Rich, Dave here … We all only won 500 business cards. The giveaway was for 6000 business cards and there are 12 winners. So 6000 divided by 12 is 500. So each contestant that won receives 500 business cards. Hope this eases your mind.


  12. Update…I did receive the email from Uprinting on how to order my free business cards. So now I’m going to check it all out. I’m looking very forward to this. So it is all legit to all us winners we will receive our cards.

  13. Dave, thanks very much for that clarification. I received my email also. Going to claim them today!

  14. Ok so I’ve checked out the Uprinting place to get our free business cards and we have to design them ourselves. We don’t get to use their templates. Like I know much about designing a business card. So now I have to find a business card template suitable for my business that is free. The template has to be in PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, EPS, Indesign or Publisher format. Ok so like I know what any of this means LOL Can anyone help???? I am in the lawn care business and need my business card to reflect that. Anyone know where I can get a free business card template in one of the above mentioned formats that I can customize myself and upload to Uprinting????

  15. Rick or anyone else,

    Anyone up for some freelance business card design work?

    (Rick: nice design).

    Feel free to contact me.



  16. Rich … you’re more then welcome, I’m glad I could help. I’ve been researching the net to try and find some decent free business card templates to use to make my business card but I can’t find a business card template to use. Anyone have any links to where I can find a free business card template to customize in the formats mentioned in my prior post??? Thanks to anyone who can help.


  17. Well I’ve been painstakingly trying to design my own business cards for the 500 free business cards I won. I’ve downloaded 3 free business card makers and none of them give me the option of displaying information on the back of the card. I’ve been searching the internet for free templates but the templates are limited and don’t give me the look i’d like for my lawn care business. But I’m still plugging away at it and hopefully will have my new business card design soon.

    How are the rest of you winners doing????? Please update us I’d like to know if I’m the only dummy trying to design my business cards with very limited know how LOL

  18. Mine are already being shipped to me. My design’s been finished for quite some time, so I just signed up on UPrinting, uploaded my designs, checked out via the shopping cart, and that was that.

    By default, they use the free 5-7 day shipping. I’m from NJ, and they’re shipping from Los Angeles, so it’s going to take some time, as you can imagine.


    If you have Photoshop or InDesign, you can find a million short tutorials online (for the beginner) on how to design a business card for print – including crop marks and bleed. Feel free to email me if you need a hand, or if you prefer that I just design them for you, we could negotiate a price if you’re interested.


  19. Rich…thanks for the offer to design for me I appreciate it, although I figured out I could make a business card in a program I already have on my computer. I designed my business card in Microsoft Picture It program that I have on my computer. It was relatively easy and I actually am very impressed at what I was able to design. Looks great! I’ve sent my business card design off to the UPrinting people so my business cards should be on their way soon. Thanks again Rich!