300+ Active Web Designers to Follow on Twitter

300+ Active Web Designers to Follow on Twitter

Twitter are very much popular now a days. More and more People are getting fun of using it including myself. But do you know what Twitter is?maybe you’ll ask What is Twitter? What does it Do?

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (also known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. You can Tweets your Updates on your blog(if your a Blogger) or just simply Tweets what your are doing from now and then.

Now you know a little background if what is Twitter. Now who do you need to follow?If your a designer or more belong to the Design Community then obviously most people who you want to follow are your fellow designers. Then your on the right place. On the list below are 300+ Active Web Designers to Follow on Twitter.These are the most inspiring people and worth to follow.Make sure to follow them all. I would also like to make a shameless self promotion=) follow @naldzgraphics on twitter.

Here they are.
1 @mayhemstudios Calvin Lee of mayhem studios

2 @imjustcreative – Graham Smith of Im Just Creative

3 @adellecharles – Adelle Charles of Fuel Your Creativity

4 @chrisspoonerChris Spooner of Spoon Graphics

5 @nourayehia – Noura Yehia of Noupe

6 @fudgegraphics – Franz Jeitz of Fudge Graphics

7 @myinkblog – Andrew Houle of My Ink Blog

8 @designshard – Max Stanworth of Design Shard

9 @andysowards – Andy Sowards of Andy Sowards

10 @crazyleaf Alex Ionescu of Crazy Leaf Design

11 @psdfan – Tom Ross of PSDfan

12 @styletimeRoger Byrne

13 @smashingmag Vitaly Friedman of Smashing Magazine

14 @bittboxJay Hilgert of Bittbox

15 @jggubeJacob Gube of Six Revisions

16 @DesignerDepotWalter Apai of Web Designer Depot

17 @webdesignledger – Henry Jones of Web Design Ledger

18 @Qbrushes Abdullah of Q brushes

19 @3drockz Navdeep Raj of Deziner Folio

20 @theleggettDavid Leggett of Tutorial 9

21 @WoorkAntonio Lupetti of Woork

22 @jaswindervirdee – of Jaswindervirdee

23 @alexlinebrink Alex Linebrink of Unstoppable Studios

24 @aravindajithAravind Ajith of The Design Super Hero

25 @EliteByDesignBrian Elite By Design

26 @DesignNerdBlog – Nikki

27 @10steps– Johnson of 10 Steps

306 @creattica

28 @stevensnell – Steven Snell of Vandelay Design

29 @justcreative Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design

30 @ColorburnedGrant Friedman of Colorburned

31 @ifohdesigns – of Ifoh Designs

32 @collis – Collis

33 @seanHodge – Sean Hodge of Air Burn

34 @DannyNosleeves – Danny Outlaw

35 @abduzeedoFabio Sasso of Abduzeedo

36 @vpieters Veerle Pieters of Veerle.Duoh

37 @snookca – of Snook

38 @studiorhoad Chris Rhoad of Studio Hoad

39 @holmanZach Holman of Zach Holman

40 @problogdesignMichael Martin of Pro Blog Design

41 @mjnewhamMartin Newham of Martin.Newham

42 @chriscoyierChris Coyier of CSS-Tricks

43 @liammckay – Liam Mckay of WeFunction

44 @darkmotionPasquale D’Silva of Dark Motion

45 @jeff_finley – Jeff Finley of Go MediaZine

46 @ilovetypography – of I Love Typography

47 @danrubinDan Rubin of Super Fluous Life

48 @mydesignstudio – of Delicious Design Studio

49 @chriswallaceChris Wallace of Chris-Wallace

50 @dani Dani McDaniel of Anidan Design

51 @SmashingApps – of Smashing Apps

52 @simplebitsDan Cederholm of Simple Bits

301 @PSDtuts – of PSDtuts

302 @Vectortuts– of Vectortuts

303 @Nettuts

53 @conradkdesign – of Conradk Design

54 @kailoonKailoon of Kailoon

55 @corkingdesignDaniel Cork of Corking Design

56 @cssglobeAlen Grakalic of CSS Globe

571 @elliotjaystocks Elliot Jay Stocks of Elliot Jay Stocks

59 @nebrowNiki Brown of Niki Brown

60 @jophillipsJon Phillips of Spyre Studios

61 @ArbentingAngie Bowen of Arbent

62 @IncSpring Wes Wilson of Inc Spring

63 @vectorss – of Vectorss

64 @youthedesigner – of You The Designer

65 @fswfeed – of Freelance Switch

66 @Garcya

67 @davidairey – David Airey of David Airey

68 @redwall_hpMatt Harzewski of Web Master- Source

69 @cameronmollCameron Moll of Cameron Moll

70 @zeldman Jeffrey Zeldman of Zeldman

71 @jeresigJohn Resig of Ejohn

73 @blogdesignblogVinh Le of Blog Design Blog

74 @jkottkeJason Kottke of Kottke

75 @VAEOUMatt of Spoonfed Design

76 @WhiplashDesign Christian Messer of Whiplash Design

77 @phiredesignPhire Design of Phire Design

78 @sharebrainThomas Ulbricht of Share Brain

79 @jeremyjaymesJeremy Jaymes of Paper Tree Design

80 @chadengleChad Engle

81 @sthursbyStuart Thursby of Sthursby

82 @ChrisHebertChris Hebert of Web Dazzling

83 @tsiger – of Web Tool Kit

84 @smartiscool – of The Design Nerd. Tubler

85 @ThinkDesign – of Think Deign Blog

86 @penflare – of Pen Flare

87 @arronlockArron Lock of Arron Lock

89 @6bdesignKristina Gogel of 6bdesign

88 @andrewmaierAndrew Maier of Designer Andrew

90 @craigfarrallCraig Farrall

91 @joshhemsley Josh Hemsley

92 @vectips – of Vectips

93 @mdurwinMichael Durwin of Madurwin

94 @mlaneMike Lane of Mlane

95 @twodayslate

96 @graphicidentity – Audee of Graphic Identity

97 @DDrDarkJonatan of Midtone Design

98 @meganstricklandMegan Strickland of Megan Strickland

99 @nate_lawson – Nate Lawson of The Photog Formula

100 @tomlovesyouTom NuรŸbaum of Tom Loves You

101 @Additive Andrew Taylor of Additive Designs

102 @emilychangEmily Chang of Emily Chang

103 @featherDerek Featherstone of Box of Chocolates

104 @AndyDesjardinsAndy Desjardins

105 @EverydayJM – James of EverydayJM

106 @tonychesterTony Chester of Onwired

107 @davidlinkDavid Link of Upside Studio

108 @gracesmith Grace Smith of Post Script 5

109 @niphal Andrew Beeston of Brown Box

111 @tommsinclairTom Sinclair of Hello Im Tom

112 @HuddyDesignSarah Hudson of Huddy Design

113 @thetylerhayes Tyler Hayes of Tshayes

114 @ms Mike Smith of Blog the Me Machine

115 @aaroni268Aaron Irizarry of This is Aarons Life

116 @Meroko Meroko Senpai

117 @JoelDrapperJoel Drapper of Joel Drapper

118 @seaneill – Sean Neill of Sean Neill

119 @stevie489 – Stevie

120 @imagdymagazine

121 @DrewDouglass Drew Douglass of Dev-Tips

122 @crbarnettChris Barnett

123 @inf0rmerBruno Abrantes of Bruno Abrantes

124 @NeeartNora AbdulRhman

125 @XemionJames Paden of Xemion

126 @webb_art – Webb Art of Tutsearch

127 @aleklisefski Alek Lisefski of Blue Sheep Studios

128 @michaelcastillaRodrigo Soares of Wp Candy

129 @odi01Rodrigo Soares of Once Made

130 @jwphillipsJohn Phillips

131 @blogdesignerMike Smith of Blog the Me Machine

132 @siahdesignJosiah Jost of Siah Design

133 @nyssabdesignNyssa of Nyssab Design

134 @FreelanceFolder – of Freelance Folder

135 @aburianoNicholi of Falith

136 @stevethegreatSteve Mc. of Steve the Great

137 @lawrencejobLawrence Job

138 @esquaredaEric E. Anderson of Esquareda

139 @r27Rajesh Pancholi of r27

140 @cmdshiftdesign Liz Andrade of cmdshiftdesign

141 @deluzioneMark Poppen of Mark Poppen

142 @svenhenson Curtis Henson of Curtis Henson

143 @fliawebdesign – of Flia Web Design

144 @yyoyomaAryo Sayogha of Yyoyoma

145 @codie1991Codie Westphall of Exige Design

146 @merttolMert TOL

148 @cupcakeandBrooke

147 @ericwindhamEric Windham

149 @Jacen_XhanJacen Nicely of Falith

150 @kelter

151 @chrisjhillChristopher Hill of Chris J Hill

152 @GirlinYourShirtJenaรฉ of Girl in Your Shirt

153 @mollydotcomMolly E. Holzschlag of Molly

154 @zoz Arjan Terol of Zetozet

155 @spyrosSpyros Papaspyropoulos of Papas

304 @jonimuellerJoni Mueller of Joniverse

305 @jonic – Jonic of 100yen

156 @redbonsaiJoshua J Wright of Joshua J Wright

157 @TinaShangTina Shang of Eokqh

158 @webtech – of Zmogo

159 @buildinternet – of Build Internet

161 @amandafazaniAmanda Fazani of bloggerbuster

162 @obox David Perel of From the Couch

163 @joehowarddesign – Joe Howard of Joe Howard Design

164 @sunabozu Andrey Shuster

165 @alisejohnsonAlise Johnson of Gatorworks

166 @emilwisch Emil Wisch of Fuel Your Creativity

167 @thegraphicmacJim Dempsey of The Graphic Mac

168 @webdesignfanboy

169 @limeshot – of Limeshot

171 @Adam_WagnerAdam Wagner

170 @dot_design – of Dot Design

172 @vintomVin D Thomas of Vintom

173 @gcoghillGeorge Coghill of Coghill Cartooning

174 @yurafYura Filimonov of Improve the Web

175 @micek

176 @BCollective – of Brain Child Collective

177 @masugaRyan Masuga of Masuga Design

178 @stormsyPatricia Storms of Storms

179 @robotjohnny John Martz of Robot Johnny

180 @luclatulippe – Luc Latulippe of Luclatulippe

181 @Drawn – of Drawn

182 @leemunroe Lee Munroe of leemunroe

183 @traceygr Tracey Grady of Tracey Grady

184 @lewiskingLewis King of Lewis King

185 @ChristianWatson Christian Watson of Smileycat

186 @vectorart – of Vector-Art

187 @clagnut Richard Rutter of clagnut

188 @paddydonnellyPaddy Donnelly of IamPaddy

189 @DesignfeedrYouri of DesignFeedr

190 @keylimecreative – of Keylimecreative

191 @bleikamp Ben Bleikamp of bleikamp

192 @compoundjJohn McSwain of Realor Imagined

193 @lwcavallucciLori W. Cavallucci of Catenation

194 @ezaykiel ezaykiel

195 @SeraphimChris Chris Taylor

196 @mike9rMike Rundle Flyosity

197 @randaclay – of Randaclay

198 @jtnorrisJon Norris of Onwired

199 @adesignapart Warwick Kay of Ireckon

200 @andyjacobsonAndy Jacobson of Andy Jacobson

201 @vladgeorgescuVlad Georgescu of vladgeorgescu

202 @adactioJeremy Keith of Adactio

203 @jasonwalz – Jason Walz of Jwalz

204 @spencerfry Spencerfry of spencerfry

206 @danbenjaminDan Benjamin of Hive Logic

207 @dezignMusings Sonali V. of dezignMusings

208 @ryancarsonRyan Carson of Carsonified

209 @zacheosZach of Zachgraeve

210 @pearsonified – of Pearsonified

211 @iheartdzgnChris King of Red Crwon Studio

212 @tkadlecTim Kadlec of Timkadlec

213 @dustinbrewerDustin Brewer of Dustin Brewer

214 @nicholaspattenNicholas Patten of Nicholas Patten

215 @orderedlist Steve Smith of Ordered List

216 @939designMikelet of 939 Design

217 @iamlucLuc Melgar of Octwelve

218 @elmofromokElmo of Elmofromok

219 @creativeworld – Leon People

220 @alexdesignsAlex Harris of Alex Designs

221 @symbioticsCristhian of Indiviso Studio

222 @adii Adii of Adii

223 @schmutzie – of Schmutzie

224 @ancaAnca Mosoiu of Anca

225 @jcroft Jeff Croft of Jeff Croft

226 @tonychesterTony Chester of Onwired

227 @superdeluxeMilos Radovic of Super Deluxe

228 @jbrotherlove

229 @josueJosue Salazar of Madeicr

230 @kileykarrissa – Kiley Crosby

231 @iandstewartIan Stewart of The Me Shaper

232 @factoryjoeMr Messina of Factory Joe

233 @lukestevens Luke Stevens

234 @bryanpearsonBryan Pearson of Bryan Pearson

235 @randymathesonRandy Matheson of Randy Matheson

236 @thecatat7 – of Designers Who Blog

237 @JimCallenderJim Callender of Callendercreates

238 @bartelmeWolfgang Bartelme of Bartelme

239 @imajin2102 – Yorkali Walters of Theimajination

240 @Lukevdp – Luke

250 @coudalJim Coudal of Coudal

242 @tdhedengren – of Tdhedengren

243 @maxvoltarTim Van Damme of Tim Van Damme

244 @marlaerwinMarla Erwin of Marla Erwin

245 @AtiKuSDesignMichael Wilson of City of Angels

246 @eoghanmccabe Eoghan McCabe of Contrast

247 @adamqureshiAdam Qureshi of Qureshimedia

248 @_Hame_ – Hamish Lancaster of Lucid Motion

249 @nhc1987Michael Nguyen of The Melib

251 @sergio_soaresSรฉrgio Soares

253 @webdesigntuts – of Web Design Tuts

252 @stillframe Brad of Stillframe

254 @iKitty – Kitty of Design Back Slash

255 @daydreamgfx – Chris of daydreamgfx

256 @marniebMarnie B

257 @robbarrettRob Barrett of rob-barrett

258 @aralAral Balkan 0f Aral Balkan

260 @mitchellmckennaMitchell McKenna of Mitchmckenna

261 @jasonloucksJason Loucks

262 @andyrutledge Andy Rutledge of Andy Rutledge

263 @artistech – of Anm Studios

264 @davegreinerDave Greiner of Campaignmonitor

265 @luke314pi – of Minimatefactory

267 @bencrowder Ben Crowder of Ben Crowder

268 @barberbell Michelle Barber

266 @HicksdesignHickensian of Hicksdesign

269 @andybudd Andy Budd of Andy Budd

270 @iamkhayyamKhayyam Wakil of iamkhayyam

271 @jessid33 – Jessica Grace of Pensivegrace

272 @zachschneiderZach Schneider of Zach Schneider

273 @lauradesignLaura Dantonio

274 @mdrisser

275 @dazjonesDarren Jones

276 @tedoe – of Todoe

278 @twofivethreetwoJames Fleeting

279 @designmemeStuart Robertson of designmeme

280 @Brad_StricklandBrad Strickland of Brad Strickland

281 @vellkan Igor Chudy

282 @greghoyboy – Greg Hoy

283 @alemsah- Alemsah Ozturk of Antifit

284 @MandyBee Mandy Bonilla of MandyBee

285 @PCFirestormSteven Trullinger of PCFirestorm

286 @designbydayRachel Day of studentinvestor

287 @MicheleGeeMichele Gilhouse of techlizard

288 @jwJosh Williams of alamofire

289 @andreaAndrea of interllectual

290 @carywoodCarolyn Wood of pixelingo

291 @mrwarrenBrian Warren of begoodnotbad

292 @creativejuiceMark Bixby of Mark Bixby

293 @philwheat Phil Wheat

294 @basilecomPhilip John Basile of websitedeveloper

295 @mrrichardsonMatt Richardson of mydynamicmedia

296 @AaronBoyntonAaron Boynton of Aaron Boynton

297 @OnDemandDesign

298 @psostre – of sostreassoc

299 @andrewkellyAndrew Kelly of pristinepixels

300 @Vorda_Vaksu – Vorda Vakลกu of dsdizajn

I hope this list Helps you find the right poeple to follow. Are you Not in the list? Feel free to add your self on the Comment Section ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Great list, I’m sure I have a good number of these on my follow list but I know I’m missing even more!
    Have to go through the list when I get some free time, could take a while ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Great list– some of these you have listed are my favorite tweeters. I’m going to keep working at it… some day, maybe I’ll make one of these design lists too!

  3. @AthenaEmuly

    Yes Sweety=)ops sorry=(honestly i forgot some who was on the list before.am i bad?my apology

  4. A great list indeed. It is sure going to take some time to follow every one of them.

    My twitter is @jessevlasveld for the ones interested in following.

  5. Nald! Thanks for the mention! I appreciate it very much, I love everyone on this list anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good people ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keep up the good work!

  6. Cool list, some interesting names there, thanks for this.


  7. Just realize you are active once again ๐Ÿ˜€
    Welcome back bro! And thanks for the mention too.


  8. Its ok Ronald. Great to see a new list here. Following the majority of people here but also got some new tweeps to follow. Thanks for the list!

  9. Thanks a lot guys=)

    Johnson Koh

    yes Bro,i came back just a days ago=)So hows the Newly Wed?:)hehe

    thanks sweety=)

  10. Woop i was on the first list and second, Ronald you gave me soo many new followers last time maybe i’ll beat the 300 mark this time! And I follow almost everyone on the already and they are ALL AWESOME. Thanks again for the shout out buddy ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. This list looks very comprehensive. Not only broad, but deep. Kinda surprised to have seen myself on the list. ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks for the mention!

  12. Great list! I definitely need to follow more people from this list. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for mentioning me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Hey I made it on to a list. Cool. lol Great list thank you. I am already following many of these great people but will definitely be adding to my list today.
    Thanks again.

  14. so wish i was on the list! follow alot of ppl on there but i guess i got alot more to follow!

  15. This is one of the best roundups I’ve ever seen. I’ll probably add all of these people as I’ve been looking for more designers to follow. Great post Ronald, consider it Stumbled and RTed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Nice list here mate, and cheers for adding me, I will slowly be looking through some of these.

  17. Great List!
    Thanks for the include… Glad to se the site up and rockin again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Aaron I

  18. Super list!

    I’m a web designer as well.

    Jesse Luna at JP Luna Web Design
    @jesseluna on Twitter

  19. Great list, gona have to follow a few more I think. Appreciate the mention!

  20. Oh wow! great list! Thanks so much! And I have to say it was *really* humbling to discover some of these guys were already following me and I didn’t reciprocate! I had no idea I would be so interesting. (I’ve fixed that now!)

  21. Welcome Back!

    Thanks for including me on the list again! ๐Ÿ™‚
    You sure compiled the list fast.

    – Cal

  22. wow, quite a list! I will give some of these folks a look.
    I, too, am a designer on Twitter, though I don’t talk design all that much.. @budesigns

  23. Hmmm. Wondering why I am not on the list. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great list anyways!

  24. Thanks for the list! Was able to pick up some key ones I was missing.

    Adding myself:

    I’m a front-end developer and information architecture junkie in New York City.

    I like to tweet about CSS, Fireworks, Browser Bugs, and funny things on the internet =)

  25. What an awesome list, thanks for including me! I have several new folks to follow now ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Great list.

    I haven’t been on Twitter long, but now a solid user!
    I’m a Graphic Designer from the UK…Hello!

  27. Great list. Lots of familiar faces on it.

    I guess I can attribute several of my new followers to this list as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Hey, thanks for including me! I’ll even forgive the typo (mdurwin, not Madurwin, she’s my mother!).
    Twitter has been great in developing relationships with other designers, partners, even customers. I’d love to see you all there and connect with you. Don’t be upset if I don’t Follow you back right away, I like to read through your stuff first, there is alot of Twitter spam going on!


  29. Wow! I’m am honored and humbled to find myself on this list. Thank you for the mention. I’ll definetly be checking out many many of the others as well.

    Thanks for putting this together.

  30. Thanks for the mention (again!). I couldn’t figure out where the big number of followers had come from today till i asked on twitter.

    Much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Maybe it’s because I am still a student, graduating end of June – but I am a very active Twitter user posting links on Web, Design, Inspiration, UX and Tutorials everyday!

  32. Great list and resource for connecting with designers.

    We’re also a group of designers with a strong Twitter following. Feel free to add us to the next version of the list:


  33. thank you so much for including me hope to give my followers the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. I don’t put anything useful, but if you want to point and laugh at someone, I’m that person.

  35. Great list, thanks for posting. I’m still pretty new to Twitter, but do see a lot of familiar faces on the list.

  36. Great list! I’m sure I’m following a whole bunch of them already, but it’s fun to see who’s out there!

  37. Great list! Half of these twitterers I already follow regularly so I guess I’m on the right path.

  38. hey naldz, great list, great work you did. Today i have a big increase on my twitter thanks to you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep it good

  39. Wholey whack this is useful! Well done on the collection, I don’t think I could have every built a post like this!!!

    I will be following quite a few peeps on this beast of a list.

    Thanks for the mention.

    David Perel (@obox)

  40. Great list. Found some new creatives to follow. Thanks for the mention, have been getting new followers left and right.


  41. Hi, thanks for including me – excellent list, I’m off to follow a few ppl now ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Hi,

    useful post, i going to see that people, surely are very interesting ๐Ÿ˜€


  43. Hey, thanks for compiling the list, it’s a good selection. I made it in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Never stops learning. Going to learn a lot this year from these gals and guys. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. I feel like I have arrived at the cool table..Thanks for adding me to the list!

  46. Whoa! I just got around to respectfully check this out while I’m relaxing. This is an incredible list of talent, and I honestly didn’t think that I would be on it. Thanks so much for the love!

  47. Thanks for including me… its great to be included in this list of impressive creative folks – considering the nonsense that makes up 95% of my tweets… cheers


  48. Thanks for the add (I was wondering why the flurry). Btw – I’m also ‘of’ no-spec.com…

  49. Great list! Thanks so much. Would love all freelancers & entrepreneurs to follow me at http://www.twitter.com/blellow
    Launching a social network end of Feb where we can all help each other out & get work. See us at SxSWi!

  50. Good list, but it’d be useful to know the skillset next to the twitter instead of going through all 300 ๐Ÿ™‚

    Going to learn a lot this year from these gals and guys here and on twitter.
    Great list and thanks for the include. Several new folks to follow now ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Thanks for the list. Surprising how many of these I already had, but glad to see such a large community of designers on Twitter.

    I would love to become part of the conversation, so please add me: http://www.twitter.com/jvanhorsen

  53. Thanks for including me! It’s awesome to be among this list of so many rocking ppl!

  54. Ronaldz! Thank you ~ thank you…. arigato ~ Salamat ๐Ÿ˜› for the second round include! and looks like I’m going to meet new fellows and ladies on Twitter.

  55. Wow, what a list! I’m only just now getting into using Twitter, and this is already proving helpful, plus there are many folks and websites that I had no idea were using Twitter. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. Gutted I’m not on the list (lol – I didn’t expect to be)

    Feel free to follow me though @darylsws

  57. Wow! It would take some time to put together a list like this one! Luckily, now I don’t have to try…. : )

    I’m a web designer, who is also on Twitter, if anybody doesn’t have enough to follow already:

    @carolehayes Carole of His and Hers Creative

  58. Wow – amazing list! Already following those that are really friendly ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    Keep up the good work!

  59. Awesome list, thanks much for including me! I feel like I work in the same office with a lot of these people but there are definitely some new faces I am going to have to get to know.

    Thanks Again!

  60. Sweet list, just knew I’d be on it. Well, please add me.


    I specialize in WordPress.


  61. Great list! Lots of amazing people on Twitter. I’m following some of them already and I’ll be following a few more shortly.

    Feel free to follow me as well . . .


    I’m a writer and graphic designer

  62. Thank you so much for including me and hooray again for your site being back up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Very nice list. It must have taken you a while to find and put all of these together.

    Would also love to be added here.



  64. Me too I like to be here also as WordPress Designer ๐Ÿ˜€

  65. That’s a mighty big list you have!

    @snoebiz – Interactive and application design

  66. Great list (as she wips a tear away that she did not make the list) I will have to check out some these folks – well done and a lot of work ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Wow! I just found out about this list today ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I’m on it. Thanks for including me!!

    Big phat honking list of goodness!

  68. Hey! great list. Gotta go through these, there’s a lot of familiar faces, but some not so much – means I’m missing out on something!

    Thanks again man,

    catch you on twitter,


  69. Hey! Great job on the aggregation!

    I’d like to be on the list, I’m a web designer: @jeromegn


  70. @Aizlewood – and the list grows on. Shame I couldn’t be on the original, but that’s some seriously seasoned competition!


  71. Wow, Lovely List. I’m already following most of them, but still usfull list.


  72. Phew!

    Thanks for putting this extensive list together Ronald – has taken me a while, but have managed to sort through all the people and hopefully have made some new friends/contacts along the way.



  73. Feel free to add me on Twitter, I am working as a web designer for the Army, but always love networking with others!


  74. Hey There-
    I’ve been designing and developing web sites, high-end presentations and other screen-based marketing tools for 15 years.

    Please feel free to connect with me through twitter.

  75. Wow, I am floored! HUGE list of great people. Some familiar faces but far from everyone. Dang! I have to start adding!

    Great work! Really great work!

  76. Great list! In case anyone is interested you can find me on twitter at


    I run a small web design firm in Maine.

  77. nice list, definitely going to be following a bunch of new people.


  78. Man…. the other day, I was looking for more options on the twitter’s find people link.

    Thanks for this article i found few of the ppl i should have been following quite early.


  79. Would be great to discuss problems and various brainstorming ideas with other designers.


  80. Great list.

    I just started blogging and twitter all toguetr and its fun. mayrbe someday ill be part of this list.

  81. Thanks very much for creating this list. Its helped me to get some great tweets and its also great to see so many designers from around the world sharing there knowledge. Here’s my account should anybody be interested in what I find, or what I have to say. Thanks again.


  82. We are starting to run an active twitter account @PegProductions with web design tips and advice coming soon!

  83. Great list! *watches list of people i’m following balloon significantly*


  84. Wow, massive list. I’ll play along…

    Senior Designer at iStockphoto.com


  85. I see some fellow dev’s from Critical Mass are already here ๐Ÿ™‚

    Senior Web Developer, Critical Mass

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  104. Young aussie designer based in Queensland on Australia’s East Coast. Graphic print and web. New studio Royal Design

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    A new twitter account to follow is http://twitter.com/nospec

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