Cullogo: A place for Logo Design Competition

More often than not, as a designer, we are not given the right opportunity to build ourselves a name and be successful in our chosen field. Recently, it came to my attention that there are indeed several organizations that are looking for competent designers but are unable to do so for lack of sources. I was able to come across a website that offers such a program. It's Cullogo. Let me tell you about them…

About Cullogo

Cullogo is an interactive page in the web where a company can launch their design project such as logos, t-shirts, web page and many more. From here, designers can create their designs based on the company’s specifications and requirements. There will be no limits for your entry to every contest. You can create a design as many as you like. There are 2 main parties in Cullogo: The Advertiser and the Designers. The advertisers are the company or organizations- also known as clients- who establish the contests. They will serve as the judge in all the designs submitted by the designers and are given the option to post comments on the entries. The designers are, of course, the contestants who will post and submit their entries to Cullogo, awaiting the evaluation from the advertisers.

Promos and Programs

With Cullogo, the fee for every contest launched is lower than the usual fees offered by other sites. The minimum price to launch a contest starts with $100. Each contest will run for full 14 days and designers will submit their designs within that period. This is to ensure that every contest is given the appropriate exposure needed to advertise the contest and get as much entry as possible. The advertiser can choose to end the contest earlier if they wish to award the winner prior to the 14-day period. Listing fees to launch a contest in Cullogo is not applicable; hence, only 10% handling fee applies. Winning designers will be paid 2 weeks after the contest ends. The advertisers will choose the method for payment and will have the liberty to set the price for the winning entry. Private contests launched by the Advertiser are allowed, and will be blocked by search engines. Only the users who are logged in can view the said contest and will have the option to whether they would like to join or not. A blinking star on the projects that are listed to emphasize the on-going contest. Information, such as date when contest started, date that it will end, the number of entries submitted and the prize for the winner are included in every post.

The Man Behind Cullogo and Features

Cullogo is run by Faisal Anwar,  a 20 year old internet marketer. He has been successful with his online business, In products and website flipping and other small projects. Cullogo was recently established this year and is aiming to provide excellent designs from budding artists all over the world. Designers are given the chance to build their own portfolios in Cullogo for professional growth. With its site’s three easy steps: Post. Watch. Decide, convenience on the clients’ part is optimized, giving them free reign over the outcome of the project. For more updates on their new projects, you can follow them on Twitter

Final Verdict

If you want to start your career as a designer or improve your design capabilities, you can join Cullogo’s group of designers to improve your skills, Earn and explore your career possibilities. Also, as an advertiser, you will be assured that your contests are prioritized and will be given the needed attention to draw as many entries and design suggestions as possible.

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