Winners of 1 Year Membership from UltimateDesignerToolkit


We have come again to our announcement of winners for the last week’s giveaway brought to us by UltimateDesignerToolkit. For over 181 participants, 5 had been chosen randomly using a random generator. If you haven’t checked our last week’s giveaway sponsor, feel free to visit them and see what they got for you. They offer over 55,000+ design items for designers in an annual purchase for a reasonable price.

I would like to thank UltimateDesignerToolkit for being kind enough and to our 181 participants for joining.

The winners for the 1 Year Membership are:


1. Shelley
2. Sohan Surag
3. Gaylea Langlitz
4. Chuck Lasker
5. Steve Webster

Congratulations!!! Winners will receive an email shortly.. Watch out for a new  “Wednesday Giveaway” later on=) ..

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  • Emilio Mees


  • einars.e.c.

    Congratulations for winners :)

  • Gaylea Langlitz

    OMG!!! Thank You! I never win anything! This is so meant to be. I just Love you guys. Thanks Ronald Bien and Naldz Graphics!!!!

    • Ronald Bien

      LOL. meant to be :D. Congrats and no prob :) you should thank UltimateDesignerToolkit too.hehe

  • Chuck Lasker

    Thanks! I’m excited! I can’t wait to start pulling down some of the awesome things on the site.

    • Ronald Bien

      Congrats :D

  • Sohan Surag

    Thanks alot!

    • Ronald Bien

      np :) Congrats Sohan.