Viva Themes: Premium WordPress Theme Giveaway


Looking for premium wordpress theme for you new business or blog? You may want to try your luck on this new giveaway before you purchase one. In this new giveaway, 5 lucky readers here at Naldz Graphics will win a Premium WordPress Theme from Viva Themes . This will run for a week and announcing of winners will be on April 30, 2010 using a online random generator.

viva themes

Viva Themes is an online based service that creates high quality and professionally designed wordpress themes. They offer themes for business, blog or personal sites. All of that comes with their excellent free support. To check out their package, Visit Here.

How to Win?

See the list of themes HERE. Leave a Comment telling us what premium wordpress theme do you like to win.

• All comments will be accepted until April 29, 2010 .

• Make sure to leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

5 Winners will be chose randomly on a random generator.

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  • Chris

    I would like to win “Impulsive”.

  • Blair

    I’m a fan of the Nautilius theme.

  • Ritam Das

    I will like to win Impulsive theme to use in my blog. Hope the dreams come true! Thanks for offer the giveaway.

  • Zoran Juric

    Smashin’! :)

  • Carlos Chen

    MMM… I would say republica.

  • Val Dobson

    Its a difficult choice. But I like things to be clean and simple, so Space Color wins for me.

  • Pur Sang

    They all have some things I like.
    But my preference goes to : Delirium !


  • Reactive

    I’ll go for the revival theme

  • Mike Magan

    pick me!

  • Trudesign

    Hey, beautiful themes, I would like to win “Republica”

  • exi

    I like Impulsive theme.

  • Sebastien

    I like the styled one ! I wish i’ll win… continue your good job…!

  • Angel Rodriguez

    Styled theme is the one ^^ cheers

  • Ivan Pergasi

    Beautiful Work for Light Touch Theme
    the Outbound color is connected to the dark red girl hair.
    The girl photo is beautiful it remember me the euphores oracle dancing girl of the movie 300.

  • JC

    My bet for ‘Pantheon’.

  • Jeremy A

    They all look so good! Picking just one would be akin to picking your favorite child. I’m going with Pantheon.

  • Tyson Junkers

    I would love to have Space Color!!!

  • Arren

    Definitely Nautilius theme, I have been searching for this sleek theme for my photography gallery…

  • (voythas)

    I like ‘Styled’ most! :D

  • Zine Creative

    I would like to have Nautilius Theme!

  • Dodie

    Nautilius looks just lovely!

  • Jose Sandoval

    My favorite one it’s the Republica theme. Because of the colors.

  • bharat khiani

    i like the prospectum theme…i really think it is more generic and can be used in a lot of different scenarios…its really great. Would love to win ;)

    thanks for giving us an opportunity :)

  • Demitra

    Hi- Nice themes! Couldnt decide between Styled and Space and Color but i think its gonna be Styled! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Paul W. Swansen

    They all look nice, and yet none of them jump out and speak to me. Thanks for sharing though.

  • stageshotz

    I’ve got a couple new sites and need some new templates.
    These are perfect.

  • Angad Sodhi

    I loved the Revival theme coz somewhere I just love blue and orange!

  • Greg

    Space and Color stood out for me.

  • mary

    tough choice… i’ll pick Raptor

  • Oridusartic

    I should try my luck on Prospectum theme. :D

  • skykid

    Republica has a nice design. And impulsive is cool for its simplicity – but yea my favorite is Republica!

  • Joseph Allgren

    I think I have to go with Spectral.

  • kelly

    I would like the Nautilius theme for my blog. Thanks.

  • Rahul Joshi

    I like the following two themes:
    1. Space-Color: I was looking for updating my website with a minimal theme and this looks perfect.
    2. Raptor Services: My friend just made a mobile application and we were planning a micro-site for it. This looks gr8!

  • rad

    Space Color :)

  • Sajs

    I could use Universidad theme. :)

  • Vladimir

    republica :)

  • Tohir Solomons

    I’ll go for Universidad

  • Voras

    I’m in! Totally my favorite: Unsaid Words. Thanks :)

  • Shane (@shanedesignUK) Smith

    It’s between Nautilius, Styled and Revival for me… but for what I actually need I think my choice would have to be Nautilius.

  • Dooley


  • Rachel

    I would love Styled! It’d be perfect for me to customise to create a layout for a new idea I have :)

  • adone

    I like “Raptor Theme”.

  • Juanita

    I would love to win Space Color.

  • Valentin

    I like the Styled theme

  • Jonathan Walters

    I’m all about Nautilius.

  • YauZ

    All themes are so impressive :)
    but I like this one most >> Lively Hood

  • Bertalan Hais

    My favourit is Styled. I’d like to win that one. :)

  • Eelco

    I like the Republica theme!

  • Pawe?

    I like Universidad

  • Mihla

    Hard to settle on one, but I’ll pick Universidad because of the versatility.

  • Cook

    impulsive theme is really cool…

  • monicqa

    I love Republica theme!

  • kilinkis


  • Lucas

    I would like to win Republica :D

  • Maviwik7

    I loved Styled Theme! Very nice!

  • Hector Hurtado

    Wow, some of the themes are really amazing. After a difficult choice, I hope to win Delirium!

    Good luck to all :)

  • Keerthiteja

    I’ll pick “Unsaid Words”.
    Liked sidebar, slideshow n footer.

    I’d like to win “Unsaid Words” Theme.

    n thanx “naldzgraphics” for Themes Giveaway.

  • anishell

    Nautilius for me!

  • LisaT

    I’m partial to Space+Color because it is so clean. Perfect for a portfolio based site

  • Apple

    I would love to win Lively Hood. Thanks anyway!

  • Dexter

    Nautilius would be fine

  • Caziuc Stefan

    I love Space Color theme. It’s awsome.

  • Roland

    Great post. I choose “Republica”.

  • Ian Bates

    Great giveaway! I’d like to win the ‘Republica’ theme. Good luck, and thanks for the opportunity!

  • Vivek

    I would say Unsaid Words

  • Diane


  • iJonesy

    My love goes out to the nautilius theme. I love the slideshow built in.

  • YuiSO

    I love Lively Hood theme !!

  • Romeo

    Hi and thanks for this giveaway.

    I would like the template: Lively Hood

  • Stelian

    I like a lot the “Universidad” theme, hope i’ll win it :)

  • Mile

    Unsaid Words

  • Jessica McKelden

    I’m all about the Nautilius Theme. GORGEOUS! It’s so smooth and beautiful! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • Jeprie

    Lively Hood. That’s awesome. Simple and elegant.

  • Jocki

    If I win, then i would like the Delirium template

  • Phil

    Very nice themes! And I love Space+Color – give it to me! :o)

  • Ted Thompson

    Nautilius is a winner for me!

  • Phil

    I’d like to win Space Color

  • Narga

    I’ll pick “Light Touch” theme, thanks

  • Andy Montoya

    April 28th, 2010

    Is today a luck day?

  • Flora

    I’d like to win ‘Light Touch’, very attractive.

  • Tony

    Spectral theme, please?

  • David


  • phil

    nice themes. l’image for me. tnx

  • Zoran Juric

    Any would do… :)

  • Sat Chen

    I want this one l-image. Thanks!