Premium Brushes,Icons and Vector Packs Giveaways from Artbox7: Winner Announced


It’s time to announce the winners on our last week’s giveaway where 1 of our lucky winner will win 10 packs of mix premium vectors, brushes and icons of his/her choice and 20 readers will get 1 Pack each of icon, brush or vector of their choice. But before we end up, I would like to thanks Artbox7 for the free offer and give my readers a chance to have some Premium Brushes, Icons and Vector Packs. Try to check them out guys if you have spare time to browse some of their premium packs. There were 76 participants for this giveaway and the 21 lucky winners are.


Winner of 10 Premium Packs
1. Crazyhunk

Winners of 1 Premium Pack of their choice
1. Mathew Ballard
2. Iniwoo
3. Tomas
4. Denis
5. Danny
6. WEBBOgrafico
7. Web Design Adelaide
8. Stacy
9. Holly
10. djapong
11. didoy
12. Romeo
13. Omar
14. Robbert
15. Bronwyn
16. Jorge
17. Pieter
18. barbarabaker
19. diegoplus
20. Charlotte

Congratulations to all the winners!!!. Prizes will be sent via email shortly.

That’s it for this week guys. For the unlucky once on this giveaway, no need to lose hope. More and more giveaways to come so make sure to watch out for it or Subscribe to our Feed for more updates.

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  • Crazyhunk

    u really must be kidding me….. I just came by and … WOW!!!!

    thanx for these … Ronald

    I feel like I am on the top of the world… hehehe

  • Omar

    nice!! i had forgotten all about this lol

  • Ahmed

    Cong for all winners

  • sriganesh

    congrats Crazyhunk, Luck person !!!,
    others who didnt get this time, better luck next time(me too) lol

  • Web Design Adelaide

    Awesome. Great to see I won a prize. Thanks heaps

  • Su Hall

    Congrats, everyone! I won one last time. It is nice, isn’t it?

  • WEBBOgrafico

    I’m one of the winners… thanks to naldtz and artbox7 for the giveaway

  • djapong

    wow. i won! marami pong salamat

  • Travis

    Yeah, Congrats everyone. I’m jealous those vector packs look particularly juicy!

  • Jonathan Walters

    I can’t believe that even with such good odds I still didn’t win!?! lol Anyway, congrats to the winners!

  • Romeo

    WoooW I WIN!!!

    Can’t believe that, THANKS for this oppurtunity..

    Now waiting to receive the Package through email :)

    Cheerz and congrats to all other winners

  • didoy

    Its great! I won 1 pack^^
    How can I avail it?
    I did not receive any e-mails yet.

  • Robbert

    Hey I won one of the vector packs! Just received the message. Thanks guys!

  • Denis

    I won!:) Thank you very much! As I said, very nice graphics!

  • Jorge

    Wow I never win anything, but now i do :) Thanks to Naldz Graphics great site great resources!! and Artbox7!! I’m loving them.

  • Bronwyn

    I just saw my email and Wahooo I won a vector pack. A big thank you to Naldz Graphics and Artbox7. I love vectors and I am so looking forward to using these. This was a lovely surprise :-))

  • inked54

    Congrats – I’ll keep trying

  • Iniwoo

    Was a nice surprise. Thank you ;)

  • Charlotte

    Wow, thanks! ^_^
    I wasn’t expecting to win though. Since there were a lot of participants.