MediaMilitia: Win a Custom Painted Hard Drive + Tons of Photoshop Resources


Hello everyone! Its time for another giveaway. If you remember a month ago, Media Militia released a Free High Quality Hot Air Balloon Pack exclusively for Naldz Graphics readers. Now they’re back again to give some cool stuffs. Naldz Graphics and Media Militia is giving away a Custom Painted Hard Drive + Tons of Photoshop Resources.


What are the Prizes?

Grand Prize: 1 Winner will receive a 80GB Maxtor USB Powered Hard drive custom painted by Media Militia. Includes all of Media Militia’s Vector Packs, Photoshop Projects and unreleased material. (Estimated Value: $650USD)

Consolation Prizes: 10 Winners will receive one Vector/Image Pack or Photoshop Project of their choice from Media Militia’s website.

How to Win

* Comment here to enter. Please indicate which Pack or Photoshop Project you would like from
Follow @MediaMilitia and @naldzgraphics on Twitter
Optional: Tweet this message

* Comments will be accepted until June 29, 2009 and Winners will be announce on June 30, 2009.

* Make sure to leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

* All 11 Winners will be chose randomly on a random generator.

Best of luck to everyone. Feel free to Subscribe to RSS Feed or Email to get the Latest Updates on Giveaways, Tutorials and More Resources.

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  • Bariski

    yeah :D
    I know I wont win this time also but I will try dying :D (first prize ever won online) lol

    Thanks though.

  • http://URL(Optional) jim leszczynski

    Give Me Summer. Woot!

    twitter jimleszczynski0

  • Steve Robillard

    Wow I would never have guessed that was a hard drive. sure breaks out of the beige/black box mentality.

  • Angie Bowen

    Wow, 1st prize here is absolutely amazing! Crossing my fingers!

    If I won one of the runner up prizes I would get the Smoke pack.

  • http://URL(Optional) AtlastDave

    It is great when good people get together and give back to the community. Thanks for the good lookin’ out.

  • http://URL(Optional) AGALU2

    Sweet. I like the “MIllion Dollar Deals”

    Twitter AGALU2

  • Mars

    not this one is real interesting, give me that HD

  • http://URL(Optional) patty

    me wants to win!

  • http://URL(Optional) Premier Ent.Group

    Great site. Found you on Twitter. Love the buildings pack! Great work man!

  • Tye ~ DurbinDigital

    I too found you on Twitter… An RT of an RT…

    Extra HD space is always welcome!

    I am interested in the Liquid Inks!

    Following and RT’d :)

  • Sketch-Addict


    common stop joking.,its nOt a HD. Its just a plastic biscuit,.,common give it to me!! ;)

    If it is, then it truely deserves me.. Ok let it come here to me… :D

  • Filipe Matos

    The media pack “Watercolors” is my favourite.
    Thanks to @Arbenting for todays useful hint on twitter ;-)

  • http://URL(Optional) Mantonio

    I could use the extra space, and with it being custom painted it has a nice touch to it.

    I like the liquid ink pack if i am runner up.

  • rad

    liquid inks would be great fingers crossed :)cheers

  • http://URL(Optional) Digitel

    give me the win!

  • http://URL(Optional) WhACKO

    I’d love to win first prize, but I’d settle for the Liquid Links pack!

  • http://URL(Optional) twice

    I’d love to win the Liquid Links pack and I’d be ecstatic to win the hard drive!


  • Flauwy

    Very special 1st prize. I do like the smoke motive from Media Militia.

    Best regards,

  • Pablo Lara

    I would like Line Art.

    Thank you.

  • http://URL(Optional) Nerina

    Grand Prize is looking pretty great!!

    I’ll share this with my Twitter & FB people….

    Thanks for posting!

  • Rebecca Calvert

    Desperate to win! Really nice hard drive.

    Would appreciate Smoke Pack also, thanks for all the great tutorials,

    Kind regards,

  • Alexandra Jau

    I would like too win the hardrive ofcourse, and the “line art”.

  • http://URL(Optional) Joe Rozsa

    That HD looks like some kind of crazy candy. It sure would look good sitting next to my MacBook Pro.

    Line are is good for me too!

  • Aaron

    i’d love to have that liquid inks pack! :)

    i’ll tweet this too.

    Great prizes! hope i win

  • Elena

    That hard drive is so cool. You can always use more space!

  • Tedi

    What an awesome promo! Thanks for this!

    This would be very helpful with my business! My vector pack of choice would be the liquid ink.

    Good luck everyone.

  • John Rudzinski

    The Liquid Inks looks good. And a coffee, please. :)

  • Adam

    Give me “liquid ink” baby ! ;)

    The HD looks pretty acid like ;)

  • Htoo Tay Zar

    WOW!! It’s eyecandy harddrive. I’ve entered.

  • http://URL(Optional) torka

    hahaha I’m agree with Joe Rozsa, that’s a really amazing hd :D

    I love that Watercolors brushes pack ;)

    Crossing my fingers right now…

  • http://URL(Optional) Mujawar Shoaib


    I want the HDD.


  • http://URL(Optional) Dr. Eglet

    Unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed!

    The “Liquid Ink” pack would be very nice!

  • Luke314pi

    Great contest! I would definitely choose the line art pack. :)

  • http://URL(Optional) Kelicia

    It looks like candy… And the watercolor set is lovely!

  • Colleen Wall

    The Watercolor pack looks amazing!
    I would like a fancy painted hard drive :)

  • http://URL(Optional) bebopdesigner

    Goody gumdrops! I’m in.

  • m.sriganesh

    i like to choose from ink or smoke, from this anyone.
    -i followed all your steps.
    -animhutRT: @naldzgraphics Win a Custom Painted Hard Drive with Tons of Photoshop Resources from @MediaMilitia
    let me wait to see who are winners. all the best for everyone.(may i get a number inbetween,1-10 lol)

  • Neal Jansons

    Nice HDD. Following and tweeting.

    Consolation prize choice: Buildings pack…gotta be responsible and go for work, too, not just pretty, pretty :P

  • http://URL(Optional) Jeremy A

    the HD is better than bread with the crust cut off (amiright?)

    the liquid ink pack blows my mind!

  • Rommel Miraflores

    HELLLLLOOOOO… Well well well… A sweet choice of prizes here…. If I can’t win the grand prize, I’d love to get my hands on the Spray and Drips set…

    [Crossing fingers and toes]

  • http://URL(Optional) connor

    um, vector pack, but whatevers

  • g3niuz

    niiiiiice contest again …
    i would like to win the watercolor pack- looks really intresting …

    the plate would be nice for some backups, reallllllly smooooth..

    already following

    greets from germany

  • http://URL(Optional) angemy

    Wow this is a great prize selection and would be helpful for so many people!

    The Liquid Ink pack is amazing

    You guys are awesome

  • Nathan Swan

    Gee an external Hard drive would be nice. Twould be nice if it were filled with the Metal pack from MediaMilitia

  • http://URL(Optional) Niki

    Cool looking hard drive! Buildings packs looks good too.

  • Jack G

    I’d love the hardrive, I could use the extra space, and portability.

    The liquid pack is awesome too.

  • Angel Rodriguez

    yhea great great , hope to win this time ^^ i really like the Stencils vectors pack , thx

  • Namearthet

    Cheers!Liquid Ink for me!
    80GB Hard drive custom of course!

  • valk

    I like Liquid Ink pack…

  • http://URL(Optional) pixelmap

    good stuff guys and gals. one can always use more storage space

  • Mr Vock

    that’s exactly what i need in this moments!!

  • http://URL(Optional) FussRock

    The Grand Prizes would be lovely!!!
    Liquid ink pack is nice and I really like the Watercolor pack also.
    I’d take them all they all are insanely Great!

  • http://URL(Optional) Maria

    If I were to choose, I would pick “Liquid Ink.”

  • Darlene

    Wow, I could really use this prize!! I’d take the “Expect” Project!

  • http://URL(Optional) Ang

    I’d like to win the building pack!!!

  • Jan

    Count me in!

    I like the Liquid Ink pack :)

  • http://URL(Optional) Simon

    great prizes! i’d definitely have the Buildings pack.

    tweeted and following both of you!

  • http://URL(Optional) Ruby

    I want to win that hard drive, its so unique!

  • http://URL(Optional) Cletus

    would love the HD, or take any prize drips and sprays

  • http://URL(Optional) Ansley B

    Never have entered here – my first time trying! Lovely giveaway.

    Would love the Swank project.

    Nice prizes for sure.

  • http://URL(Optional) Jenevieve Broomall

    I love the prizes, just started following you guys here. The buildings pack is interesting to me.

  • Jonathan Walters

    It’s another great contest! Glad I can even participate for a chance!!

  • http://URL(Optional) Inked54

    I love the ideas you come up with and this is one of the best…. I’ll be waiting for your e-mail on the 30th

  • flummoxy

    Buildings pack sounds perfect for my craving for those night scene of skyscrapers.

  • Margaret-Suzanne

    Ou! Ou! I love the watercolors!

  • http://URL(Optional) Keisha

    I have never seen a blog with as much information at no cost, not to mention the numerous give away contests, and freebies almost everyday! Thank you very much for hooking up the rest of us. I believe it is a very selfless act and for this I thank you!

    Smoke pack please if not the 1st place prize! (naturally!)

  • Kriselle Laran

    ooh – I like Fresh!

  • e11world

    I really need some HD space right now hehe.. Thanks for the contest. I like Liquid Ink a lot.

  • http://URL(Optional) Nauman Shaikh

    Wow!! Man the hard Drive looks amazing..and the Smoke Pack’s awesome..Hoping to Win them.

  • Allahverdi Suleymanov

    I love this type of contests…

    I want it!!! :D HD would be useful for me…

  • Logan

    The hard drive looks amazing, I really like the paint job. I like the arrows pack. I hope I win.

  • T-Law

    I would love to win. I am interested in the Buildings pack!

    Following and RT’d :)

  • gabriel yanagihara

    Hard drives are PERFECT for giveaways.

    also liquid ink set would be epic!

  • Andrey Shuster

    Buildings pack should be nice.
    Thank you. Retweeted as usual.

  • deskofken

    Come on randomizer.

    Liquid inks if ishould be so blessed.

  • Tony Crockford

    woo! More cowbell.

  • http://URL(Optional) Kobi

    Yes ! that hrdDrive looks awesome.

    The Liquid Ink as well…


  • http://URL(Optional) Mihla

    Really hard to choose, but I’ll pick the Bricks & Concrete. Of course, I’d love the whole enchilada on a cool hard drive, but I never win anything.

  • Mhaddy

    Liquid Inks would be fabulous, thanks!

    Twitter @mhaddy

  • thaisie

    Would like to win the harddrive.. And otherwise I would like to receive the Brushstrokes pack..

    hope to win..

  • http://URL(Optional) peter yde jensen

    count me in, great hard drive and the Brushstrokes pack

  • http://URL(Optional) Nerina

    My Birthday is on the 4th of July and the HD would be a great Birthday gift for me. :)

    Thanks for posting!

  • Ammon

    Very cool giveaway. I haven’t won anything in a while and I’m feeling lucky!

  • http://URL(Optional) Scudder5000

    liquid ink looks wicked sweet.

  • Kawsar Ali

    Whoa.. cool giveway ..don’t hurt to try

  • http://URL(Optional) pete the male man

    watercolors is a great one!
    i wanna wanna wanna it

  • http://URL(Optional) Serg

    Its really?
    But miracles happen only when you believe in them!
    I believe, that I shall win (even pack “Buildings”). Thanks for hope! :-)

  • Billar

    Drips and Spray Paint seems perfect to my works.

    I want it all…
    I want it all…
    I want it all…
    And I want it now! :D

  • AnaMartelo

    The pack “Watercolors” is my favourite.

    Thank You !

  • Reese

    That would be awesome to win! I would choose the brushstrokes. Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Rich Winslow

    Thanks for the great contest. If I was a runner up, I would love the “Smoke” package.


  • http://URL(Optional) Garret C B.

    I think I could find some good uses for Liquid Ink. Picking just one pack is a bit difficult though so just go ahead and send me them all if you don’t mind. Thanks!

  • http://URL(Optional) William Ortiz

    these are some sexy prizes, hope i win even tho the chances are slim

    if i get a pack i would get teh liquid ink pack

  • http://URL(Optional) Causticz

    need the brushstrokes!

  • Correia

    The buildings pack look pretty good, and that HD would be great also ;) Great initiative.

  • http://URL(Optional) Debra McGuiness

    I think I would love the liquid ink. Thanks so much for such a great offer!

  • http://URL(Optional) anjum

    i am looking forward. Inshaa Allah i will be that lucky guy

    if i get a pack i would like [Liquid Ink]

  • Johnathon

    Wow, these sort of contest are really nice. It’s especially nice to see a contest featuring prizes that don’t involve printed work like business cards since it seems like those are the only other floating around. Looks great.

    Twitter: exoph

    I really like the Arrows pack, but any of them would be fine.

    Thanks for the nice contest,


  • Alvaro Marenco

    Another great chance to win amazing products. That HD looks trippy and the vector package the line art one looks excellent. Thanks Naldzgraphics.

  • http://URL(Optional) Jessica Accamando

    Me me me! I’m new to this feed and love it! I would pick liquid ink pack. Keeping hopes up! :)

    Thanks for the great promotion!

  • http://URL(Optional) Sushaantu

    My old pathetic stupid inglorious desktop might need the hard disk.

  • Johnson Koh

    Woah Ronald, this is seriously a grand contest you are holding :) Congratulations!

  • Alex Clark

    The Watercolors pack is awesome! But any would be amazing.

  • John

    Awsome, hard drive looks sick. Really like water color pack.

  • WillxD

    I hope to win:) The more that I like is Watercolors.

  • http://URL(Optional) Chris Malice

    The stuff actually looks pretty cool!

  • http://URL(Optional) Jaz

    Hope i win ^_^

  • http://URL(Optional) Juunp

    Wah amazing gift !
    I choose “Line art”

  • http://URL(Optional) JJ

    Pick me!! Naldzgraphics r0x!

  • http://URL(Optional) JG

    Sweet. “Smoke”

  • Alice

    I’d like the Smoke pack.

  • Shrihari

    I want to win the hard drive :)
    I’m tweeting this right away.. @shrihari

  • http://URL(Optional) fernandoc

    just graduated and could really use a cool gift like an awesome and Ill HD. very nice

  • http://URL(Optional) DAVID

    The smoke pack would be an awesome addition to add to my collection and work with. Media Militia looks to do some nice work and I hope to check out some more of their packs.

  • Matthew Hunt

    Drips and Spray Paint pack please.

  • http://URL(Optional) Den Morris

    I would love the GRAND PRIZE, of course, but the LIQUID pack as a consolation.


    Den Morris

  • http://URL(Optional) Jt Mchorse

    I’ll take one and the vector pack please!

  • http://URL(Optional) Justine

    I’m a fan of the ink collection…great prizes!

  • WhisperT

    I’ve been admiring the Watercolor pack for a bit now, so much variety. Good luck to all, and a thank you to Ronald for the opportunity.

  • Igor / vellkan

    Twitter: vellkan
    Liquid Ink packs please ;)

    Good luck everyone!

  • Tim

    The Liquid Ink set looks very nice, the HD does too by the way!

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  • David

    1. I really like the Dirty City project on Media Militia.
    2. Following you and Media Militia on Twitter (username: Schlossy)
    3. Tweeted about giveaway:

  • BlkwolfStudios

    Liquid Ink, Fingers Crossed!

  • iJonesy

    It’s summer time and I would love some watercolors! iJonesy is following.

  • Antony Askew

    Fist time coming to your site but will give it a try.

    I like Smoke pack.

    Twitter: antonyaskew

    I’m following both.

  • Pablo Lara

    I want the Hard Drive. Or the Line Art pack.
    ID twitter: @pablolarah
    Send it¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡please¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Chris Bishop

    Great giveaway. I am liking the custom painted HD.

    I think I would really like the liquid ink pack.

    Thanks again for another cool giveaway

  • Tim Hunt

    You read my mind, I need a new USB Hard Drive for my MBP :-).

    Love the smoke set

    Been following @naldzgraphics for awhile and now following @MediaMilitia

  • Ansley Cotton

    It is definitely worth a shot!

    Twitter: ansleycotton

  • Kent Beatty

    Nice! Very Cool Idea – I’d like mine overnighted please and immediate digital access to the Vector Packs.

    Cheers, :) @kentbeatty

  • Josefo

    I like smoke pack… thanks for the prize…

    Twitter @joshuadj

  • Karl Roos

    HD space is always welcome, especially when it’s already filled up with some resources. I prefer the Watercolor pack.

    Twitter: karlroos

  • Scarlett

    Liquid Ink please! Or Grandma’s Buick.. That is…if I win. :| Many thanks for this comp!

  • Boxless Thought

    So down for custom hard drive and all this! if i had a pack it would for sure be, Line Art, love that style, as a graphic designer will really help in some new web sites I’ve got on the brain. hope i win!

  • Van

    Very sweet contest! Would love the ‘Water Colors’ pack.

    Ciao! @mistcreative

  • Jakub Foglar

    Count me in!
    I would take the Watercolor Pack.

  • Garcya

    I’m here for the hard drive :)

  • Alice

    Oh. and my Twitter is @kikizing3.

  • Alexander Graf

    Really nice first price.

    And the packs are all gorgeous. But if I won, I’d really like the Smoke pack.

  • Joy

    Great hard drive! Have been following @naldzgraphics and now following @mediamilitia. I’d like the watercolor pack for a consolation prize if possible. Thanks!

  • Judy

    Yay! Let’s do this! Line art, please. :)

  • Dani

    I am from Brazil. Can I still get the prize?
    I want it so bad! ^^
    If I win, I want the smoke pack! =)

  • christine

    i would like the hard drive! =)

  • Nick

    Thanks for running the comp and giving everyone the opportunity to win !

    The liquid ink pack would be spiffy if I did win =]

    Good luck to all !


  • Keehun Nam

    Wow! Sounds good!

  • Sam Norris

    I never win anything – maybe this time will be my chance? :)

  • Jake C

    I deffinately would want the hard drive, being that i just lost my job, and designing is now the only way im ATTEMPTING to make money…


    you are now being followed on twitter, and i retweeted the message! :]

  • eM

    Hello *waves*

    I would really LOVE the Custom Painted Hard Drive + Tons of Photoshop Resources.

    Love everything on their site as well, so hard to choose… I’ll have to pick the smoke, its so gorgeous.

    ciao ciao

  • third3er

    Buildings are nice to have :)

  • Thomas

    Hey there!

    You followed me on Twitter and so did I. Which was very good because I really like your website! :)

    I would really be amazed to win this hard drive! Love it!

  • Hildy

    This looks awesome! Definitely going for the smokepack if im runner up.
    Thanks for this awesome contest, and in advance congrats to winners!

    *fingers crossed ill be one!*

  • Pol DeNais

    This is Cool,,,,count me in please

  • Honeyfmb3

    I would love to win! i’m crossing my fingers!!!

    I really liked the scribbles & doodles pack, they were all great, hard to pick just one!

    I already follow @naldzgraphics – thx for all the goodies & resources!

    Good luck everybody! :)

  • collin grasley

    FTW! smoke pack would be cool. another great contest!

  • Keith

    This is a great deal, I like “Ambush”

  • Jeremy

    The hand drawn pack is pretty dope. *Thinking of all thethings I could create, but of course I’d really love to win the harddrive!!*

  • Sherry

    Cool contest! I think the liquid ink one is really nice.