MediaMilitia: Win a Custom Painted Hard Drive + Tons of Photoshop Resources Winners Announced


Another great contest had ended again here in Naldz Graphics brought to us by Media Militia. Today, we will  announced the winners where one of them won the 80GB Custom Painted Maxtor USB Powered Hard drive and the 10 who winners won a Vector/Image Pack or Photoshop Project of their choice. We received a great response to this give away and there were 157 comments in all. The winners are:


Grand Prize:

Kriselle Laran

Consolation Prizes:

1. Aaron

2. Valk

3. Flauwy

4. Dani

5. Alice

6. Andrey Shuster

7. Adam

8. Serg

9. Josefo

10. Filipe Matos

Congratulations Everyone!!!. All winners will receive an email shortly.

I would like to thanks for the cool giveaways and to all who participated this contest. I just hope you enjoy it. Check out Media Militia for more cool stuff.  Starting this month of July, Instead of 2 giveaways per month, Now we are planning to make it once a week. So 4 giveaways in every month. Does it sound cool? Also we are looking a sponsors for the giveaways in the future.  If your interested on sponsoring a contest here in Naldz Graphics, feel free to Contact Us.

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  • Igor

    Congratulations to the winners!

  • Web Design Adelaide

    congratulations to all winners. enjoy your prizes

  • sriganesh

    congrats friends. oh this time i missed. better luck next time. have a great day.

  • Flauwy

    Yay, I think this is the first time in my life that I have won something. :D

    Thanks ;)

  • moovendan


  • Reese

    Congrats to the winners!

  • Alice

    Sweet. Even though no email yet…

  • Filipe Matos

    HOORAY. I won!! :-)
    Thank you guys (and also to Media Militia, of course)
    Expect to see some work of mine with those wonderful brushes soon…

  • Media Militia

    What a great contest. Thank you all for participating!

    All winners have been sent an email. If you did not receive it yet, please contact us.

    Have a great day and check out our current Wallpaper contest on Abduzeedo ( )

  • Ronald Bien

    Once again Congratulations to our winners :)and thanks a ton Media Militia Team for the awesome giveaways :D You Guys Rock!!!

  • Aaron

    i won something! thanks!!!!

  • Namearthet

    congrats to the winners!

  • Adam

    woohoo the first time I’ve won somethign :D

  • http://URL(Optional) torka

    crap. I never won… :P