Ideem Vector Packs Giveaways: Comment to Win


Time for some cool giveaways everyone. Ideem a provider of high quality vector packs is giving away 6 Vector Packs and 8 Templates worth $434 for  Naldz Graphics Readers.  There will be 3 lucky winners for this giveaway.


Winner 1 can choose 7 products for a max total value of 162 euros (about $217 Us dollar). among the available on

- 3 vector packs (extended licence)

- 4 templates (extended licence) 


Winner 2 can choose 4 products for a max total value of 106 euros (about $142 Us dollar):among the available on

- 2 vector packs (extended licence) 

- 2 templates (extended licence) 


Winner 3 can  choose 3 products for a max total value of 56 euros (about $75 Us dollar):among the available on

- 1 vector pack (extended licence)

- 2 templates (extended licence)

How to Win???


As usual, Leave a Comment to This Post. Comments will be accepted until April 20 and Winners will be announce on April 21. Make sure leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. Winners will be chose randomly on

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  • hd-J

    I am in for the contest!! :) I’d make good use of these!!

  • dragyn

    vector packs, how sweet is that.
    ~~~~~creative juices flowing~~~~~~~~

  • webbografico

    I’m here… great giveaway!!! Especially for the possibility to choose what you win…

  • Sneh

    Sweet! These look awesome, thnx for doing this giveaway :-)

  • Parrish

    As always, thrilled i found this website!!!! Pick Me randomly please :)

  • Milan

    Nice comp!

  • Jack F

    Wow hope I win! Thanks for the chance! (Can I bribe you?) lol.

  • Stewart

    Sweet, great comp.

  • Semeghin

    great, I’m in :)

  • Nakiloe

    I didn’t know but they seem to have lots of useful packs! :D

  • Diogo Duarte

    Hope I win this…

    Congratulations for the iniciative!

  • Web Design Blog


    My dog ate all my vectors and templates and I could really use these. Thanks.

  • decentpig

    What a great give-away. Thanks

  • Gordy

    Sweet. I want a vector pack!

  • diwat26

    Give it to mee.

  • wyo

    i eat vectors for dinner. i’m really hungry right now.

  • Kristin

    Always up for a good giveaway ^.^

  • topo

    surely I want to win this.. count me in..

  • akoolguy

    I wish me luck

  • Future

    This looks real nice…good giveaway.

  • Mantonio

    sweet, just found out abut this site last week, and it is great. i’m in for this giveaway

  • BrookeAnderson

    Oooh! Vector Goodies! Yay!

  • Steve Robillard

    What a great way to start building my vector library

  • suki soo

    How cool~Thanks in advance if I get selected.

  • jojo toth

    cool, thanks for this giveaway

  • drecoma

    I`m in ^^

  • cheth

    I’m In ;)

  • spacedust

    count me in

  • Jayde

    I’d love to win!

  • Jean

    Did i hear a giveaway?

  • WillxD

    Thanks for the chance (:

  • fromjoel


  • matjb

    give-it-away, give-it-away, give-it-away now.

  • Tyson Junkers

    Me want, me want!

  • Su Hall

    These would be nice,



  • Cindy

    here’s my comment, thanks!! :)

  • Emmet

    Cool! why not?! thanks

  • E11World

    Yes YES I WANT IT!!

  • Karyn

    This is sweet.

  • beauty7896

    I’d love to have this.

  • kboyce

    I teach vector so this would be nice for inspiration.

  • Navdeep

    Great Idea!


  • Jonathan

    Awesome contest!

  • Da_evil

    I m in Would Love Some Vector packs,
    I want Those Pls pls he he

  • David P Crawford

    I’m in. Thanks!

  • g3rardo

    Wow, I like this. Why wait until the 20th? Let’s choose right now.

  • Eric

    I’m in on this, always looking for so new vectors to play with.

  • jean paul

    hey!! im in lol

  • Gav

    That’ll do nicely. Ta

  • Jeannette

    Really excited and grateful for this vector giveaway!

  • Geek's Dream Girl

    Count me in, please! :)

  • sudha

    wow!!!wonderful giveaway!I would love to enter this giveaway..hope I win..fingers crossed :)

  • Ethan Ellis

    Sounds Sexy

  • Mateus Moraes

    Hey, me too!

  • Geeky man 911

    sounds great, I’ve been looking for something like that for a while now
    count me in!!!!!

  • Geeky man 911

    sounds great, I’ve been looking for something like that for a while now
    please pick me!

  • Cat Q

    Sounds great =) I’m in!

  • KaiaK

    It indeed a great giveaway.
    Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me now.

  • Pikachu

    Interesting. count me in!

  • D.

    Awesome. Vector packs give me a super amount of inspiration so I’m always happy to have them.

  • Pete

    me me me me me. I would love to win!

  • Twice

    Yeah, pick me,! ;)

  • dev.My

    Love to win one so i comment.

  • projectautomatika

    joining! count me in!

  • @krigsi

    Awesome! Fingers and toes crossed :D

  • Mar

    Count me in

  • kahpeng

    I’m feeling lucky :P

  • _ten_four_

    Awesome! Please count me in… love this promo.

  • CoverGanda

    Do I feel like a lucky punk?

  • Nishal

    I’m in.

  • RL Arthur

    Sweet. Im drooling.

  • NameDavid

    Sweet!Sign me in!

  • Rommel Miraflores

    My Blog-Contest Prayer

    Help me boost my self confidence, help me realize I’m not a crazed blogger entering all these contests without rewards.

    Help me, win, random generator…


  • jojo toth

    Maybe this time? :)

  • Josh

    Kool – thanx for the chance!

  • kevin sweeney

    Great giveaway idea! Keeping my fingers crossed!