Designious Vector Packs Giveaways: Comment to win


Giveaways will always be serve in here. And today, Designious a design studio that creates high quality vector illustrations and design elements are giving away 5 Vector Mega Packs for Naldz Graphics Readers. There will be 5 lucky Winners for this great give away.


How to Win?

* Leave a Comment to this post and your in .

* Comments will be accepted until May 14, 2009 and Winner will be announce on May 15, 2009.

* Make sure leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

* 5 Winners will be chose randomly on a random generator.

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  • Nora

    count me in :D

  • Owen Lambert


  • Jin

    Would like to have a vector pack!

  • Mr Vock

    havin’ a Vector pack like this ones won’t hurt!!

  • Phillip Gibb

    very cool, love the community appreciation and the prize. :-)


  • objects

    Love your work, keep it up
    If you ever need any Java help then give me a yell

  • jake

    I like the Hammer and Sickle on one of the packages

  • xcession

    Very nice vector packs :D

  • lipelip

    Hope this one is for me.

  • Ekwipso

    Free vectors plz.

  • webbografico

    great giveaway… as always

  • Teddy Picker

    This site help me a lot. Thanks!

  • elzote

    Great one!


  • Primer55

    I want one for me!
    Thanks for all!
    Nice work!

  • Miz

    Je veux gagner !

  • Geoffrey Gordon

    I would love to win these packs Naldz Graphics, Geoffrey here from South Africa, I already am a regular reader and follower of this blog on Twitter as well, have received great advice and inspiration over my time, also have subscribed to your feed quite some time ago.

  • kashyap

    Did i post before? if yes, I am sorry!
    If no, then- Wow! yet another giveaway!! How nice

  • Parrish

    I’d like to sign up.

  • Alexandra Jau

    I would love to win this vectropacks. They sure would come in handy.

  • topo

    hoho let me win!!! I despreately want one of this.. hehehe thanks ya..

  • Malin

    Hope i will be chosen!

  • WhACKO

    I could really, really use some nice vectors!

    Count me in!

  • Michael Cerdeiros

    thanks for all that you do! -Mike

  • Carlos Estefan

    I MUST have this!!!

    Count me in for sure!!!!!

  • EwryArt

    Gimme one! Gimme one!

  • Igor / vellkan


    And Your new blog design is really cool!

  • Toya

    These are nice.

    It’s so nice that you are helping other’s out. :)

  • Rommel Miraflores

    Designious has some very nice vectors. It would be great to win a pack…

    Thanks for the contest, and may the Random Generator be with you (after me…. hehehe)

  • Steve

    Nice site great tuts. And count me in for the contest.

  • linux29

    ok i’ll give it a a try ;)

  • Gianmarco Simone

    Random is my second name ;D

  • Collin Grasley


  • Natasha Hóra

    love this blog!it has excellent references.

  • Samuel Huang

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Wish myself luck~!!

  • Kristin

    This is a nifty little prize for your readers :)

  • Alfredo T

    Oh pick me pick me

  • Matt

    Great site, thanks for all the creative inspiration!

  • Candice Benjamin

    Count me in!

  • clussman

    free stuff is co0l.

  • Kuuzak


  • Jandeilson S. Barbosa

    Very good, this promotion!

    I WIN! Hhee… xD


  • Milan


  • Cristhian Bedon

    Another great giveaway!

  • Graphixdee

    Free stuff is always good.

  • neri


  • Ryan

    Yeah free vectors!

  • Joe Howard

    Who doesn’t love free vectors? Keep up the great site!

  • Rahul

    I’m in too. Cheers.

  • Cyndi in BC

    Nice giveaway! Crossing my fingers…

  • Steve Robillard

    Thanks for all the hard work you obviously put into this site and these contests.

  • Lillykins

    I’ve only just had my eyes opened to Vectors – wow – where have I been …..

  • MarKo

    I want this! Really nice indeed.

  • garciap9

    Sweet! Count me in! I’m always down for free stuff

  • Wolfden

    Won’t hurt :)
    Thanks for chance.

  • John Shaw

    Hey Naldz,

    Thanks for the splatter brushes earlier!

  • pixelmap

    great site

  • Tony Jansen

    Oh, yeah!

  • sundownproject

    i want one! thanks!

  • Eric

    I wouldn’t mind getting a vector pack

  • dragyn

    vectors have become my new best friend.
    fingers crossed:)

  • Darlene

    Would love a vector pack…. really lovin this site!

  • Angel Rodriguez

    wow , more prizes , i hope win this time ^^ thx!

  • Flávio Proença

    I want this! :)

    And thanks for the opportunity :)

  • david

    Si quiero y acepto este expectacular regalo.

  • Jonathan Walters

    Count me in! Such a great contest for sure…

  • Tyson Junkers

    Oh please I need these!

  • Nameconnor smiley

    pew pew

  • topcool

    wow, hope to win,
    thank you.

  • Ruhi

    Would love to have these Vector packs in my collection. Thanks for this opportunity.

    And thanks Naldz for inspiring me with regular design updates and resources.

  • Matthew Craig

    I would love these ;)

  • Roland

    I’m in! Some nice vector tshirt designs on Designious website.

  • Mohd Saqib

    I always love quality vector illustrations and design. And OMG!!! this time I got a chance to win “Vector Mega Pack”. Its would be amazing for me, if I win a Vector Mega Pack. Thanks a lot for this contest.

  • harish

    Hi i just came to know about vectors i want to participate in the competetion,i want a vector pack as well so take me in please

  • Bariski

    I probably won’t receive “good news” after this comment.. but hey, at least I tried. Besides it just states that I have to comment on why I want to win the vector pack.. well why do you think I want to win it? I have never won anything in my whole life! and it’s a pretty cool theme I guess.. I do hope I win though.

  • RaSh

    Yay! I’m in!

    Hope I win! :)

  • Namethezekester

    Vector graphics rules. I would love to win this.

  • Matt

    I am on the case of designing my personal portfolio website and have recently been trying to create a cartoon style me, like the cartoon on silverback website… I think it looks sweeeeeeeet! This vector pack will certainly help me with my designs


  • Just Me

    Just found this website recently. I immediately subscribed. Don’t know how I survived without you. Love, love, love this site.

  • Adny

    They look awesome! I’m in :)

    Great Competition too!

  • Trendez

    Love them!

  • bye.product

    Yes Please!
    Love to be creative!

  • shiyon

    i really like to win the gift.
    a valuable post!!

  • Christian Adams

    Droooooll! I need a towel. This would be awesome. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • sesh

    great giveaway : )

  • Graham Hardie

    I’ll leave a comment.I’d love these packs.

  • TJ

    Wow! Now that is going to be one amazing early birthday present for the lucky winner. The floral pack is especially floating my boat!

  • Brandon Morris

    Thanks for cccoconsiderationc

  • Pol DeNais

    Cool Job!

  • Adam

    Well it’s always nice to recive free stuff, so I want it too :D

  • Manuel

    ooh yeah! Nice!

  • Suzy S

    hook it up! i love the ‘comment to win’ format, and would thoroughly enjoy winning a vector pack.

  • Ryan

    Please let me win. Please…


    i need one pack, cos i cant buy products like this, cos iam an multimedia student.not working currently, so i need it. i tried many competion like this but all came negative. [ i know u choose thru u will not show partialltiy], i wish i ll get this time. thank u.

  • Inked54

    Wow… this would be fantastic – trying to wake folks up to some new ideas – this would be great – thanks for all of your ideas!

  • clussman

    Trying again–went into moderation yesterday and apparently never made it out of the queue.

  • Paul Sveda

    Count me in!

  • Adam Z

    Wow this would be amazing to have!!! I WANT I WANT!

  • SensualGeekNY

    I’ve purchased vector packs from Designious previously, each vector object was pristine and easy to manipulate. Their products are top quality with a humble price that definitely helps during this rough economy. Winning these five packs would be a sweet addition to my vector library.

  • 3duard0

    Love the look of tus pacis. I’ve gotten many packages from desgnious

  • Tushar

    Hey…. Count me in too…

    Would love the Flora../Nature Pack.

  • oi web designer

    really i need it.
    im a newbie web designer here
    with that packs i hope i can learn more
    thanks for share

  • Pablo Lara

    I want thwm because I am really creative. Wooah. Self support is always a must.

  • KrayZee AbouT VEctoR PakS

    i’d love to win! i’d go krayzee-ur

  • Lucas

    ooooh! i should win it after all the winner will be announced on my birthday!!! that would be a nice birthday gift!

  • Tyler Henson

    SWEET!!! Free stuff rocks!!! :)

    Good luck everyone!

  • Fabi

    Great site! Great prize!
    I am in for a chance to win!

  • Kevin Martin

    Thanks for the contest opportunity – love your work, Designious :-)

  • Jan

    Always read your email news and always appreciate you for your kindness and all the great art and tools you showcase!

  • Innah

    hey, thanks for this giveaway… i really need some new weapons in my arsenal right now. great site and more power!

  • Lloyd

    Woot a chance to win! Awesome! Great work! :)

  • Joe Vains

    Yeah !
    It’s a nice idea !
    Maybe me ? ;)

  • nghi1987n

    OMG I want it all

  • Sara Nelson

    Love your avatar!


  • Twice

    Man, I hope the randomness picks me.

  • Kisty

    I’m new here but I follow you in Twitter, so I can be updated. :) Hehe! I hope that I win this though. :)

  • zeeKay[XI]

    mmmm… vector packs
    So, the winner will be chosen randomly? :D

  • Victor Hernandez

    You provide me with some GREAT links to graphic resources, brushes, inspiration and ideas – I’m glad I found you on Twitter!

    My 7 year-old has ‘Career Day’ at school on May 8th; he’s a little artist both with traditional media and with a tablet and a computer. For ‘Career Day’ he asked me what he could do for a living with his art; I replied that he could be a ‘multimedia artist’ and work with every medium he wanted in a variety of fields: web design, illustration, fine art, animation, video game art/design, toy design, etc. His response – “THAT’S WHAT I WANT TO BE! When can I start??” My reply – “You already have ;-)”.

  • LeMinxxx

    OooOOooo love your posts + tweets!

    Looking forward to the giveaway! ;)

  • Rick Murphy

    I would love these vector packs… and I made you laugh today!

  • Su Hall

    Alright! How cool is this? I want to be in this drawing. Thanks.


  • system32

    Woo a chance to win! Awesome Great Work Naldzgraphics.

  • kahpeng

    Any chance for me to win ? :D

  • Juunp

    Thanks for following me on twitter :)

  • g3niuz

    yes yes yes…

    great contest again ….

    the packs are just perfect – would be so nice…

    keep on the good work


  • sriganesh

    i need this pack cos i cant buy.iam a multimedia student. i wish random site choose me.

  • Ethan Ellis


    Add me :D

  • Calabros

    how much is my chance? 1 to 1000000? lol :-)

  • Jack Franklin

    Fingers crossed! @Jack_Franklin.

  • Rob

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for this great opportunity to score some kick ass vectors!!

  • Muneef

    Pick me!!!

  • Mhaddy

    Sounds good, would love to win!

  • Rickgauden



    yes! I can win it!

  • Jahz

    good luck to everybody ^______^

  • Alex


  • Wiehanne

    Let me win please :D

  • da_evil

    those are just awesome,
    would love to win that

  • Joel Jonsson

    Count me in :)

  • Kuye

    Im feel lucky :D

  • Nightscooter

    OMG i can’t beleive how many comments there are…. i have a good feeling about this one though!

  • Warwick

    count me in. these will be great in my day to day work.


  • Jonesy

    Good luck everyone.

  • Makeesha


  • Thomas

    I’m in. These are very useful pack for web design :)

  • craze7220

    Ok count me in 2, I just rly love floral vectors ;)

  • giraffe

    Wow, it would be very great to have some of these… :)

  • violet


  • Dskater


  • Zenvendof

    Woot :) love this site, just searched it from Google and I am hooked, be on my RSS feed now for graphics, design and inspiration.

  • creativeye

    me me me me…. please :)