6,000 Business Cards Giveaway from uPrinting: Winners Announced

The decision has once again been made and so at this moment accepting entries is officially over. Of the 151 contestants, 12 participants was chosen to win a free business cards in courtesy of uPrinting. Before we announce our winners, we would like to extend our gratitude to uPrinting for this awesome giveaway and of course to our loyal readers who’s been with us most of the time. All winners were randomly chosen by a random generator and here they are:

Free Business Card Winners

1. Ryan O. Hicks
2. Rich Smith
3. Craig Huffstetler
4. Brad Strickland
5. Andrew Josuweit
6. Ian Patrick Buss
7. Tyson Junkers
8. Darlene Motley
9. Tom Walters
10. Dan P.
11. Dave Matthews
12. George


All winners will receive an email shortly…

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