5 Winners to Win a Free Premium Theme from WooThemes


If your looking for a Premium Theme for your new niche, maybe you should try to join our new event. For this week’s giveaway, 5 winners will win a Premium Theme of their choice from WooThemes.  Just a quick information about Woothemes, They are one of the best and trusted company providing high quality Premium Themes on the web.  To check all their Premium Themes, you can browse their Theme Gallery and choose whats the best for you.



* Leave a Comment and choose which Premium Theme you want.  See the themes  in HERE.

* All comments will be accepted until August 17, 2009 and Winners will be announce on August 18, 2009.

* Make sure to leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

* 5 Winners will be chose randomly on a random generator.

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  • Basilakis

    Hey, i whould love to win a WordPress theme, from Woothemes :)

  • Blair

    They all look great! Bloggingstream looks like more of my style, though.

  • Josiah

    Awesome stuff! Thank for the post!

  • Philipp

    I would love to win the aperture theme ;)

  • hightechartist

    Great list of themes. I would love to win
    “NewsPress” theme for my new blog that I am planning to start.

  • ftoko

    Goes without saying, another amazing Great Giveaway.

    I will have “The Journal.” It’s kinda kinky in an elite way. If you know what I mean…

  • Alan the Houser

    Woo has some great-looking themes. I like Mortar the best. I’m trying to find a better way to showcase my growing Helvetica collection at :-)

  • Josiah Jost | Siah Design

    Oh sweet :D The “Abstract” theme is pretty sweet :)

  • Jawks

    I would love to win the Aperture Theme.

    Thanks for this oportunity.

  • Max Stanworth

    “The Journal” looks pretty good

  • redsparklabs

    I would like to win a theme. Open Air is probably my favorite.

  • vincent

    well,Suit and Tie is my favorite.Dreaming of this wordpress theme.

  • Deps

    My favourite is Flash News ;-) And i would like to win it for sure !

  • EwryArt

    Another great giveaway!
    Ambience theme for me please ^^

  • Brianna

    I’d love to have Feature Pitch for a new product I’m launching.

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  • Mike | WPThemes

    I like the old LiveWire theme.

    Thanks for holding the contest


  • JohnONolan

    Mortar please! Great competition! :)

  • David McDougal

    I really miss my developers license at woothemes :( If I have been drooling over the suit&tie and feature pitch themes for some time now!

  • Shanna

    totally love The Big Easy! would love to snag this one up.

  • Guillermo Horno

    Love the Big Easy!

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  • Shawn Hesketh

    Hey, great idea for a contest! I’d love to take the Coffee Break theme (will be released later today) for a spin.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Renee

    I’d like to enter the contest!

  • Curvball

    Groovy blog has a great structure and once I’m finished with it it will be more gnarly than groovy…

  • PGrid

    Would like to win Mortar it looks great!

  • Julien

    If I could win a theme, Mortar rocks! And will help me to bring my website back!

  • Enrico

    Nice contest.
    I’d like to win a copy of MYWEBLOG. :-)

  • Robert McGuire

    I’d love to win the OverEasy theme.

  • jeff pearce

    i would love to win the aperture theme!

  • Milan Petrovic

    Cushy theme for me. Thanks!

  • Omar

    if i get lucky enough to win i think Bloggingstream is the one i would choose!

  • Chris

    Aperture theme for me.

  • Flauwy

    Suit & Tie would be my favourite. :)

  • Zulo

    There’s already quite some comments here, but let’s give it a try.
    I’ll go for The Big Easy, since Backstage hasn’t been released yet…

  • Andy

    me please, me please….

    Suit and Tie, if I get the chance.

    thanks guys.

  • Artepick

    I like Mortar. Thanks.


  • Prashant

    Hi Ronald,

    I would love to win the Groovy Blog. It is perfect for those Large Background websites.

  • Savas

    I would like to win WooTube Theme.

  • Sean OBrien

    Actually Geometric would be perfect for me for a project.

  • Dumitru Brînzan

    I think I could put Groovy Video to a good use ;)

  • videoandfun

    great thing!
    if i win, give me please the “The Gazette Edition”.

    thanks a lot!
    i love you <3

  • Morgu3

    I’d love to have the proudfolio theme ^^

  • Carlos Bernal

    i liked aperture :) thanks!

  • Markku

    I’d like the Coffee Break theme too. Should be released before the end of the contest afaik.

    Thanks for the comp and a chance to win! :)

  • Mark

    Aperture, please & thank you!

  • Sarah Gooding

    I would love to win the Mortar theme! I love WooThemes!!

  • Ravi Shanghavi

    How about the Original Premium News? Wait thats free haha. Ok lets go for Gazette then since I was planning to use that for a new site!

    OOOORRRRR you could release Premium News 2.0 and I’ll give you my first born.. errr alimony payments??

  • Sharath

    Wow thanks for this offer. I was looking for a premium wordpress theme myself :). I hope I get a chance to win myweblog theme. Looks great.

  • sha

    i would really love to win the groovy photo theme… i was planning to make a website and this is just perfect for me.. fingers crossed :D oh i hope i win ^-^

  • Ben Kelly

    I would love to get my hands on the Coffee Break theme. About to hit the site, exactly what I need.

  • Premium Theme Info

    I choose the Aperture theme. Waiting for the good news from you!

  • Calítoe.:.

    I would love to get WooTube if I was chosen. :)

  • Ursula

    I would love to have the Feature Pitch theme! :) Thanks as always for all of your contests! :)

  • TreeSaw Design

    pick me, pick me!

  • kiedis

    gazette edition :)
    nice work by the way!

  • Lee Gustin

    Aperture Theme would be great so my girlfriend can showcase her photography/paintings!


  • Saad

    Great i would like to win “Groovy Video”

  • hadi060

    Very nice giveaway.. Thanks!
    I’d like to have Groovy Video theme..
    Thanks again :)

  • Cindy

    Kinda liking the big easy!

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  • Cindy

    or myweblog – that’s nice too, actually!

  • http://URL(Optional) Cletus

    pick me please

  • mrashdi

    great giveaway!
    i would like to have a blogging stream theme.

  • Kimcool

    I love the aperture theme .wow cool.

  • Web Design Adelaide

    Would love to win vibrant cms. thanks

  • William

    I would like “Productum” please, with fries.

  • Dave

    Hope to win the ThiCK theme!

  • Sarah

    Loving the myweblog theme.

  • Meroko

    I like Suit & Tie as well. Some really nice themes overall, was hard to pick one.

  • http://URL(Optional) Mihla

    Another fab giveaway. I choose Gazette.

  • Tinh

    I lost the hosting prize so I must get this one. I love the The Journal. Here is my tweet:

  • HBLoK

    Hello, can you add me please ?
    so my choice is Aperture

  • Angel rodriguez

    i like the cushy theme, thx again.

  • Niki

    ohhh I like ProudFolio — Thanks!!

  • Snow

    Mmm… if i win, i would like the Ambience Theme

  • Codrin H

    i love papercut :P

  • Shachii

    Want to start spice up my blog with a new theme. Would love to win it! :)

    Great blog btw.. Thanks for all the info!


  • Metabisulfide

    Hi, it’s a good idea.
    I love the Aperture theme ;)

  • Piyush Agarwal

    Hey…great contest.

    And I must say Woo themes has some amazing themes. Would love to win the fresh Folio theme. Need this theme so set up and webdesign portfolio online and this one seems to surely help me catch some eyes…

  • Kriselle Laran

    I like Freshfolio!

  • Wendy Kenney @23Kazoos

    I like Fresh Folio or Feature Pitch! I hope I win!

  • Anique

    Aperture :(

  • Sascha Oertlin

    I also would like to win such an amazing theme. I´d prefer the NewsPress Theme.

  • Piet

    I like them all but i would love to win the NewsPress Theme for my blog. Thanks a lot!

  • sriganesh

    i like to get the groovy theme or proudfoilo theme , any one. your wish.

  • Creadictos

    I like the aperture theme for me please, I hpe to win.
    Excellent giveaways you have here

  • Luis Lopez

    I like the coffe break or the apperure theme, Ill be rally happy to have a theme like that on my blog.

  • Claudio

    I like Feature Pitch

  • adone

    Wow! My favorite theme from WooThemes is Busy Bee. Thank you for this contest!

  • Ivan Miši?

    Aperture is a nice theme.

  • Demitra

    Grooooooovy photo please!!!!! Thank you once again for the opportunity!

  • Cristian

    Woo are great!
    What I like about their themes is beside the design, the ideas and the feeling of easiness when accesing a site made with them. All are great, and I prefere the newspaper/news style ones. Flash News is my favorite.

  • nursaiful

    Thanks for informing me about this. I hope I can win the coffee break theme because I’d really love it. Moreover, I need a business theme to setup my business blog. Love to hear from you soon :-D

  • Ernesta

    Divine contest! ;) I’d like the Gazette theme, please!

  • TheDudeWithNoName

    I’d like to win the “Mainstream” theme

  • Shane

    Hey there, thanks for the competition. I would love the Big Easy theme from Woo Themes….

  • Jellyfish

    Aperture would be perfect! It looks awesome! Crossing my fingers…

  • René Silva

    Great themes, I love “Coffee Break”. Great contest btw and glad to read you got your site back :)

  • Thiago Cangussu

    Choose one is so difficult. But I liked Aperture.

  • Jason Stanley

    Wow so many great themes! I think I’d like to have ProudFolio from the WooThemes choices.

  • BoxedInDesign

    Gazette I think would work, but there were many I liked.

  • bradt

    Sorry I forgot to mention which theme I’d like to have lol

    I think i’d like Suit and Tie.


  • Mina

    Hello! I saw all the themes and the I like the most Groovy Photo theme.

  • Cinthy Revilla

    Very nice Themes!!! Very organised.
    I do like Open Air very much!!!

  • Raja

    Wonderful Collection….

    As your Tagline tells “I cant Just select One”

    And My favourite is “Ambience”

    Thanks for the contest.

  • Gerri – Ninety Nine Ways

    Thanks a lot for the chance to win a WooTheme. I am working on a site and would love to get my hands on the Fresh News theme because it would be perfect for the site.

  • Keehun Nam

    Wow, sounds good!! Thanks!

  • http://URL(Optional) Simon

    Abstract. FTW! (fantastic to win!)

  • Sinisa

    Mortar for me…

    Thanks for the contest

  • Jessel

    Bloggingstream – would be the one i prefer – thanks for the contest/offer – later days

  • Miguel Angel

    Hi!! I like to participate for the busy bee or the freshfolio theme, they are my favorites.

    thanks and keep with the giveaways

  • floyd

    at first thanks for giving away 5 premium themes to 5 of us:-) if the random generator is working, it should pick…(i don´t write this:-))

    so long, busy bee seems to be a good choice.

    by the way, woothemes have some great themes, but a lot of them are really not convincing. sorry that i have to write this.

  • Robbert

    Wow, great templates guys – thanks for giving them away!
    I bet I could learn a lot from these. Just entered the WordPress world recently.

  • Eddy

    I would have to say snapshot is my favorite…I’ve been wanting to start a photo blog for a while sort of documenting the things I see daily.

  • Premium Theme Info

    I like the Coffee Break most, I hope I will be lucky!

  • Peter G

    I would like the Aperture theme to showcase my food photography.

    Thanks for this opportunity to enter!

  • Avj Themes

    grate idea,

    If i decide from woo themes , i am sure i would go for Busy bee

  • Sat Chen

    Wow, great giveaway!

    Hmm, so many choices I want the aperture theme.

    Hope I win :)

  • Ahmed

    id like to win freshnews

  • Jaswinder

    Hey Ronald i would like “Over Easy” please if i win. Also i would tweet but twitter is down :(

    Awesome contest btw :)

  • piyush

    i want to participate for ” Fresh News Theme”
    thanks for the contest.

  • Simran

    I was looking for a premium theme for a long. Hope to win through this contest.

    Well I love all the themes of WooThemes but I would love to win Fresh News Theme. Its my favorite theme.

    Here is my tweet –

    Wish me best of luck guys :)

  • Sat Chen

    Sorry I posted twice I didn’t see the first one can u remove the second and this one.

  • Liz Hover

    I adore WooThemes. My dog Sadie Shih Tzu used to use the free WooTheme Irresistible but it didn’t seem to like one of the recent WP updates (couldn’t upload images) so I had to abandon it. I think Sadie would LOVE to use the Papercut theme. We had to look for another theme quickly so she’s sort of in limbo right now.

  • Fernando

    The aperture theme is nice!

  • kalyan

    this is awesome
    i prefer the Papercut theme if I win

  • Annie

    Awesome! I love the Flash News one

  • wowcss

    Hi, those themes are really great! i desperately need a theme, i should win this :)

  • Sara

    Wow, I’d like the Mortar theme. :)

  • WEBBOgrafico

    I really like APERTURE theme

  • lipelip

    Coffee Break looks great!

  • patrick

    would love to have the thick theme!

  • Ivan

    I would like to win a Gazette theme! It’s really cool!

  • Toon Claes

    I really would like to win “Open Air”, real great theme…

  • Satkrit

    Great, hope i win this one. I want the Aperture theme

  • Sat Chen

    Hope I win. I want the Aperture Theme

  • Marcell

    Pretty cool contest! Woothemes always have good themes.

  • Josh

    Awesome! Would love to win the new Coffee Break Theme!!

  • Kal

    Thanks for the opportunity. I’d go for the Aperture theme!

  • Mindsfeed

    All are fantastic themes, but for me the best is THiCK

  • Adan

    Love the aperture theme!

  • ProBlogineer

    hey man, i want mainstream theme..
    phleeeeeeeeeez send me :D

    Hope i win.

  • Les Zaldor

    Cool Themes! I like “Live Wire” the best – hope I win! :)

  • Tim

    I like The Station template and could use this.

  • Mars

    wow, i just love the aperture theme

  • Steven

    The Aperture theme would sure come in handy!

  • MrCantu

    Thick theme please! I’ve been wanting this theme for a while!