4 Winners to Win 1 Month Subscription from TextureVault


It’s been a while since the last giveaway was hosted here in our blog. Today we have a good news for everyone. TextureVault is giving away four 1 month subscription worth $50 exclusively for Naldz Graphics readers. This will allows you to download 25 high resolution textures in the period of 1 month. This giveaway will run for a week, so if you’re an aspiring designer, I’m sure this will be a good opportunity if you win.

texture vault

TextureVault is a community driven supplier of royalty free texture and background images. They strictly focus on providing high quality, creative and “top of the class” textures and background images that digital artists and designers can use in their creative work.

Giveaway Details

• Leave One Comment in order for you to be included on the draw

• All comments will be accepted until January  25, 1011.

• Winners will be announce on January 26, 2011.

• Make sure to leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

4 Winners will be chose randomly on a random generator.

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  • Gualberto Giano

    FIRST!!. Goodluck to me ^^

  • sarah

    ha…maybe, just maybe once I could win? I love this site, without you realising it all the time, its inspirational :O) x

  • IroFun

    Very Nice So thanx

  • Robert

    Great giveaway,
    Maybe I win,who knows :p

  • cjs

    Very nice giveaway.

  • Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi

    High quality, creative and “top of the class” textures and background images..who would not want??
    Thanks for Naldz Graphics for kinda fantastic giveaway.I’m in. Hope for the best.
    Liked in your Fan Page and already subscribed.
    Thanks. :)

  • Alex


  • dumazz

    Nice idea. I love good textures.

  • diwat26

    Hoping the best.

  • Tyson Junkers

    I could really use this!!!!!

  • Donald

    Nice ! Thanks in advance!

  • Mário Santos

    Wow! Very cool!
    These would be very usefull!!

    Good luck!

  • AbeSonn

    I just checked out this site. I really like the possibilities it offers me. Can’t wait to see if I win :) :) :)

  • Richard

    Great web site!!!
    Good luck all!

  • Chris Hawkins

    Awesome giveaway, hope I win D:

  • einars.e.c.

    Good luck to random generator :)

  • Emilio Mees

    Could use some High-Res Quality textures :)

  • Chino Pisces

    In MacGruber voice:

    “I’m in.”

  • devorah

    love love this website. looking forward to winning ;-)

  • lazaac

    i want this… :)

  • Mario

    Cool – I luv TextureVault, so I hope I’m picked. Cheers!!

  • Pablo Martinez

    i hope i win :D

  • http://n/a C. Vandenberg

    How nice of you to offer something I could really use. Thanks Naldz Graphics!

  • Sreejesh Thazhemuriyil

    Its a good contest. Hope I will win..TextureVault is good website..

  • Robyn Quinter

    Patternz, texturez, high rez, what could be better? Thanks for another great giveaway.

  • iJonesy

    Very nice!

  • tumi

    very inspirational,i’m taking it…… “watch me”

  • Joseph Allgren

    This would be most useful.

  • Angel Rodriguez

    Yhea great :D

  • Adam Zalaznik

    I never win anything :( hint..hint..

  • Mathews Havard

    That’s cool.. Very Simple contest ever.. Hope I will get it…

  • Catherine Cella

    Sounds great to me!!! I’m excited and just learning about textures!

  • maszeq

    Count me.

  • sue

    I love textures, so may options, many ta’s for the opportunity to win : )

  • Sabri R

    Ohh!!! Nice giveaway :)

  • pixelBender67

    Looks nice, I could use this =)

  • vaqz

    This is exciting. hope I can win this.

  • Peter


  • Augusto Roselli Neto

    Woah very very cool, hope I win !

  • Harry Ford

    Would be great to get hold of lots new textures. Cool giveaway!

  • Craig I

    Looks like a great giveaway. Keep it up.

  • Nelutu

    Thanks for the opportunity ! :) Great giveaway


    HOLLA!!!!!!!! LOL :P

  • Valerie Lawson

    Thanks for this opportunity! I always find the best brushes, tuts, etc etc here…

    Already a subscriber and FB fan….

  • Naphtali Stein

    Very cool. I hope I win.

  • Niki

    Love texture! thanks

  • rachel


  • Jeprie

    Hallo random generator. Pick me now!

  • RaSh

    Another Giveaway! Hope I win at least once! :D

  • inked54

    Waiting to hear from you – thanks much!

  • Jonathan

    Very cool contest, thanks for posting it!

  • Felicia

    Pick me!

  • William

    Excelentes recursos para Diseñadores! Gracias

  • Nauman

    Checked out the Textures at TextureVault, will be glad to get a subscription!:))

  • Pushpinder Bagga

    I know this website, TV is the one stop destination for all sorta textures for my brochure designs – thanks a lot!

  • kmhall

    Would be terrific to win! Thanks for the offer!

  • Roni Gomes

    So cool! I hope I win!

  • anishell


  • Mihla

    Can’t get enough textures!

  • djapong

    This is awesome. Hope to win.

  • Frankie

    See you on the flip side

  • Phil

    I’m in

  • Areej

    awesome! thanks!

  • Andy

    NeW TeXtUrEs! YUMMMM.

  • Pdubya

    Superb opportunity!

  • Sergei Tatarinov

    Why not

  • Zohair

    Superb! I think i am gonna win this time for sure!

  • Tmsfonseca

    Just what I needed… :)

  • Colleen

    This would be a great win.

  • Bradley

    Looks like a good contest to try to win.

  • kream

    I want it!!

  • Kim Green

    Great marketing idea! I love textures and would be happy to win.

  • Martin Schmidler

    *keeping fingers crossed* :)

  • Clint

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this sweet prize!

  • Joy

    I don’t know if you know this but You guy’s are fantastic!! What more could I want. It will keep me busy for years no doubt.

    Thanks in advance even if you don’t pick me. ?

  • Wilson

    I like textures

  • Remal

    I’m here ^^

  • Brianna Schwab

    Might as well throw my name into the hat.

  • Toby Braun

    TextureVault for me please.

  • Rishi Mankkar

    Hey….I hope i am not late….Texture Vault Rocks….
    Naldz Grapics Rocks too… ;D