3000+ Graphic Elements Giveaway from Trendy Packs


Now we come to another round of giveaway. This time it’s from Trendy Packs, a design studio specialized in creating awesome vector graphics, photoshop brushes and psd files. 10 winners will win a single pack of graphic elements of their choice and one winner will win the Infinity Design Pack, inside this pack is the entire collection of premium files from brushes, vectors to psd. A total of 11 winners!

How to Win?

As usual, all you need to do is Leave 1 Comment to be included on the draw. Also make sure to leave a valid Email so I can contact you if you win. Accepting comments will run until August 2, 2010 and the winners will be chosen randomly on August 3, 2010 using a random generator. Good Luck everyone!!!

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    Thank you for letting us win this prize. I’ll for sure love to write for you guys in the near future.

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  • Anthony

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  • Matt Cooper

    July 26th, 2010

    Im sure to likesy likesy these :)

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    Thanks you again.

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    …. 1st win in Asia people @Naldz

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