3 Winners to Win a 1-Year Membership from Elegant Themes


Hello guys!!! Again it’s time for another round of giveaways. This week,  Our friend from Elegant Themes was very kind enough to give  a free 1-Year Membership to their site where winners can access and download not just one but all of their super high quality Premium WordPress Themes for free. We will choose 3 winners which will be  chose using a random generator and announce the winner after a week.


Elegant Themes is one of the best provider of professional and elegant Premium WordPress Theme on the web. They make sure that each template performs flawlessly in each of the most widely used browsers to insure maximum functionality. And they also release new Premium Themes each month like their latest theme eNews that was been added to their gallery a day ago.


* Leave a Comment & Tweet this Giveaway

* All comments will be accepted until August 25, 2009 and Winners will be announce on August 26, 2009.

* Make sure to leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

* 3 Winners will be chose randomly on a random generator.

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  • redsparklabs

    Can we enter this one, if we won one of the themes from your WooThemes giveaway? I hope so.

  • Kaiserlino

    Hope i can win, so many of my sites that are on standby will be online soon! :D

  • curs30d

    Let’s Go :D

  • WEBBOgrafico

    great giveaway… your start is climbing up fast in my preferences… and here’s my tweet:

  • Josiah

    Some pretty awesome themes! It would be awesome to have a few!

  • SteveTheGreat

    Wow, Elegant Themes.
    Count me in, I want to Win.
    Man, this Haiku sucks

  • Baris

    I hope I win this contest, because Elegant Themes are really Elegant ;)

  • Scott Bradford

    Hope I can win. My site has been needing some new designs.

  • adone

    This is crazy! Thank you for this giveaway! I like Elegant Theme!!!

  • Ernesta

    Another great giveaway. I’d like a chance to get the themes, too :).

  • bobmartien

    Very cool ! Tks Naldzgraphics & elegant themes :D

  • Justin DiMucci

    Here’s to hopin I get my hands on some free themes.

  • g3niuz

    such a great contest again ..

    elegant themes are really nice
    i really like the ephoto skin

  • Mina

    wow there are a lot of great WordPress Themes from Elegant Themes, I’ll try my luck :)

  • Antonio

    I’m here, already twittered.

  • TreeSaw Design

    that would be awesome to win! I hope luck is on my side for this one!


  • Simran

    Wow.. Another great contest is here.

    Here is a link to my tweet –

    hope to win this time :)

  • Alice

    This look great, yay, more drawings XD

  • casey

    sounds like a cool contest! I would love to win these themes!

  • ostrov_sokr

    I can make an elegant and professional “news” theme? It’s great! Sometimes it’s hard to tell what my friends mean when they call a design. :D

  • Prashant

    Hope to win this one!

  • Angie Bowen

    Elegant Themes has so many wonderful options to choose from. Would love to win one of these!

  • Satkrit

    Hope I win this one! really love the amazing themes by Nick.

  • Jon

    WOW! Amazing! I hope can win the merbership. Elegant themes have the most beautifull and powerfull wordpress themes :)

    Nice site guys!

  • Abdelhadi

    I like very much Elegant Themes works!I hope to be a winner :)

  • WillxD

    Thanks for the oportunity ;)

  • Jared Thompson

    good luck* to everyone!!

  • Gil

    Thanks Naldz Graphics and Elegant Themes for this chance! Checked their gallery out and they have lots of sexy themes :D

  • Ivan

    opa! give me one!!!


    I’m comment to WIN! Yeah :D
    Oh random generator.. please choose me :)
    Tweet done!

  • WpthemesMall

    id Love To win From Elegant Themes they Are awesome

  • Ahmed

    Elegant Themes Pro WordPress Themes designers

    Man you Rock to Because of this contest

  • Niki

    Cool giveaway… Thanks

  • Web Design Adelaide

    Would love to win this one. Thanks for another great contest

  • Mike @ WP Themes

    Let me win…..

  • dointhings

    woohoo another freebie, I need a blog, so this would be perfect. thanks Sue

  • Mr Vock

    here i am again expecting to win again!! wish me luck!!

  • http://URL(Optional) scottishsimon

    would love to win! tweeted!

  • Alex Weber

    I would love to win too! RT’d!

  • Anthony Woods

    freebieeeeee, tweeted! Good luck everyone

  • sandman6665

    Hope to win! Already RT :D

  • DesignersDEV

    I’m up for a prize (: Isn’t anyone? Its free why not!?

  • Piyush Agarwal
  • DigitalCHET

    Oh great!! I can has win? :D

  • Mukesh

    This is a nice way to reach out to people regarding the product! Good work..


  • Metabisulfide

    I take my chance and good luck to everyone ;)

  • Toon

    This would be soo cool!!

  • Su Hall

    Alright! Count me in, too. LOL Thank you.


  • Demitra

    Would be v cool to win! Once again thank you for the opportunity!

  • Miguel Angel

    Here I am for the great membership at elegant themes and I already tweet as @creadictos

  • http://URL(Optional) akoolguy

    Thanks :-)

  • sriganesh


  • Gaurav Chaudhary

    I’m here, already twittered.

  • Thomas

    Just RT and hoping tot win!

  • Ivan Miši?

    Hope I can win…

  • Kal

    Count me in! Thanks

  • creative copywriting

    Thats So awesome,
    Elegant Themes Are in my one to grab list :D,
    Wish i will Win this one

  • digitaluscious

    I’m just starting to delve into WordPress, so this would be a fantastic prize!

  • Carl

    Love the site, and love the contests! Hope I win!

  • http://URL(Optional) Inked54

    Great give-a-way…. keep up the good work!!!

  • Doug C.

    Excellent contest and the prize is awesome. Unfortunately I don’t have Twitter account anymore.

  • BebopDesigner

    Brilliant! Count me in please… cheers!

  • Udit Sharma

    That is a awesome contest! Would be awesome if I win! Greets to you :)

  • Josiah Jost | Siah Design

    Oh sweet. They have some nice themes.

  • Eric

    I would like to win some themes

  • Angel rodriguez

    yhea nice giveaway ^^ my tweet

  • Hema

    sweet i want To win

  • Tabitha “Tabz” Smith

    Awesome giveaway!! :)

  • sikho

    Nice Themes. But iam not so lucky =)

  • Brian Connatser

    Awesome, count me in!

  • Dinah

    hi! i HOPE i win!! i luv freebies and want to learn more about wordpress!

  • Jared Thompson

    great competition idea!
    good luck people!

  • Darel

    Really nice themes! I wanna win!.

  • Snow
  • sheryl

    nice giveaway! all their themes are awesome!

  • http://URL(Optional) Mihla

    Wow! Who couldn’t use more themes, especially such “elegant” ones?

  • mrashdi

    let see if can win this!

  • Eduardo

    Wow!! Awesome giveaway

    Good luck for everyone

    here is my tweet:

  • Ömer Uzun
  • Robbert

    Great guys, I’m just diving into the sea of WordPress.

  • Jellyfish

    Perfect timing. I’m looking for a really elegant photography blog! Now I’m off to RT…

  • jayp

    this time it’s mine!! haha

  • corey

    goodluck to everyone

  • Faisal

    Hi, I am really glad to be here.

    here is my tweet :D

    I hope I win :D

    Follow Me @aldilaff :D

  • Esam

    Nice I wish I won In This Contest

  • Contest Hunter

    Cool contest !
    Susbcribe to your email and twitted :
    And also posted :

    Good Luck everyone !

  • Keehun Nam

    Wow!!! Sounds nice! Thank you!

  • san.santoso

    I’ll enter this and wish to win . . .

  • Danne

    And we all hope for the best. :)

  • Craig D

    This contest is awesome, im actually planning my first blog and was looking around for a free wordpress theme. When I came across this contest I thought, excellent. Maybe my blog will actually look professional if I had a well designed theme.

    Ive always wanted to start blogging but havn’t had the money to do so, however ive now got plans to host the blog e.t.c the only thing left is a quality wordpress theme so I can begin my dream.

    Now its time to start crossing my fingers & toes. Best of luck everyone.

  • Premist

    I want to win! Thanks for nice themes..:)

    my tweet is here :

  • Morgu3

    I try my luck, and this is my tweet >

  • fyxx

    nice theme.. hope can win this theme for my personal blog..

  • techani

    Great giveaway! I make contests in my twitter, my giveaways are sort of selected videos/audio/pictures.. but this, this is awe..some!

  • Drone

    I’ll try ;-)

  • Amr Gawish

    This seems to be a great giveaway.

  • Alma

    Great offer! Here is a copy of my RT!

    Dear Contest: Pick me!!!

    RT: @naldzgraphics 3 Winners to Win a 1-Year Membership from @elegantthemes Comment 2 Win

  • patrick

    I wanna join and try my luck. Thanks for the giveaways!

  • Mostafa Muhammad

    I’ll try my luck

  • Lance

    Count me in!

  • LisaT

    They have some very nice looking themes…hope I’m the randomly generated individual!

  • Mark

    Looking forward to the e-mail telling me I am a winner ;-)

  • Roland

    Me! Me! Me!

    NewsBlog looks interesting!

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  • Blogger Contest

    Hope I can win this :)


  • Burzoman

    I’ll try my luck
    I like designs :D

  • BlogComputer
  • Tomas Laurinavicius

    I would love to win!

  • Raja

    Elegant themes are one of my favorites.

    And this time i am the winner.

  • Arno

    This looks awesome :)
    it would be awesome to win

  • dementia

    I want to win! I tweeted the contest

  • srikanth ad

    Can’t wait for the result.


  • denologis

    Am I in to win?
    I have subscribed to yor feeds by this e-mail!

  • Ana Rodrigues

    I love this!! :P

    Can’t wait to see who wins ^^

  • Anil Bayrak

    Looking nice as usual :)
    Good luck to everyone!

  • be3

    Be3 must win xD

  • Victoria

    Hey! i’m new here.

    I’ll be waiting for the results.

  • Mike Steglinski

    Looks great!

    Already twittered :)

  • Jonathan Walters

    Very cool!

  • Vladimir Llanos

    good luck everyone

    this is my twitt


  • BlogComputer

    Who’s the winner?