3 BannerSnack Premium Version Giveaways


Good Day everyone. Again its time for another giveaways. A months ago, gave 1  BannerSnack  Premium Version(1 Year License) for 1 lucky winner here in Naldz Graphics. Now they’re back again to give not only 1 but 3  BannerSnack Premium Version(1 Year License) for 3 lucky winners.


For those who still don’t know about BannerSnack, it is an online tool that allows you to create flash banner ads and cool flash animations with ease. Not only that it save your time but its also easy to use and no ActionScript knowledge is required.

How to Win?

*As usual. Leave a Comment to win

* Comments will be accepted until June 14, 2009 and Winner will be announce on June 15, 2009.

* Make sure to leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

* 3 Winners will be chose randomly on a random generator.

Better Join Now Before its Too Late=)Enjoy!!!

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  • Liam McCabe

    I <3 bannersnack!

  • Eric Thoolen

    This comment is intended to WIN me a Bannersnack License! C’mon comment! Make me proud!

  • Pablo Lara

    I want them please, please, please.

  • http://URL(Optional) Eric

    I’m in as usual!

  • shiyon

    I am sure this time I am gonna win.. ;)

  • Amy

    Thanks for all of the great stuff you share with us!!

  • http://URL(Optional) Carol

    Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound. A very nice giveaway xxx

  • topo

    I wanna win this please.. :D

  • http://URL(Optional) pete

    i’ve never won anything :(

  • http://URL(Optional) Nathan

    Sign me up!

  • Steve Robillard

    I reaaly am interested in trying this for a design concept I have.

  • http://URL(Optional) bebopdesigner

    this is handy! thanks for sharing.

  • Jonathan Walters

    Count me in! :)

  • http://URL(Optional) Cletus

    If it’s free, it’s for me!!!

  • Web Design Adelaide

    would love to win it. thanks

  • http://URL(Optional) Niki

    thanks! I hope I win!

  • Darlene Motley

    I’m in!!!!

  • Mr Vock

    That’s what i need!!! please let me win!!

  • http://URL(Optional) Dilip

    I am winning it!

  • Sanid

    Im in,so good luck to everyone :)

  • http://URL(Optional) patty

    trying my luck :D

  • Misty Belardo

    Hi Naldz.. It’s a always a treat reading your articles always have great stuff in store for your readers on here and on twitter. I think this is such a great idea for a give away. ;)

  • rad

    how nice cheers

  • http://URL(Optional) Simon

    i never win these kind of things, but BannerSnack looks too cool to miss…

  • Phillip Buckley

    mmm Banners

  • http://URL(Optional) Roland

    Well done!

  • http://URL(Optional) WEBBOgrafico

    Great giveaway… I’m in now!!!

  • Cooperman

    Count me in!! Really wanna get to grips with this flash malarky and this will help me!!

  • http://URL(Optional) twice

    This would be great. \:D/

  • AnaMartelo

    I’m In !!! :D

  • Mike Boyd Jr

    Just found out about this contest via twitter…..I REALLY hope I win…would really help me out!!

  • http://URL(Optional) inked54

    Would be great! Love seeing your stuff!

  • http://URL(Optional) mihla

    Don’t know how I missed this nifty online tool! Plan to use the premium service even if I don’t win.

  • sriganesh

    oh great , you are doing great things now and then.
    i also participating in this contest. let me see and wait.

  • Ammon

    I’d love to win, but I have a question: can you use a flash banner on a hosted blog?

  • http://URL(Optional) Ismael Gonzalez

    Me want BannerSnack!

  • Tim McNabb

    Thanks for the opportunity and the site!

  • cherie corey

    I am new to learning your work . I am desperate find where someone can help me out, or point me to an ez user tutorial.

  • lipelip

    Thanks for all the giveaways !

  • Angel Rodriguez

    i want to win ^^ hope hope

  • http://URL(Optional) Monique

    im in too :)

  • Mahdi Al-Farra

    that’s cool! thanks guys

  • http://URL(Optional) Ivoryplum

    I just checked out the site!!
    Looks really sweet, especially since I’m a graphic designer and just made a banner for a client the old fashioned way.
    I’d love to win a year license. : )

  • Tycho

    what, ill just join the fun.
    heres my comment, tada

  • Tets

    One, two, testing… ahem. Comment provided, now please do your thing :)

  • Anthony Woods

    Always loved bannersnack! Thanks for the giveaways.

  • http://URL(Optional) Alvaro Marenco

    Nice, thanks for the giveaway ! Hope I can win :D

  • T-Law

    Hello, count me in ;)

  • WillxD

    It’s for me :D !

  • Dicky

    Count me in!

  • http://URL(Optional) Jeff

    bannersnack is the best for all the headers needs..

  • http://URL(Optional) Tim

    Let’s do it

  • Jandeilson S. Barbosa

    Great Giveaway!


  • http://URL(Optional) mrashdi

    hopefully i am the lucky winner!

  • http://URL(Optional) Peter yde

    Count me in ;-)

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  • David

    You know you can add me in. For promotion, I blogged about the contest :)

  • tinoro

    The voice in my head told me I’m gonna win…

  • Sorin

    I was told to try my luck and I did!

  • http://URL(Optional) causticz


  • thaisie

    look’s like a great price for me!.. hope to win..

  • Jacob

    I really, really, want this! This could really help me! Please, Please give me this! This is sooo cool the way they make everything smooth to use and easy to use!