2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway Winners

A month ago, we celebrated Naldz Graphics’ 2nd year anniversary with massive giveaways. This is to give back the amazing support you have given to the site since it started. The site has been through many twists and turns but all those has been considered a part of learning. Like real artists, sites learn. It has been really overwhelming to have reached this far without sponsors and you our readers and visitors although we have a long way to go. May you also support these remarkable companies and for sure, you’ll find what you need for your web and graphics designs.

After what we have achieved last year, from the subscribers, twitter followers and facebook down to the posts and comments, we were never hesitant to tap generous sponsors to make you happy! Since we promised to give out presents since it’s our birthday, we are fulfilling it. Here’s us hoping you’ll still be there to continue supporting us all the way!

Participating Sponsors

  • Iconshock
  • Smashing Shop
  • UltimateDesignerToolkit
  • WordPressThemeShock
  • uPrinting
  • ElegantThemes
  • Mobify
  • Pixmac
  • WeGraphics
  • Themify
  • DepositPhotos
  • Xhtmlit


We can say these winners will indeed hit it big and more likely be as inspired as ever to do best in their future designs. Now here are our lucky winners to enjoy astonishing giveaways! You may expect for more in the future… Congratulations!


  • Sumon Seleem
  • Su Hall
  • zerots

Smashing Shop

  • Amor
  • Jamae
  • Nikunj


  • Mukesh Kini
  • Andy
  • karan
  • Multyshades
  • Keow Abanto


  • Chuck Lasker
  • soulmenj
  • Chris
  • Dario Calonaci
  • Liz Hover


  • Tom Dempsey
  • Peter J Harrison
  • Joseph Allgren
  • Jason Louckst


  • Mário Santos
  • pixelBender67


  • Mars


  • Lee Gustin
  • Stelian
  • Rick Zhukow


  • Rowell Cruz
  • Kiyan
  • Snow
  • dlare
  • Gershom Charig


  • Jake
  • Justine Greene
  • aditya menon
  • Edgaras
  • Tomas


  • Taimur Asghar
  • Maxime
  • Yassine Bentaieb
  • Martin Schmidler
  • Carla
  • mimwow


  • Ari Arsyadi (Professional Package)
  • zneddod (Package with WordPress Implementation)

Congratulations!!! Winners will receive an email soon from me.. Once again, thank you everyone for participating and making this giveaway a success!!!..

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