21 Readers to Win a Premium Brushes,Icons and Vector Packs from Artbox7


A new round of giveaway is now up again for Naldz Graphics Subscribers and Readers. If you remember last time, Artbox7, a provider of premium brushes, icons and vector packs on the web gave 20 high quality vector packs for 20 lucky winners. Now they’re back again to give not just vector packs but also Premium Icons and Premium Photoshop Brushes for free. For this giveaway, 1 of our lucky winner will win 10 packs of mix premium vectors, brushes and icons of his/her choice and 20 readers will get 1 Pack each of icon, brush or vector of their choice. 21 winners will be chose after a week. Yes there will be lots of winners and you could be one of the lucky participants.


How to Win?

*Leave a Comment (1 only) and select 1 Pack that you want whether if it’s a brushes, vectors or icons.(for the main winner, choosing 10 packs will be done only after the contest)

Click to see the list of every categorize pack below :

Vector Pack

Brush Pack

Icon Pack

Example:  ( vector pack 7 ) – Comment

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* Comments will be accepted until October 17, 2009 and Winner will be announce on October 18, 2009.

* Make sure leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

* 21 Winners will be chose randomly on a random generator

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  • adam

    vector pack 7 – Floral Ornaments Vector Pack 11, Brush Pack- Wings Photoshop Brushes Pack 3, Icon Pack- Universal Icon Vector Pack 18.

  • Fou

    Ornaments Ps Brushes

  • APM Solutions

    ( Icon Pack – Shopping – Ecommerce Vector Icon Pack 15 ) – Nice giveaway. Hard to choose just one pack. Much appreciated.

  • Steve Robillard

    Abstract Curve Vectors

  • http://www.RomeoLab.Com Romeo

    Brush Pack – 5
    Curlies, Branch and Foliages PS…

    Pack with 15 curlies,brunch and foliages photoshop brushes.

    THx for this oppurtunity

  • franky82

    I prefer Multimedia Vector Icon Pack 06, Green – Ecology Vecor Icons Pack 02, Decorative elements Photoshop Brush 9, Trees and Trunks Ps Brushes Pack 2, Speech Balloons Photoshop Brushes…
    bur everything is OK !

  • Omar

    I just couldnt pick one, hard thing to do. but finaly got my choice Retro Patterns Vector Pack 8

  • Danny

    (Brush Pack: Cityscape – Skyscraper Photoshop Brushes)
    would be nice to have that.

  • Burzoman

    Universal Icon Vector Pack 18
    Hope I win this time(I know this word is not working anymore :D)


  • Shane Jeffers – Three Styles


    Nice Giveaway Ron!

  • Kat White

    Floral Swirling Flourishes Vector Pack 10 looks really cool! :)

  • http://URL(Optional) wye

    Splashes/Splatters Vector Pack 2 please :)

  • BebopDesigner

    Thanks for the give away (again) Love this vector pack:
    Grunge Borders/Frames Pack 2 and here’s my tweet:


  • WEBBOgrafico


    here’s my tweet:

  • Stacy

    Halftone Vector Pack 3

    What a fantastic offer! I just started following you on twitter, and I am very glad I did! As a couple of others have said, it was difficult to make a decision, but the Halftone Vector Pack 3 is hot!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Robbert

    Great opportunity again, thanks!
    I would go for the Curlies, Branch and Foliages PS Brushes Pack – would come in handy creating some website backgrounds.

  • Sandra

    Have got my eye on Retro Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 12! ;)

  • Squibbleworld

    Floral Swirling Flourishes Vector Pack 10


  • Web Design Adelaide

    I would love to win the wedding icon pack. Looks great. thanks

  • Jonathan Walters

    (Brush Pack: Cityscape – Skyscraper Photoshop Brushes)

  • Holly

    ( vector pack 7 ) I love winning :)

  • Ulla

    Tribal vector pack 3. So much good stuff, so hard to choose.


  • Adam Zalaznik

    Retro Seemless Patterns would be amazing to have!

  • Angel rodriguez

    (PS Swirls and Foliage Brush pack 1) i wanna win this time xD, thx again 4 all the freebies.

  • Tomas

    General Vector Icons Pack. Another great giveaway, thanks.

  • djapong

    swirls vector pack 10 – marami pong salamat!

  • Bronwyn

    Great giveaway!

    Would love to win the the Hand Drawn Vector Pack 14l

  • Avinash Mudunuri

    I would love to win the vector pack

  • Jorge

    Flowing Curves PS Brushes :) They are awesome, thank you

  • dointhings

    another fantastic comp

    I would love Wings Photoshop Brushes Pack 3


  • Kelsey Comfort


    But what a hard choice. ;)

  • Dave

    (Funky trees vector pack) – I like vectors, and i like trees… together they are funky… I like free stuff too…

  • Pieter

    Id love the
    Paisley Vector pack 11
    it’s super sweet!

  • Stefan

    Anything would be great :D

  • Denis

    (Paisley Vector Pattern 11) very nice vectors :)

  • buyndreg

    I would like to have the vector pack. It would be perfect for my job :)
    Thank you!!

  • Carol

    My choice would be Scribble Brush 2.

    Thanks for this great opportunity (may even buy these brushes if I don’t win them!!!)

  • Darlene Motley

    General Icons Pack 17

    Very hard to pick just one!

  • sriganesh


    My PICK IS:
    Grunge Frames/Borders Brush Pack 2


  • http://URL(Optional) Inked54

    Any of these would be great – the icon packs – green would be great. Thanks for all the opportunities to see these different elements.

  • Edu Chaves

    Brush Pack please!
    thanks ;)

  • Rahsaan Taylor

    I meant to say that i wanted the brushes.

  • barbarabaker

    Swirling Motifs Vector Pack would be my pick!!!

    this is a wonderful giveaway, thank you so much!!!!

  • Amy

    Swirling Motifs Vector Pack


  • Leticia Chamorro

    anything vector pack.. thank you for this oppurtunity :)

    my twitter: xD

  • Stretchlegs

    October 7th, 2009

    Floral Swirling Flourishes Vector Pack 10 is my pick.


  • diegoplus

    Vines and Swirls Vector Pack

  • Loops

    This is my choice — Vector Ornaments Pack 9 –

    Nice gift ;)

  • Infinite Imagination

    Swirling Motif Vector Pack

    Just started a business & this would be extremely helpful for a job I’m working on right now!!!

  • Dave Fain

    Would it be greedy to want the Supreme Vector pack? I’ll just for for the Halftone Vector Pack, it looks great

  • Su Hall

    abstract tree ps brushes

    It isn’t easy to choose one of anything you have. LOL Thank you!


  • Niki

    Paisley Vector Pattern 11 – Thanks for the super cool giveaway!

  • Rahm

    (Brush Pack: Cityscape – Skyscraper Photoshop Brushes)

    Love it!

  • Tina

    I would love a vector pack :)

  • Crazyhunk

    Hand Drawn Vector Pack 14

    Hmm… actually i wouild like all… lol… but hand drawn is wut I love

  • jay.n

    Ink Splat/Blot Vector Pack 3

  • Jarnof

    Hand Drawn Vector Pack 14

  • Maro

    Vines and Swirls Vector Pack Please.

  • mrashdi

    would like to have Retro flowers vector pack 2

  • Charlotte

    Ornate Scroll Design Vector Pack

  • Iniwoo

    One of the best contest ;)

    Sexy Silhouettes Ps Brushes ^^

  • Snow
  • clippingimages

    WoW, Awesome way to attract viewers. I liked the way. I love to win vector pack but how? Nice post. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Mathew Ballard


  • patrick

    Funky Trees Vector Pack


  • Danie

    Great Giveaway

  • didoy

    Retro Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 12, hope I will be one of the lucky winners. Cge po, more powers sa site nyo.

  • Juan

    Here’s my comment: Great giveaway!

  • Raja

    Wonderful Offer….


  • Coolest Brushes

    brush pack pls.

  • daybreak m

    Decorative | Floral PS Brushes Pack 9, thnx.

  • Demitra

    I would love to win Retro/Funky Tree Vectors! Perfect for my latest project! :)

    I tweeted ;)

  • Crazyhunk

    Retro seamless vector patterns 12….

    heheh …. ;)

  • Socialite

    I would love Vines and Swirls Vector Pack. Many thanks. Hope I win! :)

  • Betty Ann

    I would love win a brushes pack – ornaments and scrolls

  • exilero

    Curlies, Branch and Foliages PS Brushes Pack