Reasons Why Designers Should Try Google+

Just recently, another social network site surprised and amazed millions of users. Google’s release of the new service named Google+ had its limited field test for early adopters and geeks. Many have tried using it and even some wondered if it can beat the recent record of Facebook. Google+ is initially available by invitation only. But as time passes, Google+ is increasing its number of users as part of the field test.

Many may wonder what certain features Google+ has that other social networking sites doesn’t have. With the many years of observing what has been lacking, Google+ has developed something that everyone would love, even for designers. I saw lots of graphic and web designers who have created their own accounts in Google+ and were happy about it. For those who haven’t tried using Google+, here are some of the reasons why you should try it:

1.”Sparks” for fresh inspirations.

Integration of Google services

Google+’s greatest feature is the Sparks where in one can get updated search results whenever you want to on whatever topic you want. You can get fresh inspirations through this because the results are the most prominent, fresh and came from highly ranked websites. It would be a lot easier for you to search for some stuff through this feature and you can even post it in your account and share it to others. When you use other social networking sites, you still have to leave the site and look for interesting things to share from other sites. In Google+, they have what you wanted. So, when you need some inspiration for your designs, it would be a lot easier with Google+.

2. Circles exclusively communicate with designers and clients.

 Circles exclusively communicate with designers and clients

With this feature of Google+, you can create groups and choose topics that you would like to communicate with them. Circles can help you have a separate communication with friends and those from your business. You can have a group for designers and clients. This way, it would be easier to communicate with them exclusively. You can exchange ideas and ask for opinions from fellow designers without your clients knowing it. Your clients can also have a good communication with you using this Google+ feature.

3. Hangouts to build social relationships with fellow designers.

Hangouts to build social relationships with fellow designers

You can have video chats with fellow designers through the Hangouts feature of Google+. It would be more fun to chat with friends this way. You can choose to join a Hangout if you want to and you can also be invited to join the Hangout. Video chat is another sure way to extend your network. This will surely allow you to keep in touch with people from your design community. This is vital in building solid relationships with fellow designers who can be our source of professional advice. It will also give you more credibility as a designer especially that you will be part of the elite circle of designers in Goolge+.

4. Allows you to showcase better images of your designs.

Allows you to showcase better of your designs.

Designers would be glad to know that they can showcase their designs in a creative manner for Google+ has display and sizing variances for your photos. Aside from that, you can also enhance the photos by selecting the photo you would like to edit then click Actions menu and select Edit photo. Photos can be enhanced in quality and colors with 6 different effects. You may use Cross Process, Orton, I’m Feeling Lucky, Black and White, Auto Color and Auto Contrast. This free photo editing tool will really make your images look great as you showcase it to other Google+ users.

5. Keeps you updated while working.

Keeps you updated while working

Another good thing about Google+ is you could get notifications when you use Gmail, and other Google services. So, even if you are not signed in with your Google+ account, you can still stay updated with the notification bar at the top right corner of your screen. It continues working as you do your own stuff using other Google services. With this, you can still avoid from distractions and focus in the projects you are working on. You can work while you stay updated. Aside from the notifications bar, you can also stop some notifications whenever you want to by clicking “Mute this post”